That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


25. Text Messages.

Nialls Pov

Emily hasn't called about Teagan and I am starting to get worried. I called her. I place the ringing phone up to my ear. "He-hello?" She says in between sobs. "Emily why are you crying. If anyone should be upset it should be me. You took my child away from me." I said kind of upset. " Niall sh-she is g-one". My mind shut off. My whole world stopped. By baby was missing. "W-what do you mean she is g-one?" I was in tears. "I don't wanna talk about this over the phone. Come to Liam's flat. There is something you need to see." She said. She was calming down a bit but you could tell that she could crack at any minute. It was heart breaking to hear all this. "Okay. I'll be there in ten". With that she hung up. I quickly got ready and was off to Liam's flat.

Sarah's Pov

I was going to sen the first text. What should I have them do I can't give it away that it is me. I know I will make him leave her. It's perfect. To Liam 'if you want this baby alive. You have to leave her. Cut her off from your life. Forget about her. She is just using you anyways. But you better not tell her this is why you are leaving her. Or you could. I mean maybe it will make her feel alittle better knowing it is for this dumb ass baby.' Sent. With in minutes he responds. From Liam 'I will tell her. But I will wait. I waited before an I will do it again. I will also make sure you are put behind bars.' I responded. To Liam 'be careful about what you say. One word is all it will take.' Sent.

Liam's Pov

Now that we have talked to the cops my phone vibrated. I looked don't at the message. It was a long one. The only part that stood out is that I would have to leave Emily. I knew I'd have to. But I need to tell her it is for Teagan. I would wait though I would wait. That's how I responded to the text. Right after I locked my phone it vibrated again. 'Be careful about what you say. One word is all it would take.' I got shivers down my spine. This person had my girlfriends baby. If she touches it I swear she will be sorry. She better know what's coming her way. My thoughts were interupted by the door. Emily rushed over to get it. It was Niall. We agreed to tell him now. H was the father he shouldn't have to learn about this. The other boys could learn about this through the media. We knew it was going to be every where. So much for wanting to get out of the spot light while we were on break. "Niall you have to look at these messages" I said this as I was pulling him aside. He looked over them again and again. A tear slid down his cheak. "Why. Who. This has to end". That was all he said. "Niall. I haven't told her about me leaving her. I want to do it so don't say a word." I said with a glare. "I promise but do you have any idea who could have taken her?" He asked. He was getting choked up. "I have this weird thought it could be Sarah. I told the cops about her and the story. They said it could very much have been her." Nialls face went pale. "This is all my fault ". "It isn't. But let's go join Emily". With that we walked into the room with Emily. It was an uncomfortable feeling. "I-I am so s-sorry Emily. I didn't think this would happen. I just thought we could have a normal break up. But of coarse we can't. We were a famous couple I should have told you differently. Well I didn't even mean to let you her that. You were just there". Niall said this with a lot of compassion in his voice. He wasn't faking. "Niall. I'm over it. I wanted to talk about Teagan. I don't want you to get tangled into this mess and until it is over I think it would be best if only you and Liam had contact. Take me out of the picture." She said this so softly. I knew she didn't want this. But that's what had to happen. Niall got up to leave for the door. He wa crying. "Text me if you need anything. I will be here for the both of you. If you need to talk to her call me and I'll give her the phone if we are not in public". Niall just looke at me and turned and walked out the door. He was gone. Now I had to tell Emily about that text.

Emily's Pov.

Liam walked back into the room. "Emily we need to talk. I got a text message saying something I know we both wont like." I just sat there frozen thinking about what it could be. It could be anything. We don't know what kind of person we are dealing with. "It said that we need to break up. I think we should in the publics eyes. But behind close doors still be together." I agreed. Liam was always so smart. Even in the most difficult of times. "What would our story be as of why I am still living with you?" I questioned that part of the plan. "We could just say you didn't want your own place after our short relationship an you could just be Rooming with me". "Okay that works. But I want to tell the boys now about Teagan. Text them for me. Tell them not to have contact directly with me. I don't want to drag them into this to." After about 30 minutes after the texts were sent the boys were at Liam's. they practically broke down the door. What would happen next would change my life forever.
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