I Can't Hide it Anymore {Niam Fanfic}

Liam had loved Niall ever since he met him on The X Factor. When Niall started to like Liam back they fell into an amazing relationship. But management forced them to hide it from the fans. Read about the trials of bromance turning to relationship and the love story of Liam Payne and Niall Horan

{This story is strictly fiction, ie none of this actually happened, it is all made up by me, a hardcore Niam shipper}


1. How It Started

*flashback to x factor auditions*
It was the day of my X Factor audition. It was my second time. I couldn't go home early again. I had to make it further. I had to prove to Simon I could make it further. This was bootcamp. Before and after my audition, I watched the other contestants, sizing them up. Some people that were really good were: A boy with black hair his name was like Zane? Zain? Zayn? Zayne? Then there was this curly haired boy, Harry. And this boy with brown hair somewhat like Justin Biebers but longer. His name was like Louie? Louis? Something like that. And there was this girl with these tattoos Cher Lloyd I think her name was. And then there was my favourite that I saw. A really cute blond, irish boy named Niall Horan. He was gorgeous, and I made a vow to get to know him.

Then it was time for the judges to decide who would go through to judges houses. I was so nervous. Then I didn't make it through. It was a horrible feeling. I saw Niall crying. His sad face broke my heart. Then I got put into a boyband! And to make it better, I was in a boyband with Niall! And some other boys who I had pointed out earlier! This was awesome! When came to names, Harry came up with a brilliant name "One Direction". We all agreed to it and the rest is history!

*ends flashback*

I smiled as I remembered the first time I met Niall. It's hard to believe how I've grown to love him since then.


Hey! It's me again with another fanfic! I will still continue the other one I'm in the middle of, I just thought of starting this one since there's hardly any Niam fanfics on movellas! So enjoy! Give me feedback please! ~Molly xx
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