The Other One

Wow! I haven't been on this account in ages! I would like to re-write this storyline again as I loved the original idea and would like to improve it, and make it much more better! If you would like to read the improved version, please check out my new account: _Allegra_
Thanks :)


3. Jack's big adventure to the brick house!

It was around 10:00 p.m when I left my room. I needed to find out what happend in that brick house! I didn't want Willow to come with me as I knew it will be a lot safer and quieter if I traveled alone. Also, if I got caught, it will be best if I got the blame; it is my plan, after all! I closed my door as silently as possible and stepped onto the clean corridor. At night, the school just seemed a lot more creepier. It was as if you would see all kinds of scary things at every corner; ghosts, burgalars and the worst of them all; spiders. Uhhhhh! The thought of spiders just make me shudder. I just know that if I told Willow, she wouldn't let it go. I suppose that one good thing about being part of another family is that when the scientists change you, they will get rid of unessecary fears that are no longer needed. I really hope the person I imersonate is not afraid of spiders!

As I tip-toed out of the door into the gardens, I felt like some kind of spy that you see in all the cool action movies. I tried to to a forward flip but it failed so I ended up landed on my back which hurt a lot. Thank goodness  no one saw me. I carried on tip-toeing until I reached the brick house. Unfortunatly, all the windows were bordered up, so I couldn't see a thing that was going on inside. When I thought that the mission was a failure, I noticed a small gap which I could peep through. Inside, I saw a derelict room wth only a moth-bitten chair in the centre. Sitting on the chair was 06437; paralized with fear. Suddenly a cloaked man entered the room but it was too dark to see him. He began to chart some different language; one that I have never heard of. As he spoke the words, 06437's pupils began to shrink and his eyes looked swolen enough to pop out of their sockets. What I was witnessing was abbhorrant; which made me want to scream out in fear but I couldn't. I've come to far to back down now; I needed to find out what happened in that room. When the chanting stopped, 06437's eyes were as white as snow but shards of white lifted from his head like glass. I had know idea what I was seeing but then the cloaked man shot his round like a bullet so he was facing me. Fear ran through my body like an electric shock. I some how made my legs run away from the building but I could still feel my heart pumping through my chest.

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