The Other One

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2. Purpose

The Head Instructor looked at us with a beaming smile as if it was the sun.
" You have come to the age so it proves how much you have learned since you were only 3 years old! Now, I would like to begin with your improved memory chip. I'm sure you remember this but I will still explain."
I let out a small groan as she showed us a presentation the head instructor made about the memory chip.
"As you can see, this will be your new memory chip. This chip has a lot more memory space so you will be able to collect a lot more information! After this meeting you must all go down stairs to get this injected into your system."
A lot of people in my year used to cry about the injections but we have been having them since we were little children so it no longer bothers me.
"You are all at an age where we all expect great things of you and to be role-models to the younger children. In two years time, you will be going to the adult Orphanage of Angels."
" Finally I will now tell you all about your purpose in life and why you are here. Our top scientists have been able to make a new species of human; you. When a child dies, it is your job to be that child which means that you will have to look the part and act the part. You will also live with the family as if the original child never left. The meeting has now finished so I would like you all to go down stairs to receive your injections."
Today went by like a simple breeze. It was the same old lessons; maths, english and science. At the end of the day we learned about the life in a day for a regular human. We have always been at the OOA (Orphanage of Angels) for so long so none of us know how to live a normal life. That is why we have to learn about it now so we don't seem stupid when live in the real world.

When I got back to my room, I flopped onto my creaky bed as if I had no energy left in my body. Then, a knock at the door startled me as I scrambled to the door.
"Hi Willow!" exclaimed Jack.
"Hi, I didn't expect you here." I replied.
" I wanted to talk to you about something. It's about the boy that recently left; 06743." He said anxiously.
"I'm listening." I said; suddenly curious.
" After the injections, I was wandering around the school as I was one of the first out. My memory chip was just starting to warm up so I don't know if what I saw was just an imagination. I was walking in the gardens when I noticed a brick out house which I have never come across before. Unexpectedly, a screaming boy came out of the main building with two strong instructors; holding onto him tightly. As I stood there watching, completely gobsmacked, the boy and the two instructors entered the brick out house. It then came to me; that boy was 06743." he explained.
" But that's impossible; 06743 left the orphanage  3 months ago." I said; puzzled.
" That's what I was thinking but this wasn't the first time that I have seen this. To be honest, we have both seen this kind of thing happen before. There must be something that the Orphanage is not telling us." he said.
" Look Jack, I understand what you are saying but I have had a long day so I just want to go to sleep. can we talk about this tommorrow? I do belive you but I think it will be best if we disscuss this when we are more awake; you know what I mean? I said hopefully.
" Yeah, I understand. Meet me at the wooden bench tommorrow at our first break. We can talk then. See you tommorrow." he said; smiling.
"Ok, see you tommorrow." I replied.
When Jack left, I sleepily took of my clothes and crawled into bed. Thoughts swirled around my head like clouds; sailing across the sky. What if there is something going on in the depths of the OOA? Will Jack or I ever be in that situation? And what goes on in the brick out house?
Even though these troubling thoughts worried me deeply, I was still able to fall asleep.


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