the licked hand

You have to read in order to find out what happens


1. the 1 and only chapter murder

once a girl and her dog were watching the news and heard that a murder had escaped from the near by asilum , she decided to lock all the doors and windows but the basement window would not lock so she left it unlocked but locked the basement door she went to bed that night with the dog asleep under her bed , she woke up in the night to a drip drip sound she dangle her hand down to reseve a reashoring lick form her dog and falls back to sleep hep wakes up again to a reashoring lick from her dog and falls back to sleep she wakes up again but this time curiousity gets the better and so she decided to find out the sound she walk down her dark hall way the drip drip noise got louder and louder untill she reached the barthroom she walk in and turn on the light there hanging from the shower nosile with its throut slit open and its blood driping in to the bath but some thing else caches her eye there on her bath room mirror writen in her dogs blood was 'humans can lick too', the murder cut her head off and placed her on the sofa and placed her head neatly on her lap.............BET YOU THOURGHT THE STORY STOPS THERE WELL IT DO'ES NOT , her daughter came to drop off some shopping some chicken ,milk and bread as she was paying the shop keeper made an odd remark ' you know we are on a milk shorteged' not taking any notice of it she contined to her mothers home she open the door and walk straget in to the kichen and place the shopping on to the conter she noticed the there was lots of over shopping bag containing bread milk and chicken 'mum' she called she walk in to the living room there was her mother with her head cut off and placed neatly on her lap the girl calls the police she over hear two police talking something about repeatative behaveour they can not be talking about me she thourght just then she had a phone call she answer it 'hello' 'hi darling can you pick up some bread and chicken oh and some milk i have nearly ran out ' 'ok mum i will be right over' and of she went.

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