That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


18. Anouncement.

Emily's p.o.v.

We woke up early and went to talk to management over breakfast. "Niall you have to tell them. I can't" I looked at Niall on the car ride there. As soon as we got there Niall walked over to the person who scheduled the tour dates. He told him. Niall walked back. "The tour is off." He said with a half smile. I knew he loved preforming. After another quiet meal, we went back and packed. "Where are we going to be staying?" I asked Niall as he was packing up his stuff. "We can all stay at my flat." He didn't even look at me. We went to the airport and got on a plane and were home in no time. We got to Niall's flat and settled in.

A couple weeks past.

"I hope it is a girl!" Harry shouted as Niall and I left for the doctor. As we got in the car Niall spoke. "I am sorry for putting you through all this." He said. "Niall this isn't all you. It's only half of you!" I giggled a little. He giggled too. "Then I am sorry for putting half of you through this." He said. "Same" I said. I blasted the music in his car and sang with it. So did Niall. Oh how I loved hearing his voice. I wanted to hear it forever. This made me think about the night with the ring. "We are here." Niall said walking around to open the car door for me. We walked in to a room. The doctor came in and put a gel on my tummy. "It is so cold!" I shouted. "Well just a little." I said. The doctor took this machine and rubbed the gel around. He looked at the screen a little and started to speak. "It is a girl!" He said with a smile. Niall and I looked at each other. "Oh Harry. He is always right!" I giggled. "Thank you doctor!" Niall said. We left and told the boys back at the flat. "Harry you are always right aren't you now." I shouted walking in. "It's a girl!" harry said running down stairs. "Yes. Yes it is., Lets pick out a name. Any ideas?". "Not yet" they screamed.

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