That One Thing

Emily is just a normal teenager. Then she met One Direction. Will she like being in the spotlight? Will she be able to put up with every thing? Will she like the changes? You just never know when your life changes so fast!


26. A Turn For The Worst

Liam's P.O.V.

After yesterdays events, I couldn't sleep. Teagan was missing. I felt like someone stabbed me through the heart. Why would some low life loser actually do that? I asked myself this question so many times while the boys got comfertable. "What did you need to tell us" Harry asked. It was about time someone spoke up. "Teagan was kidnapped." I said flatly. Everyone's mouth dropped wide open, except for Emily. She got up and left the room in tears. I sent Harry to go talk to her because he seemed to be taking this very well. "Well did you call the police. I mean you are Liam Payne and you could have the whole police out looking for her and-" "Louis calm down. We talked to the police already and they are out looking for her as we speak. They assured us that they will find her." Zyan was just sitting there quietly and then Harry and Emily walked back into the room. The phone started ringing and we all just looked at each other. I finally picked it up. "Hello is this Liam?" "Yes this is Liam and who may this be?" Everyone was staring me down. I felt so uncomfortable. "This is Victoria from the police department." "Oh okay. Is there any new information on Teagan that I should hear?" "Yes. But first sit down Liam" "okay" "Liam, Teagan was found at a park with several beatings and a note. She was transferred to a children's hospital. Her condition is unknown to me. But I'm sure if you and your family went down to the hospital they could tell you there. I hope for you and your family your sister will survive" "oh she isn't my sister. She is my girlfriends baby." "Oh well then. But after you must come down to the station and look at this note. Ask for officer James Lacer at the front desk. Good luck" and with that she hung up. She had quite an attitude when she found out it was Emily's baby. Gosh. Rude people. "Guys we have to get to the hospital. She is there and they don't know of she is going to make it. She was found at the park with several bruises and there was a note and the lady on the phone was rude and-" "Liam you are rambling lets go" Zayn snapped. I grabbed my keys and got everyone into my car an we were at the hospital in no time. Emily's pov. "We are here to see Teagan Payne." I said to the lady at the front desk. "There is no Teagan Payne but a- hey you are that girl who had niall's baby and then broke off things with him because he cheated and now you are with Liam and the baby is missing. And oh my god that is your baby. Room 113 straight down the hall and three doors on your right" "thank you so much" Liam and I raced to the room. We told the boys to call Niall. When we go to the room there were doctors and nurses surrounding her. "You must be Teagans parents?" "Yes we are. We were just informed she was here. How is she?" "Can we please talk out in the hall?" "Oh. Yes of coarse we can." All three of us walked out. And by the look on the doctors face I prepared myself because I knew the news wasn't going to be good. "Due to Teagans young age and the damage done to her body we couldn't preform the surgeries needed. When she arrived here not to long ago we knew we were going to hook her up to different machines and give her meds that would take the pain away and hope for the best. But nothing has been working and She is in a very critical condition and we don't know how much longer she has to live. But we do know she won't survive. I'm very sorry." And with that he walked away. I sunk down low to the floor and friend into my knees. Why me? Why my baby girl? Why did I ever have to have niall's child? Why didn't I watch her? Why couldn't I have waited till I was older? I asked my self all these questions. Liam held on to me. And within that minute I decided to let her go. And not soon after that the machines started beeping people ran into her room. She was gone. My perfect little angel baby really was my little Angel. We walked away for I could bare to see my lifeless baby. The boys just gathered around. And I could sense that Liam was mouthing to them what had happened. But it felt empty. For teagans real father wasn't there. "He didn't even show up?" I asked in rage once the hug broke off. "No. He said he couldn't make it because something came up." "Something came up? What is more important than seeing your dying baby girl for the last time in the hospital. If he is with a girl I swear to god." Just than Liam's phone rang. "Hello?" "Hello Liam this is Victoria again calling in regard to the case about Teagan." "Well what is it?" "We have found the person who took and abused your child. Can you please come down to the station?" "We are on are way now.". Authors note. Sorry guys I haven't updated in like two months. A lot of things came up and I was in and out of the hospital. But I am going to live! Yay:). But thank you for all the views. I thought this was going to get like three being my only fanfic. But this is going to come to an end in like 5 chapters. I don't think I am going to do a sequel because it is really coming to an end. So I might as well just write another fanfic. So yes. That is all. -attcarly xoxo

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