I never knew it

Emily has always had a crush on Austin, through the whole sixth grade. He never liked her, well at least she thought so. When she enters the seventh grade, things Miraculously change. Is this fate? Read on.....


1. First day

Diary entry #1 (9-5-12)

Well today's the first day of 7th grade, ugh I wonder how this year will go. Oh and by the way my names Emily Willow, but just call me Emily. I play soccer and I really love animals. When I grow up I want to become a singer, but like that will ever happen. Lets get back to today, so last year was kinda horrible. Beside the bullies and drama it was okay. I also used to like this kid named Austin, but like he'll ever like me. I just wonder how today will go. Wish me the best of luck diary!

-I wrote shutting my diary. Getting up out of my bed I looked at the clock, 7:01 it read. Ugh, I sighed. Why couldn't I just sleep? School wasn't that important, like anything good will happen. Walking to my closet I blankly starred into what I  had to wear, same old boring clothes. Rummaging through it, I finally found a decent shirt and jeans to wear. After I changed I looked into the mirror, what can I do with my hair today. I then decided to just leave it straight and move on. Running out my bedroom door I grabbed my back pack, kissed my mom good bye and walked to school. I live 6 blocks from school so by the time I would get there it would be around eight. As I passed the last block to the school, I stopped. I cannot do this, I cannot see Austin's face. Not after what happened last year when everyone found out I liked him. I cannot do this, I sighed. Taking another step I decided to come through, I mean what else can happen? Walking down the hallway in the school, I kept thinking about Austin. He never liked me and never will. Why would he like me? I mean I'm me and no one likes me. As I walked down the hall I bumped into someone, causing me to drop all my books. Bending down I looked up and realized it was, Austin.


"I'm S-sorry" I mumbled.

"No it's my fault," he said blushing.

Wait, no this can't be happening. I must be seeing things, he can't be blushing. I blinked and rubbed my eyes hoping I would see reality. But then I realized he really did blush. Oh my god. 

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