That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


6. How could he

Emily's p.o.v.

How could he even think about asking me to move in. My heart was saying yes but my mind was saying no. I needed time to think. When we got back everyone flashed me a look and I ran in to Niall's room, locked the door and started crying. After ten minutes of crying, I noticed I didn't see Liam. I called his cell to tell him I was back. He said he would be home as soon as he could. Everyone who was home tried knocking on the door. I told them to stop. It was about midnight when Liam knocked on the door. I let him in. 

Liam's p.o.v. 

She let me in. I told her that Niall had no idea as to what he was doing. She told me that she loved him so much and that it was this sudden rush that pushed her out the door. I was a bit jealous when she said this. I think I was starting to have feelings for her. From the moment I saw her at the mall with her brown hair in a messy bun and her floral dress. I knew she was one of the most gorgeous girls I had ever met.  I couldn't fall for her though. She liked Niall and I had to respect that. Before I could say another word to her she was asleep in my arms and I didn't want to wake her so I fell asleep with her in Niall's bed. 

Niall's p.o.v.

When I woke up, I was on the couch with a massive hangover. I looked at the time. It was 12:30. I walked into my room hoping Emily was still in there so we could talk. I walked in and saw a note. It read " Niall, you have been great but I have to leave. Don't go looking for me.". My eyes were watering. I threw the note down on the floor in the main room and went and sat on my bed. Louis walked in and asked if everything was okay. "no nothing is okay" I snapped back. "She will come back when she is ready" he said softly. "I fucked it all up. just leave me alone". He was gone just like that. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Louis read the note. He came rushing into my room and I told him to leave once more.  

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