Tell me a lie

This is my first fanfic so It might not be that good. Well, this book is about a girl named Kenzie and one day she went to Starbucks, She meets Louis Tomlinson, a member of One Direction. After a while, things start to get old and Louis breaks her heart and moves on to a girl named Eleanor. Will Kenzie move on or will she hook up with another man from the band.


2. Finally at last

We were walking down the sidewalk and I had just remembered something... I hadn't asked him his name. What's your name?I asked him. Niall, what's yours?He said. Kenzie.I replied.Kenzie he asked. Yes I replied.Will you go out with me? he asked. Yes. I replied
1 week later<
Me and Niall have been officially dating for a week. I got him a lucky four leaf clover key chain and a pair of Supras. I hope he like's them. When I heard my phone going off I looked at the text and it said Happy Anniversary, Love u bunches. I texted back Happy Anniversary to u too and I love you more. When I heard my phone going off I went to go see who it was. I looked at the screen and it said Nialler. I answered the phone and said Hey. He said hi. Whats up I asked him. Nothin he replied, you wanna hang out? Sure, where I asked. Seaworld he replied. Sure I responded. Then we hung up.
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