Queer Magic

It was the 21st centenary and there were few witches living on Earth. Like their abilities, they’re rare. They worn normal clothes and look like normal human. They didn’t travel on broom, and rarely any of them owned a wand or used magic; nevertheless there were those who still exercise it. A part from their magical heritage, they lived as close to what is considered a normal life as any other human being. Their abilities originate from a power source within the individual. Each power sources vary by different degree and factors; from the strength of the ability to the number of abilities one can have or developed.


3. I do

I do

            Jacob was in the entrance hall on the slightly raised floor facing the living room. He was standing in between the front door on his left and the staircase on the right leading to the second floor. The wind blew in from the opened casement windows into the living room bringing the smell of food with it. He walked around the living room to find pictures on the walls of people he did not recognize. Then he walked up to the open windows and notice that there was extremely hard wind blowing in every direction. The sky was covered by dark gray clouds filled with water just waiting to drip out. Looking outside he knew he wasn’t in Forest city anymore as the wind blew through his wavy hair.

Jacob, Ethan, and Michael weren’t natural born witches. They got their power source about six years ago by other means. At that time Jacob’s power source’s only ability was telekinesis, but it has come along away since then. He had pretty much master it. He doesn’t have to concentrate as hard as he use to; or use his hands or eyes to guide the matter being move as he once did. Not many beings that possess this ability can master it like he has. When he managed to hovered people he soon after managed to hovered himself; allowing him flight. After that he was able to just think it without having to be in view of the matter he wanted to affect with his telekinesis, and it happened.

            A year ago his power source had developed empathy, an ability to sense other beings emotions. The first time he felt the emotions of someone, he dismissed them. He couldn’t control himself from feeling the emotions of other beings. He got them randomly, on and off, from other beings close in proximity from him.

Unlike his telekinesis, he was far from mastering empathy. He was already in enough pressure from the daily life as it was. It seemed liked there was no hope. He was stuck with this ability. The last draw was when he was near a car crash between two vehicles and he literally felt the pain of the people within the cars. Two of the five people involve in the accident died before the ambulance arrived. He felt what dying was like – times two.

            Rose, an older friend of his who owned a magical shop, did some research to help him out with his empathy. After a few experimental potions, she was able to come up with one that worked. He had to drink that potion once every day to keep the empathy under control.

            A few months ago his power source once more developed another ability; the ability to get visions from object and beings with a touch of his hand, which was rare in the magical community. Then again the way his power source has developed with ability after ability in the past years since he got it was rare enough in its own. Many magical beings may be able to get visions too, but the reason why Jacob’s vision ability is one of the rarest is that he literally goes into the vision itself. No one inside the vision can see or touch him. Likewise, he is unable to touch them or anything solid; he just passed right through the solid objects and beings.

When the vision were over, he went back to reality; unharmed and precisely at the same position he was before he got the vision. Time would seem to have stopped and then restarted. In reality they only lasted no more than a second.

Jacob still standing near the casemented window heard footsteps coming down the staircase and turned to it. It was Danny and Ethan walking down the staircase and out the front door both wearing a tuxedo. Quickly, Jacob walked toward the front of the door. Once he got there, he heard footsteps coming from the second floor. He looked up the staircase and saw the back of a person passing by. As he walked up the staircase to the second floor he heard Elliot voice far in the distance.

From all the rooms he saw only one door was closed. As he walked to the closed door he asked himself, what could be the point of this vision? He had a good idea what the vision could be about. If it turned out that he was right, he wouldn’t know what he would do with it. The only thing he was holding in his hand was the enveloped with the letter Elliot had sent, when the vision began. Therefore, that had to be what triggered it. There was no doubt about that. The vision involved Elliot and when he heard his voice coming up the staircase it confirm it.

            He swallowed his saliva as he got closer to the closed door. No matter how much he hoped that the vision didn’t involve Elliot, he knew it would. Not only that but he knew there was a big chance it involved his wedding too. He stood for a few seconds half way to the door. Elliot could be behind that door, he thought. The knowledge that he would see him again after their last encounter just made him freeze on his steps.

              When he got in front of the closed door, someone from the other side turned the doorknob and slightly opened it enough for him to see through the narrow gab. Through the gab Jacob was able to see Elliot. He looked cuter than ever, thought Jacob. He was wearing a wedding tuxedo, which looked good on him. He recognized at once the voice of the person who was in the room with him. It was his own voice. The other person in the room with Elliot, who was standing behind the door, was him.

            “There, the door is opened; you have nothing to worry about. I made it clear to him that I still love you. I can’t hide anymore the fact that I still love you and I know that you still do. That’s is why you can’t get marry. You are the best thing that ever happened to me,” said vision-Jacob with feeling.

            “Jacob, you were the best thing that happened to me too. And I’m not going to denied that I still have feeling for you,” Elliot smiles. “We were great, we were fantastic! But unfortunately our love wasn’t guaranteed to last forever. I tried to make the best of our situation.”

            “We can work something out. I’ll find a way to work less. The companies are doing well now. I’m sure I can find someone fit to oversee them all,” said vision-Jacob enthusiastically.

            “It’s too late now, we can’t go back,” said Elliot.

            “You can’t turn your back on us… on our love,” said vision-Jacob.

            “We did. I know you couldn’t leave your new responsibilities, and I wouldn’t ask something like that. Like I said I tried to make the best of the circumstances we were in. But there is a limit on how much I can take. You weren’t given a choice and if I made it seem that way, it wasn’t much of a choice you were left with so don’t be hard on yourself. I don’t want you to feel like you chosen your responsibilities over me,” Elliot inhaled. “I moved on, and I was hoping you did too and what we had is in the past will stay in the past. I’m marrying a wonderful guy. It’s time to move on, Jacob.”

            “Do you love him?” asked vision-Jacob.

            “We are happy, that’s all it matters,” answered Elliot.

            “That’s really isn’t an answer. Tell me, do you love him?” demanded vision-Jacob.

            “I do, I do love him. I love him with all my heart,” said Elliot.

            “You’re lying!” exclaimed vision-Jacob.

            Elliot lowered his gaze toward the floor, “I don’t love you anymore.”

            “Look at me and tell me you don’t love me anymore.” Elliot kept his gaze toward the floor. “Look at me!” vision-Jacob walked toward Elliot, grabbed his face and forced him to look into his eyes. “Elliot, tell me you are lying. Tell me you’re not going to marry him!”

            Elliot grabbed vision-Jacob’s hands and took them off his face, “I don’t love you anymore.” He let go of his hands and stepped back. “Jacob, I want you to pay really close attention on what I’m going to tell you next.” He slid his tongue through his lips and exhaled. “It’s beyond a questionable doubt that what we had was real love. But I moved on, and so should you. I got the opportunity to have gotten a second chance on love and if you ever get the same luck, you should grab it and not let go. It’s unfortunately, a real tragic that we didn’t work out. We both had high hopes. We both know what sort of danger truly is out there. In our case, life can become even shorter than that of a normal person. That’s why we need to grab what makes us happy and not let go.”

            “You didn’t grab on to us did you?” asked vision-Jacob.

            Elliot walked up to him, “We are over.”

            “Don’t –”

            Elliot cut him off before he could talk, “Jacob, let it go. You and I are done.”

            Vision-Jacob began to cry. Jacob could walk right through that door and get a better view if he wanted to, but he was frozen in his track. He wanted the vision to be over with. He couldn’t take it anymore. Elliot made it clear that he was over him. Jacob thought he was seeing a vision that he couldn’t do nothing to change. What could he do different. He saw himself pour his heart out to Elliot. There was no other way he could have done it. He even thought he was overdoing it.

            Elliot saw vision-Jacob getting hurt and he almost felt like he had to apologize. He couldn’t express regret. If he did vision-Jacob would think there was still hope. He wiped vision-Jacob’s tears. They both look into each other eyes for a short moment.

            Elliot opened his mouth to speak except no words were coming out. He wanted to say something to calm vision-Jacob down, however perhaps it was best if he didn’t do or say anything. He could see that he was in so much pain. Even though it hurt him to see him that way, it was for the best. Elliot opened the door wide open with his back turn at vision-Jacob. The room had no furniture or other belongings.

            “Please, you can’t. I know you still love me, I can tell. I can see it in you. Why you are going to marry him knowing you love me? I don’t know, but I know you are lying by saying that you don’t love me.” Vision-Jacob added, “Elliot, don’t you dare walk away from us.”

            Elliot closed his eyes for a bit and stood still. He was about to walk away from his first love. He didn’t want to show vision-Jacob that he was also hurting. His wedding was about to begin and he didn’t want others to see that something was bothering him. Especially not the guy he was about to get marry to. He had to be strong and walk out that room with his head held high liked if nothing had happened. He walked out of the room right through Jacob.

            “Elliot!” called out vision-Jacob, sobbing with mucus running down his perfect model nose.

The room was empty, there was only vision-Jacob standing still as tears ran down his beautiful eyes. He stared out into the hallway and for a moment Jacob felt as if he was looking directly at him. Even though he didn’t completely understand how his visions really worked or fully control them yet, he was certain that no one could see him during one. Then again it wasn’t just anybody, it was himself.

            “What do you want? You came to spy on me so you can have a laugh later when you tell your friend? Go right ahead!” screamed vision-Jacob.

            Jacob became more concern that vision-Jacob was able to see him and was speaking to him. Unbeknown to Jacob there was a man standing behind him and it was him that vision-Jacob was talking to. The man was faintly taller than Jacob, had short brown hair and full red lips. Just like vision-Jacob, the man was also dress up for the wedding.

“It’s over,” said the man while walking right through Jacob and into the room. “It must have taken a lot of guts to have the nerve to try to take my brother’s boyfriend and of all days. He was too naive to have allowed you to talk to Elliot alone. He’s a kind man and you took advantage of that. I know what sort of person you are; a stupid little rich spoiled guy and now that you see that someone has what you once had, you want it back. Sorry to burst your bubble rich boy, but you are not getting Elliot.”

Jacob didn’t know this man but he thought he was being very harsh on vision-Jacob.

            “It’s not too late. I can still stop the wedding,” said vision-Jacob as he wiped his tears from under his eyes.

            The man let a chuckle out, “Hey, you! Are your deaf? Did you not hear him say that he doesn’t love you anymore?

            “He’s lying,” said vision-Jacob.

            The man walked up to vision-Jacob. “You are a piece of work. I’m not going to allow you to stop my brother’s wedding. So piss off!”

            “Really, well you don’t scare me. As a matter of fact, you seem like a talker not a doer, so –”

            Without warning the man punched vision-Jacob in the face, knocking him out cold, “Horny bastard!”

            The man moved his fingers with pain from the punch. As he walked out the room, Jacob walked in. The guy closed the door and locked it from the outside. Jacob bent down toward vision-Jacob. He’s hands went right through him. He wasn’t able to wake him up.

            He got up and looked around the room. Even if the room wasn’t empty and he could found something to help him wake up vision-Jacob, he wouldn’t be able to grab it.

            He heard the wind hit the closed window in front of him. He walked up to it and could oversee the wedding taking place outside in the large backyard. Far away upfront, he saw the back of Elliot and the guy he was marring. He spotted Danny and Ethan sitting down next to an empty chair. He wondered why they chose to have the wedding outside on a day like this. It was tremendously windy, and it looked like it was just minutes away from a wild thunderstorm.

            He didn’t have it in him to see Elliot get marry. He stepped away from the window. He didn’t know what more he was supposed to see. He wasn’t about to watch the whole wedding from the window never the less go outside to it.

            It was his ability and because of this he strongly believed he could stop this vision. After some minutes had passed, he closed his eyes and demanded his body to end the vision. When he opened them he found himself still in the same room. He was getting frustrated. No matter how many times he closed and opened his eyes, he still found himself in the same room.

            Out of aggravation, he walked back to the window. The wedding was still taking place. He got the feeling that the empty chair next to Danny and Ethan was for him. He would had liked if Danny and Ethan came looking for vision-Jacob. However they probably thought that after speaking with Elliot, he didn’t feel like being present at the wedding. He wanted to scream their name yet he knew even if the window was open, they or anybody else for that matter wouldn’t have been able to hear him. His frustration was growing by the second.

            He heard some moaning coming from behind him. Vision-Jacob got up while touching the bruise he had gotten on his cheek from the punch. He walk to the door and grabbed the doorknob. He tried to turn the knob but the door was lock from the outside. He hit the door with his hand following by his right foot. He saw the doorknob and telekinetically unlocked the door.

            Vision-Jacob opened the door and walked out of the room. Jacob turned to the window to see the wedding and then followed vision-Jacob down the hallway. They walked down the staircase. Jacob followed him through the living room into a hallway that led to the kitchen. The trash can was filled of garbage. The table and the counters were cover with all sorts of cook food and trays full of decorated appetizers. The handles of the refrigerator and the top of the stove had food stains on them. The whole room smelled pleasant and felt extremely warm.

            He followed vision-Jacob out the back door. Round tables with large umbrella in the middle where place all over the backyard. On both side of the yard, long tables with food and drinks were organized. Servers were putting up tents to keep the food warm and smaller appetizer from flying off. The balloons that were tie down to the chairs were being blown in all directions.

            The wedding ceremony was at the end of the last round table. As they walk toward it the wind got stronger. Jacob thought it was nature working in vision-Jacob’s behalf to stop the wedding. At one point he even thought vision-Jacob was controlling the thunderstorm that seemed to be forming. Vision-Jacob stopped next to the last table and picked up a champagne glass from a tray of many. They were standing behind the ceremony. The wind was blowing some of the people’s hats off. Their hair blew in every direction. As vision-Jacob drank the champagne, the priest was saying, “If there’s anybody here who knows why these two people shouldn’t be wed, should speak now or forever hold their peace.” 

            Vision-Jacob put the empty glass down on the table, “I do!”

            Jacob felt his body being pulled by a force inside him. “No”, he didn’t want to leave, not without seeing what happened next. He had spent time trying to force the vision to be over, and now he was trying to force the vision to continue. Everything shifted back to his office. He was standing in front of Danny exactly as he was when he got the vision with the envelope and letter in his hand.

            “I’m going to Elliot’s wedding,” announced Jacob.

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