Tears of an Angel

Tenna is a very, very normal girl, or at least so she thinks.
The people around her, the ones that laugh and tease her think she is one of a kind, and not i a good way.
But everything changes when Tenna falls in love. In love with the new boy. The boy, that calls himself Drew.
Tenna had no choice but to fall in love with the charmning Drew, and she finally feels, that there is someone there for her.
But what happens, when she finds out, that there is a lot more to this boy, than anyone could have guessed?
Can love survive even ancient secrets?


8. Tuesday

That night I had my trouble getting ready to go to bed. I kept thinking of things, that I needed to do and had to remember. Put in one word, I was restless. I wasn´t worried, or at least that was what I told myself as I tried once again to close my eyes and sleep. But instead of the sleep overwhelming me, memories and random worried thoughts kept my mind more than just awake.


The next morning when my alarm sounded I felt like my head had only just found its place on my pillow. When I tried to stand I felt dizzy and in the part of my mind that was not to sleep deprived to function, I was cussing over the restless night.
One of the things, that my very fidgety mind had compelled me to do the night before, before I could go to sleep, was to pick out my outfit. And I thankfully grabbed the very neatly folded clothes from the swivel chair and dragged my feet to the bathroom.

I could have focused my eyes enough to get a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I might have considered changing the outfit as it did not exactly match yeah well, my mood.


After only the first step into the school I regretted even getting up that morning. EVERYBODY stared and not only a few laughed. I am quite sure that I blushed like I had never blushed before. My back was not straight and my shoulders did not exactly express confidence.
I was just about ready to turn around and start running back down the corridor when I felt another set of eyes on me. I had only to feel the warmth spreading in my body to know, that it was not just any boy´s gaze, which had found me.
I looked up and I met a dazzled Drew´s gaze. As he smiled I felt myself straighten my back and smile. Even though I had never been good at the whole confidence thing, and I usually never went into public dressed like… like a real girl, the knowledge of Drew´s amazed gaze focused at me, suddenly made me feel like i belonged.

I felt my legs straighten a bit as I apparently was in a hurry to get to my locker where a set of very dazzling and dazzled eyes were waiting.

"Well good morning" Drew´s voice was half a note deeper than usual and his head was tilted to the side as he took my hand, gentleman style as always.
"Morning" I smiled and caught up in the moment, which seemed to invite old-fashioned behavior, I almost curtseyed.


The day went by in a blur and before I even completely felt, that I had fully woken up, it was afternoon. I had to fetch a couple of books from the library after school, so Drew went to wait in the car - or at least I thought he would.
The first few times that he had behaved so well mannered and old-fashioned I had not know which foot to stand at as I felt it a bit embarrassing. After all he was bringing a lot more attention to my existence, than I had ever been used to.
As I got to spend a few days with Drew I started to see the gentleman-behavior as part of his charm, and like no one else he could really bring out the lady in me. My outfit for the day proved my point without the need of any words.
But even though I thought, that I had figured out all of his little tricks, I had in no way EVER expected what i saw, when i finally made it to the front steps to the school´s main building.
I had to use both hands to open and close the heavy wooden doors to the school, and when I turned around a wind from a movie caught my hair and swiveled it around. I had to stand a second to get control of the wild locks of hair, and before I had time to look out at the parking lot I heard a roar of an engine. An engine that even I could tell consisted of more than mere six cylinders. I could picture the non-affordable-for-non-royal-people-model Audi rolling up in front of the school to pick a girl. And when I had one hand secure around my hair and looked down from the steps, sure enough. There was the Audi slowly drifting to a stop in front of the pathway. Even in tick over the engine was roaring.
Drew got out from the drivers seat and as he walked around the hood of the car to get the passengers door, I walked down the white steps. I could only imagine how the situation looked to all the students, who had all stopped dead and was now staring.
The wind caught the skirt of my dress and made it dance around and compliment my long legs as I neared the car.

Once inside the car I took a deep breath trying to steady my heart before Drew reached the door and sat down in the drivers seat. He smiled a smile, that i would classify as nothing other than cocky and then he let roaring engine take the car slowly out the parking lot. the

This would most definitely be one amazingly unreal and movie-like afternoon.

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