That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


10. I want to.

Emily p.o.v

"Niall you are keeping something from me. I can tell. Please just tell me.". "I don't know how to tell you this but once Liam is off his crutches we are going on tour." He sounded ashamed of himself for keeping this from me. "Niall why don't I just go with you guys!" I said joyfully. "If you did Emily I would be busy all the time and we wouldn't get to spend allot of time together." He said this softly. "I'm going. I want to see you preform. I want to be there after the shows. I want to be a part of your life." I said this in a more demanding tone. "Plus I have never heard you sing before, and seeing you sing with the boys would be great." I said this in a much more playful tone. "Emily. I want you to go to, but only if you feel comfortable." Just then his phone rang. "Do have to go in now?" I couldn't hear the person on the other end. "If I really have to I will. Can my girlfriend come too, we have things we need to go over with management."."Who was that Niall". "My manager's secretary." he said almost instantly. 

Niall's p.o.v.

"Boys!" I screamed. "What now" They screamed back with there eyes glued to the t.v. "Management wants to see us now and I don't think they are to happy". I said nervously. "Are you sure I should go then Niall?" Emily asked. "Yes" I said firmly. Once we were down stairs there were people everywhere wanting to see us. Security had to calm  them down and make a path for us to go  in to a limo that was sent. The ride was really quiet. Harry and Louis were listening to music. Liam was looking out one window and Zayn was looking out the other. Emily was resting on my shoulder and I was just awkwardly sitting there. "OH! Look we are finally there!" Zayn screamed this so every one was alert. We walked in and we were led to a room with a table in the middle and management was waiting. The meeting was fast only minus the fact Liam and I were being screamed at. Liam for cracking up a car and putting someone in the hospital and me for getting drunk and asking if Emily could come on tour with us. After a long battle with them about Emily they finally gave in and said she could go under one condition. We had to be on our best behavior. 

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