Queer Magic

It was the 21st centenary and there were few witches living on Earth. Like their abilities, they’re rare. They worn normal clothes and look like normal human. They didn’t travel on broom, and rarely any of them owned a wand or used magic; nevertheless there were those who still exercise it. A part from their magical heritage, they lived as close to what is considered a normal life as any other human being. Their abilities originate from a power source within the individual. Each power sources vary by different degree and factors; from the strength of the ability to the number of abilities one can have or developed.


2. R.S.V.P



            Jacob Edward Saint was well known for doing the right thing and was a very nice person and a good example of the saying, “bad things happened to good people.” In the past years he has lost plenty and at the same time gained so much money and power for a twenty-two year old to manage.

            Six years ago when Jacob’s mother found out that he was gay, she couldn’t accept it and completely disowned him. Months after that she found out that he practice the arts of witchcraft as well, she kicked him out of the mansion.

            Five years ago Jacob’s first true love named Johnny was killed. They weren’t boyfriends for a long period of time, but they loved each other like if they had been together for years.

            Two years ago his dad was also killed by a magical person. It was a fact that it was Jacob’s supernatural life that directly was the result of his father death. If it wasn’t for it, he could have been alive today. His mother made sure he never forgets it. She would make him feel guiltier than he was already. When the will was read, she was shock to learn that Jacob was getting half of everything that belonged to his father. She got half of both the companies and the estate. She sold her half of the estate to Jacob.

            18 years ago when Danny was three years old, before Jacob even knew him; he has imprisoned in a magical duplicated of Woodland Island by a witch named Mimi. There were nothing to eat in there; Danny stayed alive with the help of his blood healing ability. His blood regenerated and healed himself no matter if he ate food or drank water. It wasn’t after fourteen years later that he crossed paths with Jacob, who was also put there by Mimi. When Ethan and Michael rescued Jacob they rescued Danny as well.

            The only thing Danny had from his origins was a necklace that had his first named carved in. He gave himself the last name Jones.    

            Jacob was now in his office at the main headquarters in downtown Forest, still working at his desk. Danny walked inside the office with an envelope in his hand. Danny had become best friends with Jacob and Ethan since he entered their lives. He was twenty-one years old, had a small slim physic, and he was funny and clever. Jacob stopped working on his laptop and looked up at Danny.

            “Ethan called and he said he also got a phone called from a Kevin. He also invited him to Michael’s surprise birthday party. And it seemed that he is going,” said Danny while sitting down on a sofa.

            “He’s going? Why on Earth would he want to go? He hasn’t been in our lives for almost two years. What is he thinking?” said Jacob confused.

            “Well, they’re going to be a lot of model there. And he said if he did go it would be for that, not for Michael,” said Danny while yawning.

            “Anyways, doesn’t Ethan have school tomorrow? Unless there is a change in his schedule, he is going to be tired for his seven o’clock class.” said Jacob while logging off his laptop.

            “If you want to go, it would be okay,” said Danny.

            “God no, he has been nothing but bad news to us. I just hope Ethan doesn’t go to that party, because Michael’s friends are like him or worst,” said Jacob while closing his laptop.

            “I’m sure there’ll be a lot of beauty there, which I’m sure most of it isn’t a hundred percent natural,” said Danny while getting comfortable on the sofa.

            “What aren’t these days?” added Jacob.

            “I hope Ethan does go. Kevin invited us because he saw our name while going through Michael’s contact list. Why he still has us on it, I really don’t care. But it wasn’t because we were invited by Michael. Which means Ethan may be attending a party that he isn’t welcome. So I do hope he goes, so he can make a fool of himself,” said Danny with a bit of attitude.

            “Huh, I thought it didn’t bother you. I should have known that when you said if I wanted to go it would be okay with you. You really meant, go if you want but I’ll smother you while you sleep,” said Jacob with a smile. “What you two had was real, so it’s fine to still be hurting after all this time.”

            “I have no remaining feelings for that low life no good cheater,” said Danny while getting up from the sofa. “He can rot in hell for all I care…okay I guess I sound like I care but I really don’t.”

            Jacob got up from the desk and put his laptop inside his notebook bag. “You don’t have to convince me.” He closed his bag, lifted the bag’s strap over his head across his chest. “The only one you have to convince in this room is you.” He walked around the desk and up to Danny. “What’s that envelope you’re holding?”

            “Oh, this envelope…um, you’re not going to be very happy about this,” said Danny with a worry face. “Well it’s not really bad news, well depends how you see it.” Danny handed over the open enveloped to Jacob. 

            Jacob took out a folded letter from the envelope and opened it. “This is mine and it’s already opened.” He looked at the front of the envelope and saw it was sent from Elliot to him, “This was sent to the mansion.”

            “Yeah, see I sort of took it on your behalf to open it,” said Danny.

            Jacob read the letter out loud. “Jacob I probably should have called, however I didn’t have it in me to hear your voice. As you may or may not know, some new laws in Ourlon Island have been passed in favored of gay marriage.” He paused to glance at Danny then he continued reading. “I’m going to get married with a wonderful guy on October 17. I know we didn’t leave each other in the best way possible, but if you can leave that in the past, I would appreciate it if Ethan, Danny and you could be present at my wedding. On the bottom of this letter you’ll find an address. Where you can send your R.S.V.P, and where the ceremony will be taking place.”

            Jacob lowered the letter down. Danny passed his hand through his short blond hair and turned his blue eyes away from Jacob.

            The letter arrived at the mansion along with the rest of the mail four days ago before Danny had decided to let Jacob know. After thinking it through, Danny decided to open the envelope. He was sad to read that Elliot was getting married. He couldn’t believe it at first and read it again. Jacob was in a great deal of pressure and the news that Elliot, the tall good-looking British guy of his dreams, was getting married would devastate him. No, he couldn’t show the letter to Jacob, except he knew that he had the right to know. Shortly he called Ethan and told him about the letter. Ethan agreed that the best thing to do was to give Jacob the letter. Nevertheless he was also aware of the sort of pressure Jacob was on. A news like this could make it worst.

            “I’m not angry that you opened this letter,” said Jacob calmly now.  

            “You’re not,” said Danny confusedly.

            “No. I understand why you opened it. Did this arrive today?” asked Jacob.

            Danny bit his lower lip. “Four days ago. I wasn’t sure if I should show you the letter before. You have been under so much pressure with running your share of Saint Industries.

            “So, not only did you open it but you kept it from me,” said Jacob calmly.

            “Well, it did have my name in it,” Danny added, “And I was invited – why are you being calmly about this?”

            Jacob looked at his watch. “First of all because it’s really late and I’m tired, we both are.” He gave him a straight face. “I won’t lie I still have feeling for him and find him very attractive.”

            “Yeah, he is yummy,” said Danny.

            Jacob smiled. “Yeah, he is. And like I said, I understand why you did what you did. Now the one I am angry at is that little English muffin, he has a lot of nerve sending this to me. I mean, who does he think he is, ‘R.S.V.P’? By no means am I going to send anything back to him.” He laughed. “He probably thinks I’m going to go, but if he thinks I am, then he really doesn’t know me at all.”

            Elliot was Jacob’s ex-boyfriend. Two years ago when Jacob first inherited half of the companies that his father own, he was in more pressure than he was now. Most of his time was spend working to maintain Saint Industries from falling apart. Elliot was beyond understanding on the position Jacob was in, but didn’t mean he like it. At one point Jacob asked him to become his personal assistant. Elliot said it wouldn’t work out and broke up with Jacob. Danny took the assistant position. Elliot’s decision to end their relationship hurt Jacob deeply. His work kept him busy and made him forget of his pain.

“Are you sure you are not going to send the R.S.V.P?” asked Danny now.

            “Of course not. He is crazy if he thinks any of us are going to his wedding in Ourlon Island,” said Jacob in a tight voice.

“I’m going,” said Danny hastily.

            “You are?” asked Jacob surprised.

            “Yeah, and so is Ethan,” added Danny smoothly.

            Jacob took a moment for his brain to process what he had just heard. He couldn’t get mad that his two best friends were going to his ex-boyfriend wedding. After all they were his friends too. But he was hurt that they didn’t tell him first. He was also hurt to have learned that his second true love was going to marry another man. Then again who was he to stop him? Neither of them talked after their last argument so it was only natural that they would move on. Still to hear the news that Elliot was going to get marry brought back memories from deep within his heart.

            “Oh,” Jacob exhaled followed by a false smile. “I bet it will be nice.”

            “Jacob,” Danny bit his lower lip while making a worry face. “You may want to sit down for this. See, um, the letter came with an R.S.V.P. Ethan and I talked it through…we sent in the R.S.V.P with your name as well.”

            It was no secret to Danny and Ethan that Jacob was still in love with Elliot. Danny and Ethan were unsure if Jacob should go to the wedding. Even though they didn’t tell each other, they were hoping for a miracle that would get them back together.

            Jacob stood in front of Danny speechless. He was trying to comprehend the situation Danny and Ethan had put him in. He heard a voice in the back of his head telling him that just because the R.S.V.P was sent; it didn’t mean he had to go.

            “Doesn’t mean I have to go, which I’m not.” said Jacob trying to sound like if the news of Elliot’s wedding didn’t affect him.

            Jacob began to feel his body being pulled by a force within him. Quickly, he recognized the feeling and knew what was going on with his body. He was so emotional that he accidentally triggered one of his abilities. Rapidly everything around him shifted, he found himself inside an unfamiliar house. He was no longer in his office at work talking to Danny. He shoved the envelope and the letter inside his notebook bag.

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