That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


23. Fight for her

Naill's Pov

I sat on the couch back at the house. I knew she wouldn't be back for a while. And I mean we were over there was nothing there anymore. I called up my ex girlfriend. Her name was Sarah. I don't even know why we broke up she was perfect. I placed the phone up to my ear and it started to ring. "Hello" she said in the sweetest voice ever. "Hey Sarah it's Niall. I was wondering if you would like to come hang out. I have been thinking about you a lot lately." I asked. I knew it was wrong but I wanted to get Emily off of my mind. I mean she was probably off with Liam having a good time why shouldn't I get that? "Yeah sure. Where do you want to meet?" She asked. "How about our my new house. I need someone to talk to. It's a bad situation. I'll text you the address." "Okay Niall. Be there soon". I texted her my address and the five minutes later the door bell rang. "That was fast" I said opening the door. "Just happens that I live right down the street." "Oh" I blushed a bit. She must have noticed because she smiled a little. "So what did you want to talk about with me?" She said raising an eyebrow. How should I put this. Come on Niall don't fuck this up. "Well you know that girl I was dating? And proposed to? Well I was talking to the boys about how I had just lost those feelings because my feelings for you came back. And she slammed her ring on the table and walked out. Liam ran after me leaving me and the boys. Then I came her and called you. So do you wanna drink?" "Oh Niall you poor thing. And it's about noon so why not." She said with a lot of compassion. A few drinks turned in to a lot. We were both totally wasted. Whoops. I just looked at her for a minute. Then I smashed my lips on to hers. It was the perfect kiss. Or it was just that way because we were both drunk. It went a little farther than I think it should have. But she was still out and possibly with Liam. So we had a little fun. Just after Liam and Emily walked in. I turned sober at that moment. Nothing could have been worse at that moment. Not only was it awkward for everyone except Sarah who was still clearly dunk but it was the moment that I really realized I lost Emily and to make that worse it was to my best mate. They ran in to the bedroom and I threw clothes in quickly and ran to the room. I was banging on the door begging them to open just so we could talk about where we stood and what would happen with Teagan. But when the door open I just saw large suit cases and they walked right by me. They took Teagan. I guess that was a smart thing to do. I was a terrible parent. I mean I had sex with my ex ex girl friend while I was supposed to be watching my own baby. They were gone. But I walked out of the house and walked over to them. "Take you fucking shit and don't come back. I don't need you. Or that fucking baby. She was just ruining my career. And so were you Emily. I don't need you guys. And I never will" she just stormed off. My Liam just punched me in the face and walked away. I guess I deserved it. I didn't mean what I said I was just heated and really didn't know what to do. That punch brought me back to reality.

Liam's Pov

He shouldn't have said that about Emily. "Thank you" she said and kissed me. "Any time". He made her feel worthless. But she was anything but that to me. No she was gold to me. She was perfect. We got back to my flat and unpacked. It was going to be nice having he stay with me. We ate a quick dinner put Teagan to bed and we jumped on the couch. She was cuddled into my side. We watched toy story and then she fell asleep. I carried her off to the spare bedroom. I went to my room and just stared at the ceiling and thigh about how good today was for me. Emily walked in to my room and snuggled down into my bed. "Can't sleep?" I asked. "No I just wanted to be closer to you" she said. My heart was racing. She could tell because she let out a little giggle. "Liam" "yes?" "I know a lot happened today. But I know what I want. Will you be mine?" I just froze. Wait wasn't I supposed to be the one asking her? Oh well! She knows what she wants. So why not? "Yes. I love to be yours. I always wanted too" she smiled at me. I got up to turn out the lights. After a few minutes we were both sleeping soundly.
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