That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


19. "Birthday Suprise!

Emily's p.o.v.

A few months have past and the baby is due soon.

"Niall!" I shouted from our room. No answer. "NIALL!" I yelled from the top of the stairs. All the boys running. "You're not..?" Louis asked. "No! I thought of a perfect name!" I said. "Well what is it!" Niall shouted. "How about Teagan!" I said with a smile. "I love that! Teagan Marie Horan." Liam said. "Yes. I agree with Liam. That sounds amazing." Niall said with a smile. "Well it is settled than. Teagan Marie Horan." I said returning to the room to get dressed. "Niall babe can you come here, I wanna talk." I shouted. I turned around and there he was. "what do you want to talk about." He asked. "I wanted to say thank you for not leaving me. and I hope you aren't doing anything big for my birthday." I said with a devilish smile. "Oh my god, your birthday is coming up. SHIT! I totally forgot." He said with a smirk. He can't keep a straight face when he lies. He was up to something. I knew it. I wanted to know. Only two more days. "Oh I hope so." I said smirking back. "When do you think Teagan's birthday will be?" He asked. "Maybe the 19th! or the 20th" I said. "Are you nervous?" He asked again. "NERVOUS! I am terrified." I said with a little laugh. He helped me walk down the stairs and I plopped down on the couch. Niall down next to me. "What movie should we watch?" Liam asked. "UHM..No clue. How about Toy Story?" I said. "You know me so well Emily." Liam laughed. After the movie Niall and I were sound asleep. I woke up unharmed. Niall on the other hand had so much writing on his face. "BOYS!" I yelled. "Yes" they said as they walked innocently into the room. "Nicely played!" we all laughed. "SHHHH. He is waking up!" Harry muttered. "Hello everyone." He said with a sleepy voice. "uhm. Hi you guys uhm, slept through lunch and dinner. but we saved you some." Zayn said. "Oh gee thanks. I am so hungry." Niall said. "So am I. I am craving chocolate" I added. "Not again" they boys cried. "Well blame Teagan! Now go get me some." I laughed. They laughed too. After that we all went to bed. I decided to sleep in extra late.

Niall P.o.v.

One more day till I asked her. Just one more. Almost ninth months ago I almost asked. I can do this now. I am ready and so is she. "Liam. I have to ask you something." I said to him as we stood in the kitchen. "Yeah mate?" He looked at me weirdly. "If she says yes tomorrow. At our wedding would you do me the honor of being my best man?" I asked. "It would be my pleasure" He said with a smile. "gosh I am so nervous." I said. "Obviously. I would be too." Liam said. "I can't I am really at this point in my life." I said. "Neither can I. Everything just happened so fast." Liam said looking right at me. "Why don't we go out for lunch." I suggested. "Sure! I will go get the others." Liam who started going for the stairs. "Who wants food!" he yelled. "ME!" I heard the other boys yell. I didn't hear Emily. I walked up the stairs. She was lying on the bed in tears. "It hurts Niall. It hurts so much!" She sobbed. "Lets go to the hospital." I said calling for the boys. "It is time. Get up here now. Help me." I was screaming from the top of the stairs. "It is going to be alright. Just breath love." Harry drove and they waited. I went in the back with her. It was about 1:54 a.m. when we first heard crying.  Teagan was gorgeous. She brought tears to my eyes. I told the nurse to bring in the boys. When they walked in the couldn't keep their eyes off of her. She was my angel. When we were wheeled into a room Emily was patting the bed. She wanted to sleep as a family for a little bit. "I wasn't planning on doing this like this but...." I got down on one knee now. "Will you marry me Emily?" 

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