The Other One

Wow! I haven't been on this account in ages! I would like to re-write this storyline again as I loved the original idea and would like to improve it, and make it much more better! If you would like to read the improved version, please check out my new account: _Allegra_
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11. Meeting

It's been almost 3 weeks since I left the Orphanage of Angles and begin a new life as Mia. To be honest, it seems as if I have been her forever and I never was 01480. However, things haven't been perfect. Since that silence on the way back from the zoo, things have been going downhill from there. For example, anytime I mention things that Mia likes or a memory from the past, my mother has spaced out on me or looks at me oddly. For now, I'm trying to keep our speech to a minimum. Suprise! Suprise! Jason still teases me but there isn't a lot I can do about it.

On the other hand, I do have some exciting news. Tonight, there will be a special ball where there will be lots of singing and dancing which sounds like loads of fun! For the whole day, I have been practising my dancing and my posture as my parents want me to look and act as grown up as possible. It has been very tedious and tiring but I know that it will pay off! When we started to get ready, I was astonished to see my ball gown; it was enchanting. It was a pale pink, sleevless dress with a flouncy wavy bottom that reached the floor which was very hard to walk in. I despised pink but I had to please my parents; especially as we haven't been seeing eye to eye with eachother.

I walked outside when a few drops of rain came gently dropping down. Everyone looked so formal in their outfits. The stars shone brightly with a radiant shine. I stepped into the car with a pair of sparkling high heels and we were soon off along the road.

                                                                          * * *

When I began to hear the orchestra playing their gentle, classical music, I knew that we were getting closer. The ball was held in a immense hall that had huge, beaming lights. many people in formal wear were making their way to the glowing hall. We followed them quickly and carefully ( I was trying to keep my posture perfect). Inside was a huge, clear floor which shone and a chandeleir hanged on the ceiling like a group of stars. Many couples were dancing gracefully and I longed to dance with them but I would of seemed silly to dance without a partner.

" Where are we going mother?" Jason asked gloomily
" We are going to meet our good friends, the Parker family." she replied. When we finally found them in the crowed hall we introduced ourselves formally to them but then a familiar voice called out to me while the parents were talking. " Hello Mia! It's nice to see you again."
 " Ja-" I replied with suprise but instead felt a soft hand over my mouth.
" Shhh! Not so loud! They'll here us! Don't make things worse!" Jack whispered.
" What?" I replied with curiousity.
"Mrs Wilson, may I dance with your daughter?" Jack asked politely.
" Of course Thomas." my mother replied.
Jack (or Thomas) steered me away from our families and onto the dance floor. He took my hand in his and we began dancing slowly as the music changed to a gentle waltz. After we danced a little, Jack said quielty:
" Sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to sound so angry; I was just worried."
" Worried about what?" I asked.
" Our parents; they are starting to change their thoughts about us. I heard my parents talking about it to your parents before the party. I'm really scared. What will happen to us if they ask the orphanage to come and collect us.?" he explained
" Well maybe it won't come to that. If we carry on as we ar-"
" But wat if it does come to that! We may not have long left!" Jack interrupted.
He looked close to tears.
" I think we both need some air." I suggested.

We amble our way to the balcony; luckily it was empty. We both looked out to the stars, trying to distract ourselves from the dooming question at the back of our minds. Soon, Jack finally broke the silence.
" Look if the worst comes to worst I want you to be ready. I know where you live so I will wait for you when the times comes.
" When the time comes?"
" If the orphanage comes to collects us we need to run. Run away and hide. Away from this place. I don't want anything to happen to you because I-" Jack stopped mumbling and his cheeks started to flush red. Seeing his face all red and embarresed brought colour to my cheeks too. He locked hands with mine so we were inseperable. We then turned and faced eachother. He leaned in. After that, the world just seemed to melt around me as I felt his soft lips on mine. That was when I knew I loved him.

We parted slowly but I then gave gave him a hug.
He then murmered; " We will be together again; I'm sure."
Eventually, my mother came to me to say that we were departing. I gave one last goodbye to Jack and we were off again. on the way home, though my mother gave me glares as if she was scared of me. I went upstairs to bed without a goodnight or anyting. That was when I knew that something was terribly wrong. I put on some pyjamas and some soft slippers. I creaped down stairs and put my face against the banisters so I could see my parents.

"I knew it. I thought her being her would be a good thing for our family but she just scares me now. her knowledge terrifies me; the things she knows are things that I and Mia only knew. It makes me wonder what she really is. Is she even human? I knew they were right; you know the person on the telephone." my mother said.
Who? I thought, was it the orphanage?
"Also did you hear the Parkers? they are not happy with their child now either. They think it's wrong to love a child that is not truly theirs. I''m starting to agree with them so I think it's best to stop pretending. She needs to go!" my mother said.
Those last words stung me like an angry bee. Jack was right. I need to get out of here. Now.


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