The Other One

Wow! I haven't been on this account in ages! I would like to re-write this storyline again as I loved the original idea and would like to improve it, and make it much more better! If you would like to read the improved version, please check out my new account: _Allegra_
Thanks :)


9. The voice from the bed

In the sky blue room, a bed stood in the middle of the simple floor. The bed had thick, flowing curtains that surrounded it so you could never see the person inside. Never. Having a peek would be unthinkable. The whereabouts of this room are unknown to normal people; only specialized ones know the location. Then again, the ones who are allowed in there don't know everything about it. No one knows who sits on the bed all day. No one.

On this day, a man walked in there timidly but quickly; he had important news. His hands were shaking as he told the thing in the bed what he had discovered.
" We have a girl here who could be an option fo you."

The man gave the thing a small photograph. It snatched it out of his hands and it dissapered within the layers of curtains. A high, young voice emerged from within the bed.
" The girl looks beautiful. Her eyes, hair; everything. You must go and get her. Now." the thing ordered.
" We will do everything in our power to get her for you." the man replied loyally.
" I can't wait." the thing exclaimed.

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