That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


22. Talks with Liam

Emily's Pov

I just stood there crying into his shoulder. I heard the snap and saw the flashes of cameras in my tear filled eyes. I didn't care. I was heart broken. In the back of my mind I was thinking of kissing him. I really think I might have slight feelings for Liam. Ever since Teagn was born Liam was always there. He always helped me. He helped more than Niall. I don't even know I was making such a big deal of everything that just happened. I was going to call off the wedding because of my feelings for Liam. Don't get me wrong I loved Niall but I just had a small crush on Liam. After a while of crying in to his shoulder I made up my mind. I would move on. I lifted my head and smashed my lips on to Liam's lips. Fireworks. At first he didn't kiss back but it must of come at total surprise. He kissed back a few seconds after. I pulled away and looked in to his eyes. I whispered in his ear. "Let's take a walk". I had left Teagan with Niall. We walked to a small park. Sat on the swings and just talked. It was so nice.

Liam's Pov

She kissed me. Did she have feelings for me? Or was she just caught up in the moment? I was happy about it though. She might be mine and I won't have to hide my feelings for her anymore. She would be mine to hold, kiss but most of all love. She would be mine and only mine. We walked to a small park. Sat on the swings. Well she did. I was pushing her and doing crazy things to make her smile. She needed too because she was gorgeous when she did. "Emily when you kissed me. What was that for". I couldn't get it off my mind I needed to know. I was trying to think of a non desperate way of asking but when I tried to speak it came out in the most desperate possible. Like jeez Liam. "Well I think I like you Liam. A lot" she said. She opened her mouth again to speak but I cut her off. "Since when. I don't just want to be a rebound kind of thing. Because I like you a lot too. I always have." "But Liam you have to understand what I just got out of. I want to be with you but I just need time. To get over things you know. But I want you to be there. I wan you to be a huge part of my life." She said. She wanted to be mine! I loved that idea. I did feel bad for Niall but that was a jerk move. "Where are you staying tonight Emily?" I asked. I was concerned. I didn't want her and Niall to fight and knowing them they would. Ever since they got engaged they seemed to fight a lot. "I really don't know but I would take Teagan with me. I don't want to leave her with Niall. He might not know what to do. He wasn't ready to be a parent." She said. She looked like she could cry. "Why don you and Teagan stay with me for a little while you figure things out. There is a spare room for you guys. It would be nice to have company!" She smiled at my idea. "Okay can we go get our things back at the house?" She asked. "Sure. Want me to help or wait out side? Or go get my car? Or" she cut me off I must have be rambling on. "Liam why don't you help me pack and we just carry the stuff. I mean you only live like a block or two away". "True" I laughed. We walked back to the house not prepared to see what we saw.
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