That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


24. Just another day gone wrong

Emily's Pov

I woke up in Liam's arms. I heard Teagan start to cry. Right before I was going to get up Liam woke up. "I'll take care of her." He said with a smile. Of coarse he would. He is amazing like that. "Thank you Liam." "No problem love" with that he was off to take care of Teagan. I decided to get changed while he was taking care of Teagan. I decided I would dress up a bit. I chose a black lacy shirt with a grey tank top and a black tight fitting skirt. I got up to go join Liam. He announced that we would be going out to eat for breakfast. We took a cab to a diner and when we sat down to eat a newspaper was sitting on the middle of the table. I looked down on it and on the front page was a picture of me slamming my ring on the table. Tears started to from. Liam took Teagan and we left. They joined me out side sitting on a bench. Liam brought me real close. "The past doesn't matter anymore. It happened but life moves on. We will work past it. Right now is all that counts. Here and now. And our future together. I love you Emily. And I will stay by your side. Not because of this but because I love you " he said with a small kiss on my cheek. "Liam. I can't thank you enough. For everything. I know you loved me. You always have even when you couldn't have me. You never gave up on me. You waited for me. And I love you more than you will ever know." I said with my tears slowing down. I knew right then that this would be Teagan's father figure. "Liam there is one last thing I need to know. Who was that girl who was with Niall?" I needed to know. Not that I was going to go crawling back to Niall any time soon. He just looked down.

Liam's Pov

"Liam who was that girl Niall was with?" I couldn't look at Emily. I was ashamed of myself. I just looked down at the ground. After a minute I look back in her eyes. "S-she was an old friend of m-mine. And I got her and Niall together but after he caught her charting he was so heart broken. I thought I ruined everything for them but I guess not because he found you. A perfect diamond in the rough." I said slowly and tripping over a few words. "Wait what do you mean by 'I thought I ruined everything'?" She was looking straight at me. "Sarah and I. Well we were uhm hooking up a lot. And one night Niall caught us. He likes to pretend none of it ever happened. So he would go running back to her if he ever had the chance. But that's not the point. She had a child shortly after all of that went down. She put it up for adoption to help us and she knew we couldn't take care of it. We never found out who's child it was. I just always feel the guilt." I was looking at her. She wasn't mad. Ashe embraced me in a hug. It lasted a long time. I knew right then I wanted to be the father figure in Teagan's life. Wait where was Teagan?

Sarah's Pov.

I was just enjoying a walk through London that morning. I just saw him sitting on a bench with that man stealing bitch. She her child with her. Oh I wish I could just get Liam back. I missed him. I missed what we had. I never loved Niall. I just couldn't tell Liam I loved him. I walked by while they were in a hug and casually took the baby. I was running now with the baby. When I got home I sat and thought of a plan. Then it hit me. Teagan and I went to the nearest phone store bought a new phone. I texted Liam. 'If you want the baby back you will do as I say. One wrong move and I kill her. Tell this to the little slut if yours too. She has a right to know after all it is her child.' Liam was now in sight. He looked at it and showed it to that bitch. They looked around frantically. I was we'll hidden. My phone vibrated. It was Liam. 'We will do whatever. Just please don't hurt our baby'.
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