God Is

God is our love, our life,our being, he is our rock. Through him we can do anything.


1. God Is

God is our rock

He gave us strength

God is our shield

He keeps us from harm


God is gentle yet so strong

He will wipe our tears

And give us a lesson to learn

God is the one who gave  his only son


For us to be rid of our sins

Would you do it for him?

He stands up for us

Do we stand up for him?


He gives us love

He wants love in return

Do we give it?

Or maybe we are to busy


He does not walk away from us

But we walk away from him

He does not turn his back on us

The way men do today


He let the stranger in and fed him

Would you do that for someone?

Give and you shall receive

Seek and you shall find


Knock and you will be answered

God is everything, we are not

We are like the dust, here today

Gone tomorrow


Have faith in him

He will see you through

He talk's with you and listen's

All you have to do is open your heart


At the end of the journey

You will hear him say

"Well done my child"

You made it through


"welcome Home"


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