The Other One

Wow! I haven't been on this account in ages! I would like to re-write this storyline again as I loved the original idea and would like to improve it, and make it much more better! If you would like to read the improved version, please check out my new account: _Allegra_
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8. Home

It took a very long while until we reached my new home. For most of the journey, we stayed silent but I began to talk about funny memories which my parents appreciated a lot. As I stepped out of the car, I looked up to see a huge house that almost touched the candyfloss clouds. Candyfloss? It must be one of Mia's memories; I have never heard of candyfloss. My father interrupted my thoughts by saying:
"Welcome home Mia. We are all so glad that you are finally back; why don't you go back to your bedroom?"

I exuberantly ran into the house and gasped in amazement as I saw a huge chandelier glittering like stars. The floor was so shiny; I could see my face in it! I carefully walked up the winding staircase until I reached yet another beautifully decorated corridor. On the left stood a door which said in sparkly, purple lettering: Mia's Room. I opened the white door and found a lovely room inside. The walls were a lovely lilac and the curtains was a deep voilet. On one side, a white vanity table stood against the wall which was completed with a rounded mirror. Next to the vanity table was a huge, double bed with purple velvet sheets. I couldn't help but jump back into the luxurious sheets ;it felt wonderful! Mia's room was full of wonderful ordaments that were intersting to look at. On the other wall, she had a huge bookcase full of different shaped and sized books. I examined them all; a few seemed fimilar. Charlotte's Web, Little Women, Fairytales and much more. I can't wait to read them all!

As I sat ont the bed, the sound of knocking startled me and it was followed by a failiar face; Jason
"Oh great." I thought.
I need to try and act normal; he is my brother after all. I need to try to get along with him.
" Hello 'Mia'. Mother and Father were wondering if you are pleased to see your room again." Jason said.
" I am very pleased to see my room again Jason! I have missed you so much!" I exclaimed.
I jumped off my bed and tried to give him a huge hug to show my appreciation. Before I reached him though, he gave me a huge shove which obviously showed that he wasn't in the mood for me.
"Bad move" I thought; I should be more careful around him.
" You can drop the act. I know that you are and will never be my sister.  I don't love you. " He said with a depressed look in his eyes.
He stormed out of the room and shut the door with a huge BANG! I feel awful. He is expected to love me but how can he when I am just a replacement? If only he was able to understand; it would make it a whole lot better for him and for me. I have always thought that having a family would be my break through; now I'm not to sure. I can heal hearts from their loss but I can't heal all hearts. I suppose that it will be best if I give Jason some space for a while.

I got up again and picked up a small red book and opened it up. I said in a clear voice; read chapter 1. Nothing happened. I repeated it again but I said it a little louder. The book did nothing. I suppose that the technology from the orphanage does not appear in the real world. Luckily, we did reading lessons at school ; just in case this situation would pop up. If we were to read in our spare time; the book would read it for us. After a few minutes of reading Charlotte's Web, my Mum called out from downstairs:
"Mia! Dinner's ready and I have made it specially for you!"
I quickly but quietly ran down the stairs when a delicious aroma hit my nose. Roast dinner! It's my favourite dish!
Then I remembered. It's not my favourite dinner; it's Mia's favourite. The other one. I felt a wave of saddness roll over me. Jason is right. I can never be his sister. Even so, I need to make an effort if I want to stay alive.

I skipped into the dining hall with ah huge smile on my face. An immense table was spread across the room which was covered with shining cutlery. Jason came in and sat at the top of the table. I made sure that I did not sit next to him as I didn't want to cause any arkward moments between us. I sat on the other far end; away from him.

Dinner was scrumptious! I had a huge variety on my plate; crisp roast potatoes, steaming chicken, carrots; the list is endless!
"I can see that you enjoyed that Mia. I hope you're not too full as we have a suprise for you!" my Mother said joyously.
She exited the room and came back with a beautiful sponge cake with lilac icing on top and a cream and strawberry jam filling. In pink icing, a message was written on top which said: Welcome Home Mia!"
I showed how delighted I was but I couldn't help but think of how cheesy it was. It is obvious that they are pretending to be be a happy, loving famly towards me so I decided to play along. They cut everyone a peice but gave me a specially big peice.
" Hey,that's not fair! How comes 'Mia' gets a bigger peice than me! I'm your child too!" Jason said angrily.
" Jason! Don't be so rude! You're supposed to be a rolemodel; not some whiny kid!You need to be nice to your sister; she cares a lot about you but you're not showing any care towards her!" my father said with a temper.
" That thing is not my sister!" Jason exclaimed.
He ran out of the room and left an untouched peice of cake and a shocked-stricken family left behind.
" I am very sorry about that Mia. Your brother is behaving atrociously but you should still enjoy your cake." My father and mother said.
We finished the cake in silence. After a while, I said quietly:
" I have had a long eventful day today and I am really tired. Thankyou for dinner mother. I will see you in the morning."
My parents gave a smile; I gave on back.
When I was upstairs again, I tip-toed over to Jason's room. I was about to knock but I hesitated. I can't disturb him; not when he is like this. I ambled away into my room; hearing the melancholy sobs coming from my brother's room. If only I could make him understand why I need to do this. As I entered my room, I saw something behind the curtains.

I walked over to them and pulled them back to see a balcony which showed a sky full of wondours stars. I opened the door to the balcony and felt the cold air wind itself around my blonde hair. I looked up at the sky with amazment. I thought of all the names of the stars that Jason taught me: The Big Dipper, The North Star, Antlia, Libra, Virgo, Scorpious; I remember them all! Even though they were her memories, I should try to think positively about it. Because of these memories, I have begun a fresh, exciting life! That's something that I should be happy about.

After a long gaze at the stars, I shut the doors and got changed into some pyjamas. I then hopped into bed and felt sleep overcome me like a blanket. Eventually, my eyes began to droop. I slept peacefully; something that I haven't been able to do in a while.


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