The Other One

Wow! I haven't been on this account in ages! I would like to re-write this storyline again as I loved the original idea and would like to improve it, and make it much more better! If you would like to read the improved version, please check out my new account: _Allegra_
Thanks :)


10. The Day Out

I woke up the next morning from the sun beams that burst through the curtains. That was when I rembered where I was. Today will be my first full day with my family! I jumped out of bed with glee and quickly put on some clothes; a purple roll neck and a dungaree dress over the top. It looked ok I guess. I walked down the stairs and entered the dining hall where breakfast was waiting for me.

After a satisfying egg on toast, my mother explained:
" Unfortunatly we were not able to go on a family outing yesterday because of unexpected situations." my mother glanced up to Jason's rooom. " That is why we will be going out today. We will be doing all of Mia's favourite things."

I felt excitement bubbling up inside me as I waited for my parents to eat their own breakfast. When they finally finished, we hopped into the car and my father started the car with a twist of the key.
" Isn't Jack coming?" I said confused and anxiously.
" Of course not. We will not let him spoil your special day." my mother said smiling.

We parked outside of a strange outside area which was full of laughing children and animals. My memory screamed out: The Zoo. From what my memories tell me, the zoo is a place to see all kinds of different animals. I have to say, my parents definitely chose the right place to go.

I leaped out of the car with joy and ran off into the zoo. Before I ws completely out of sight, my parents called out: " Mia, we will see you at the ticket entrance in one hour; okay!"
I gave them a big beaming smile and a wave back. I then gazed around in wonder at all the animals and how some of them looked so funny! I ambled down the small lane; knowing that today will be great. I then remembered that my mother gave me £5:00 to spend so I checked my pocket; it was still there. The smell of sweet candy floss drew me away from my thoughts. I skipped over to the stall to see a smiling young man. " Strawberry, watermelon or blueberry?" he asked kindly. I thought about it carefully but I just couldn't decide; all the flavours just seemed too mouth-watering to choose. The man must of noticed my hesitation so he said: " I know, you can have a bit of everything as I see that you are struggling to choose." he said, chuckling. He pulled out a white stick and twirled it inside a metal bowl. Soon fluffs of sugar wrapped it's way around the stick until it looked just like a cloud. "Here you go; candyfloss for a beautiful lady!" he said. I thanked him greatly and went off to see the animals.


I think the zoo definitely exceeded my expectations as the trip was full of exciting new things! I especially loved the elephants; I loved their big wrinkly trunks and their collosal stompy feet.
" So, what was you're favourite animal, Mia?" My mother asked.
" I loved the elephants mum! Their tusks were soooo long which is why the elephants are my favourite animal!" I replied with joy.
My mother stared back at me as if I was mad. I didn't see this coming. Did I say something wrong? She turned away from me and left me; still lingering in the awkard silence. It stayed that way for the rest of the journey.



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