Just Us Too

Alexa is just your average girl brown hair brown eyes. Alexa has just gotten out of school for the summer. She goes with her friend to see a one direction consent what happens when she falls unloved with one of the boys will the hate get too her. Or is her love stronger than hate to find out read just us to.


7. Authors note not a ch please read

What do u think about the book what do you think will happen do you think Harry will a good boy friend and who is her best friend (band mate) . Up to you guys copleatly tell me how you want the book to go do you mabe to get a better relationship with Harry do you want me to ad some drama and what will Lou Lou think of since he's been replace by Lexi will he be different tell me what you think thanks

Lots of love Lexi

Ps I was thinking about doing a really long ch who's POV should it be in tell me cause I can't decide butt it will come up soon butt I think that's all for the weekend mabe more during the week
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