Queer Magic

It was the 21st centenary and there were few witches living on Earth. Like their abilities, they’re rare. They worn normal clothes and look like normal human. They didn’t travel on broom, and rarely any of them owned a wand or used magic; nevertheless there were those who still exercise it. A part from their magical heritage, they lived as close to what is considered a normal life as any other human being. Their abilities originate from a power source within the individual. Each power sources vary by different degree and factors; from the strength of the ability to the number of abilities one can have or developed.


1. The Model


The Model


            Michael Bloom was a rangy build fashion male-model, had a sexy bad boy look, long eyelashes and a close-cropped hair. Roughly a year ago he played the main role in a horror movie, which did excellent in theaters. Michael’s magical ability was pyrokinesis; he could create and control fire with his mind. The fire materialized from the palms of his hands. His two ex-best friends Jacob and Ethan also had magical abilities.

             Michael had a boyfriend named Danny, who is a witch as well. Everything was picture perfect until Michael cheated on Danny with another guy a year and a half ago. After that he began to change for the worst. He begun to drink alcohol more than usual and used all types of drugs. His diet had change from healthy eating to not eating much at all. Days passed when all he would have would be his diet pills. He took twelve different types of dieting pills a day. As time passed Michael saw less and less of Jacob and Ethan.

It was 10:02 p.m. and it had stopped raining now. The clouds had vanished making room for a clear night sky. Michael was driving in Forest Park, the wealthy village of Forest city consisting of mansions, big houses and a few businesses – each divided by miles of forest.

            He was driving to his friend Kevin’s house, one of his closest friends from the modeling industry. Michael had agreed to come over to his place for an hour or two, after their talk on the phone. Kevin had arrived from a modeling job from Chicago two hours ago.

            While driving there he picked up a guy he found walking in the dark along the road. The road was surrounded by woods, and the laps were far apart from each other. The moonlight and his headlights gave the only source of light while driving down the dark lonely road. The guy was sitting next to him in the passenger seat. He was twenty years old, dark hair, slim and about the same height as Michael.

            “Thanks for picking me up. Other people wouldn’t, especially at this time,” said the guy thankfully.

            “Yeah, whatever,” said Michael casually, keeping his eyes on the road. “Where are you heading?”

            “You look familiar, like if I seen you somewhere,” said the guy trying to remember where he had seen Michael. “Um…I know where I seen you before. Do you attend Forest University? Perhaps I had you in a class…no you can’t be a student in my school, you’re too hot to have gone unnoticed. Anyways, you’re dress nice and this car is just…fabulous.”

            “Did you just said ‘fabulous’?” asked Michael as he glanced at the guy.

“Yeah,” responded the guy. “Your car and you are just looking fabulous”

            “What were you doing walking by yourself at this time?” asked Michael with a smile, changing his tone as he became interested in the guy.

            “My boyfriend and I got into a fight, so I told him I could get a ride with someone the rest of the way home. Thought I call a friend, but I dropped my phone in his car. I just hoped someone would pass by and pick me up,” the guy pauses and checks Michael out. “Which all is good –because I got picked up by you. You’re super cute. You look like an underwear model.”

            “You’re not that bad yourself,” said Michael as he glanced at the guy once more.

            Michael stopped at a red light and looked at the guy.

            “I’m sorry to say this again, but you are really cute,” said the guy as he once again checked Michael out.

            Michael put his hand on the guy’s lap. “Were you and your boyfriend serious?”

            “No, not really,” said the guy with a smile.

            “Monogamy is so overrated. I was in one and believe me, ending things with him was the best thing ever. To believe that two guys can have a sexual relationship just between them is idiotic,” said Michael, moving his hand off the guy’s lap to his shoulder. 

            “I totally agree,” said the guy as he moved Michaels’s hand off his shoulder and down to his crotch.

            Michael rubbed his hand up and down the guy’s crotch, repetitively until the guy’s penis got hard from the excitement. The lights turned green. Michael took his hand away and continued driving.

            “Are you a top or bottom?” said Michael as he kept his eyes on the road.

            “Where are we going?” asked the guy.   

            “Just answer me, are you a top or a bottom?” Michael asked once more.

            “Top, but I can bottom for the right guy.” responded the guy.

            “Great. Good to hear.” said Michael with a smile.

            “Where are we going?” the guy repeated.

            Michael didn’t respond and kept on driving. He hadn’t forgotten about his plan with Kevin. But at the moment he had other thoughts that consumed his mind, which involve the attractive guy he had just picked up.

            Ever since he cheated on Danny with another guy and their relationship had fell apart; Michael sexual life had been nothing but hook ups, one night stands, and fuck buddies. The only type of men he ever went out as boyfriends were men with plenty of money to offer, but even that didn’t last for long. Michael Bloom wasn’t meant to be a one man only. He himself had said to men who wanted more than just sex, ‘Sorry, I’m just not into that…it’s just not my thing.’ Nevertheless, there were moments he wished he had what he once had with Danny. Someone to love him, not just see him as a sex object. But those moments in his life were gone just like Danny.

            Sex with gorgeous men had become one of his top three addictions; the other two were of course his diet pills, and tanning.

            Michael parked his car in an empty parking lot next to a section of the forest, and turned off the engine. There were no cars in sight driving by. He turned the radio on and turned to face the guy. They begun kissing, but they found it uncomfortable to do anything else in the front seats. They crawled to the back of the car. Michael lay on his back while the guy lay on top of him. The guy took his shirt off and then took Michael’s too. He notices Michael’s abdominal muscles and felt the firmness of his chest and arms.

            “I work out,” said Michael while the guy touched his muscles.

            “Yeah, I can tell,” said the guy with a smile.

            They began to kiss again while they caress each other’s warm upper body. Michael stopped kissing him, reached inside his own pocket and took out a condom.

            “Here, put this on,” said Michael while showing him the condom.

            “I don’t top, I did it once and I had a bad experience. I try it again and I just didn’t enjoy it at all,” said the guy.

            “Give it another go at it. Third time is the charmed.” Michael added. “My butt is very tight. You’ll love it.”

            “You’re extremely handsome, but I just don’t like to be a top. I would prefer if you were in me. I bet you are really big,” said the guy while he rubbed his hand on Michael’s crotch.

            Michael continued, “But you said you were a top. Why did you say you were a top if you were not?

            “I thought you were a top, and most guys don’t like girly guys. You are a top right?” asked the guy.

            “No, I’m not a top. Ugh, this was a waste of time,” said Michael in a disappointed tone of voice.

            “Aside from your taste you seem like a total top,” said the guy.

            “Well I’m not, I’m a bottom,” said Michael while he rolled his eyes.

            “But if you really want, I can be a top,” said the guy hesitantly.

            “Where do you live? So I can drop you off,” asked Michael unenergetically.

            Michael put his shirt back on while the guy told him where he lived. After that they didn’t say a word to each other. The guy didn’t live far from where Michael was heading, however the awkward silence made it a long trip. The guy couldn’t help staring at Michael several times. Which Michael really didn’t care, after all he was use to the attention. After a while he toned him out and just concentrated on driving and getting him out of his car.

            This wasn’t the first time Michael picked up a total stranger who happen to be gay too. But it was the first time he picked up a total bottom like him. He had only been a top several times with Danny. He didn’t get as much pleasure from it as when he bottom for Danny. Michael never told him that. Danny was his first true love and he wanted to make him happy.

            Michael parked his car in front of the guy’s house and he got out of the car and Michael drove away. He called Kevin on his cell phone and told him he was a few minutes away.

            Once parked outside Kevin’s house, Michael took out a pill bottle from the glove compartment. He opened it and shook out three pills into his palm. He popped them in his mouth and grabbed a half empty bottle of water. He swallowed the pills with the gulp of water.

            Michael got out of his car and walked up the front steps of the house. As quickly as he rang the door bell, Kevin opened it wide open. Michael was surprised to see his friends and a few new faces waiting for him inside. They all screamed “surprise!” In about an hour it would be midnight; Michael’s twenty-two birth date.

            “If I knew, I wouldn’t have been late,” said Michael as he walked in.

            “Then it wouldn’t have been a surprised birthday for you,” said Kevin while closing the door.

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