That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


7. The Accident.

Emily's p.o.v.

"I hope he read the whole thing Liam". "Don't worry. I am sure he did, he is a smart boy". "Liam" I said softly. "Does he love me". He looked at me for a minute. He totally took his eyes off the road. "Liam!" I screamed. When he looked again it was to late. My life flashed before my life. I grabbed his hand tightly. Then everything went black.

Liam's p.o.v.

We were rushed to the hospital. I was okay only a broken leg and arm. I was wearing my seat belt. Emily wasn't. When the doctor came in the room to check on me, I asked how Emily was. "She is still in surgery. She hit her head pretty hard.". "Is it okay if I call our friends?". The doctor said it would be fine. I called Niall's cell. "Hello?" he said with a whimper. "Niall it's Liam. You have to get to the hospital fast. We got into a car accident. I will tell you the rest when you get here.". 

Niall's p.o.v

I ran in to the main room saying we needed to leave now. Once we were all in my car I said "Emily and Liam got into a car crash.". There was a little gasp. Then nothing for the rest of the ride. As soon as we got to the hospital I ran in asking where Liam's room was. The lady at the desk pointed me down the long hallway. I ran. I ran till I found his room, he was okay. "Thank god" I said quietly. "Do you know where Emily's room is?" with concern in my voice. "She is still in surgery but things are looking good." the doctor said while walking in. "Can Emily stay with me in this room". Liam said this with such an innocent voice. "Sure" the doctor said with a smile. 

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