The Other One

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7. Departure

The strange fog feeling left me as I woke up from my deep slumber. It seems as if I have been to sleep for ages. I looked around as I was unsure where I was. Then it hit me. I'm in the lab. Last night, I find out that I had been chosen. Then I remembered the strange dream I had. I dreamed of someone's death. Could it be the person that I am replacing? The room that I was staying had the exact same theme to it as Jack's room. Unexpectedly, a scientist entered my room and smiled sweetly when she saw me wide and fully awake.
"Oh, 01480, it's great to see you that you have woken . Now, I'm sure your buzzing with questions but we have to get you dressed for when the 'Wilson's arrive." said the scientist.
"The 'Wilson's'?" I asked.
"Yes, you family. Look I'll explain later but now you must get ready." The scientist repiled; slightly impatient.
She whizzed me through many corridors like a bee flying to it's nest, and eventually, we arrived in a huge room full of clothes, with a variety of colours, patterns and styles. Also in the room was a woman who was  looking through a pile of clothes; busily searching for something. She looked up with a start and and said:
"Welcome, welcome! It's good to see you here. I'm here to chose your outfit so your new family will be pleased as peaches!" exclaimed the woman.
She hurridly searched through the lines of outfits and thrushed a few in my hands.
"Quick! Put these on!" said the woman.
I entered a crambed box which instantly snached the clothes from my hands with metal pincers. They were put to work as they put the clothes on my body. As I exited the box the woman clasped her hand in delight and said happily:
"Oh, my dear you like absolutely beautifull! You must see how wonderful you look!" she said with eagerness.
I turned around to see my reflection and I stood there amazed of how how different I looked. My chestnut hair had been turned into golden blonde with a delicate white lily on top. My clothes looked great on me. I wore a small, white, sleevless dress with a shining necklace. My feet felt soft in my white,satin pumps which completed my angelic look. I moved closer to the mirror to find that my eye colour had changed from a boring grey to a sapphire blue that sparkled like diamonds.
"Well, time flies when your having fun! It's time to go sweetie, you don't want to miss your big day! said the jolly woman.
The head instructor came in and gasped at my beauty.
"Wow 01480, you look stunning! I have seem many girls in such wonderful clothes but your's is by far the best. Now I would like to talk to you about something very important. First of all, you must make you wish." explained the head instructor.
"My wish is to have a gift for my new family."" I asked.
The head inspector took a a glittery, wrapped present out of her left pocket
"Also, the person you will be replacing will be a girl called Mia Wilson." said the head instructor.
"My new name will be Mia Wilson?!" I said; excited to have a proper name and not a secret one.
"Yes, that's right but you must listen carefully. You are no longer 01480 so you mut try as hard as you can to act like Mia. The memories we gave you will help you. If any mistakes happen and they call us back to explain it, you will die." The head instructor said sternley.
I felt my heart pumping out of my chest as I took in this new information. If I make mistakes I will die? How can the head instructor say that so calmly? I know now how seriouly I need to take this.
"Mia, you don't need to look so frightened! You are a very bright girl so I know that you'll do just fine!" the head instructor said.
The head instructor took me to the exit of the orphanage and whispered:
"Now give me your best smile; that's it; there's nothing to be worried about. Good luck Mia Wilson."
 I walked up to my new family; I should be happy to get out of the orphanage; it's been mine and Jack's dream for as long as I can remember, so why I am I so scared? The mother had long, light, brown hair which went past her shoulders. The dad had his hair geled so much that I could smell the product. The son had wavy, light brown hair to match his mother's.The parents were smiling at me with huge tears on there cheeks but the son gave me a mean glare.
"Mother, father and Jason; it's really you! I have missed you so much! I exclaimed.
I then ran up to my parents and gave them a huge hug.
"Jason; give your sister a big hug; she has missed you so." the father asked.
Jason hesitated for a while but he finally gave me a hug. When we parted, I smiled at him but he looked at me blankly like a peice of paper. Rule number 1: I thought Show your family how pleased you are to see them. Check. Following the rules that we have learnt in class will keep me alive. I tried to hold Jason's hand but he shook it away.
"Don't worry Mia, your brother is just finding it hard to realise that you have come back to us." my father said; trying to reassure me but I knew perfectly well what was going on.

Jason was at the age when he knew that people didn't just come back to life, so he of course knows that I am not the real Mia that he used to know. He probably thinks that I'm some fraud; trying to replace his sister for the better. If only he understood why I have try so hard to act like Mia. I could tell him but by doing that, it might encourage his parents to ring the orphanage. If he was 4 or 5 it would be easier because at that age they could believe anything you tell them.

Instead of being sweet to my brother, I took my parents hands and walked with them. Without me noticing, (though, I actually did) my father gave Jason a glare as if he was telling him to try harder to act normal, but this made him hold his head low. It looked as if he was crying. In front of us stood a shiny, white car which looked new.
"Hop in dear. First we'll go back home so you can see it and then we'll go out for a little outing Mia." said my farther, smiling.
I got into the car which had black, leather seats and was followed by my brother, I sat by the window so I could look outside but Jason sat at the furthest end. We drived off in the car and I looked back at the orphanage. Everything in my life has changed for the better. Hasn't it?


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