That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


14. The First Show

Niall's p.o.v.

She looked gorgeous. She gave each of the boys a hug and gave me a kiss. "You look gorgeous" I said. "Thank you" She said with a smile. Liam's friend Andy had shown up. I guess he wanted to visit and spend the night. Liam walked right up to Emily and said "This is my friend Andy." "Hi there Andy" I said with a smile. "Hi" He said back with a not so welcoming tone. "Emily!" I called. "Yes babe? Do you need something?" "No. I just wanted to say I have a surprise for you tonight. I think you might like it." I said with a devilish smile. She knew something was up. We were given five minutes. We got all pumped up and I kissed Emily and we ran out on the stage. I looked back and I saw her standing there on the side. We sang a few songs and I looked again. I looked out into the audience and saw here dancing around and singing along. She was three rows back from the stage. I looked at the seat she was supposed to have and saw a young girl in a wheel chair. I smiled at her.  After one more song I asked the fans if they wanted to meet a special someone. "Yes" they screamed. "Emily can you come up here. There a group of people who want to meet you!" I looked at her and she was getting up and making her way to the stage entrance when a fan stood up and punched her square in the face. I jumped off the stage running to her side. She was out cold. I picked her up and carried her back stage. I placed her on my couch in my dressing room. "Well that was...wildly...unexpected." Liam said. They continued the concert with out me. A half hour had passed and she woke up. We walked out on to the stage together. She was handed a mic and was answering any questions she could hear. "Do you think you and Niall will last long because I don't want you to think he is all yours." A little girl in the front row said. Emily said this starring at the little girl. "Of coarse he isn't just mine! I will always share him. You guys keep him going. It is because of you wonderful fans that brought us to meet." "How did you meet?" Another girl asked. "Well over in England the boys were doing an autograph signing in a mall. I was with my new friend from school and we went and got autographs. After we got back to her house we looked at them. Niall had written his number down on his. I didn't want to call it until my friend took my phone and put it next to my ear. Niall picked up and offered to take me on a date!" She said this with a smile. Emily stayed on stage and we sang our final song. Emily was singing along and dancing. It was really cute. We said goodnight. We walked off stage. We got back to the hotel and Emily dragged us to the room. "I told you tonight" she said taking off her dress. She got on top of me and kissed me. She bit my lower lip and her tongue entered my mouth. I kissed her neck and I could feel the goose bumps on her arm.

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