The Other One

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5. Goodbye hugs

A ball of saddness is knotted within my stomach. It seems as if there is a huge, heavy weight on top of me and if I don't hold it up, I won't get back up. I feel ill all the time; the inspectors think I have had a slight malfunction and that my body will fix it. It won't though. Nothing is the same without Jack.

It has been almost 5 days since he went missing. People in my class have been trying to comfort me because they know how close I am with Jack. They give me some portions of their food but I never eat it. I haven't had much of an appetite. You probably think I am over-reacting about the whole situaion but no one understands what it is like. Jack is like a big brother to me so by losing him, it makes me feel very melancholy. Anything could of happened to him which makes very anxious.

I was labelling my diagram of a healthy diet of a regular human when the school bell let out a thundering sound. I was about to leave the classroom when the instructor stopped me as he wanted to speak to me about something.
"Are you ok Willow? You seem a little down in the dumps lately. Are things going alright for you at the moment? Do you want a check up at the hospital for problems in your mechanics? I can take you there myself if you want." he said sweetly and anxiously.
" No, I'm fine instructor, sir." I said; while managing a huge grin to prove my point.
"Well, ok then. If you want to talk to me, you know where to find me. Oh! I almost forgot! The head instructor wanted you to go down into the lab." he said
"Ok then. Thankyou." I replied.

Why on earth do I need to go to the lab? We have the lab to create a new image for someone who will be inpersonating or replacing another person. Have I been chosen? Eventually, I made it to the lab and I knocked on the door briskly and clearly. An old, grumpy scientist came to the door and thundered:
"What on Earth are you doing here child!? This is a quiet research area; not a playground! Now get ou of here or i'll-
"Proffesor, proffesor stop! I asked her to come!" the head instructor interrupted.
I walked into the bright, white room which smelled of strong disinfectant. Around the edges layed bottles of odd liquids which I have never seen before. It was as if I just walked into a rainbow.
"Welcome 01480 (Willow) to the lab. You probalbly haven't heard but 01654 (Jack) has been chosen. If this ever happens to you, you are given the chance of one desire. This could be something before you go or something that you get when you are with your family. His wish was to see you before he left." she explained.
I felt a rush of relief, happiness but also saddness  when I heard the news. He is still alive. He used his wish on me! Jack is leaving me once again.
"You can go see him now if you ant." the head instructor said.
I ran into the small room which had Jack's name on it; 01654. I opened the door which let out a huge creak. Inside had very simple furnishings; a bed, a bed side desk and a simple painting. Laying in the bed was Jack asleep in only a pair of grey shorts with blonde hair?! His hair is jet black and a lot longer.
Oh wait. I thought. He's been changed to look like the person he is inpersonating. 
Suddenly, he began to wake up and when he saw my face, his own face lifted up like the beaming sun.
"Oh Willow, you're here!" he said happily.
"Jack!" I said.
I couldn't help it. The tears came rolling down my cheeks and when they did he unexpectedly sat up and gave me a hug. We stood there for a long time; just hugging. After a while we let go and that was when the questions started.
"Where have you been for last five days?! I exclaimed.
"Well I think you already know that now but I'll explain. I was out investigating the brick house and when I went back to my room, there was a group of inspectors giving me a huge glare. The reason why they were there was because I had been chosen so they needed to wake me up early to start on the operations. When they did not find me in bed they were furious. I would of been seriously punished but they couldn't as they needed my body perfect when the family picks me up. I've been here for five days because they had to do so many tests on me." Jack explained.
I let ou a small giggle.
"What's so funny? he said puzzled.
"You're voice sounds so different!" I chuckled.
"Oh! Well I suppose it does as the operators edited my vocie box to sound like the boy that I am replacing." he laughed.
"Who are you replacing?" I asked curiously.
" A boy named Thomas. Apparently his little sister Emily was crossing a road but she wasn't looking. Suddenly, a speeding van came charging round the corner. As quick as lightning, Thomas ran into the road, pushing Emily out of the way; which in turn killed him. He died whilst in hospital. He always cared for Emily.
"How did you know that?" I asked.
"When the proffesor's operated on me, they gave me his memories so I won't make mistakes when I live with his family. If I say something out of the ordinary or they ask me something that Thomas should know, I'm finished. That is why I need these memories. This brings me onto something else. I know what happens in the brick house; I don't have long so I'll tell you now. They-"
The sound of the door knocking interrupted Jack.
The head inspector walked in and said;
"Thomas has to get his clothes on now as he will be leaving shortly. You will have to make your last goodbyes now."
Jack looked at me. I looked at him.
"Goodbye Thomas." I whispered; trying to hold back the tears.
We hugged once more. This could be last hug I'll ever get from Jack. We had to eventually let go as the head inspector was starting to get impatient. I slowly backed out of the room and as I did, I looked back at him for the last time. I closed the door behind me which was when I sank to the floor and burst into tears again.
                                                   *    *   *
Jack left later that day. I stood in an empty classroom at lunch which was closest to the exit of the Orphanage Of Angels. The inspectors always depart children to their families at lunch because they don't like it when you can see other people outside at this important occasion. Severe punishments occur if you are seen. Luckily I'm looking out of one-way glass. I saw Jack slowly walk up to the huge gate wearing a fully white suit. It was if he was an actual angel. I suppose it explains the orphanage's name quite well. The head inspector came with him as he moved further away from the orphanage.

The family was a rather odd bunch. The mother had a short bob and was quite plump in size; the father seemed very bold in his smart uniform. In the middle of both the parents, stoood a small, frail girl who seemed to be around 5 years old. Her blonde hair was tied with matching pink bows and she wore a most lovely frock which looked stunning on the miniscule girl. The family seemed to live in quite a lot of luxury. Jack (or Thomas) started to run to the little girl and picked her up which made her shriek in delight. The parents started crying and hugging as they exited the orphanage. It was if my heart had split into two. As the family walked around the corner I left the classroom with a heavy, aching heart.

It was hard going through the day without Jack. When it finally came to night time I was able to sleep well. I have had to much drama this week so it felt good to just curl up in bed and go to sleep. It was the weekend tommorrow so we get a break to do as we please. They have three huge rooms in the school dedicated to weekends. Hopefully I'll be fine after the week has ended.

I was woken up with a start from a huge shake to the shoulder. It was to early to be woken up. Unless....
"01480! 01480! Are you awake! I have big news! We have to go now! You have been chosen!


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