Tears of an Angel

Tenna is a very, very normal girl, or at least so she thinks.
The people around her, the ones that laugh and tease her think she is one of a kind, and not i a good way.
But everything changes when Tenna falls in love. In love with the new boy. The boy, that calls himself Drew.
Tenna had no choice but to fall in love with the charmning Drew, and she finally feels, that there is someone there for her.
But what happens, when she finds out, that there is a lot more to this boy, than anyone could have guessed?
Can love survive even ancient secrets?


3. Trouble free


On Mondays I only had four classes and I had a free period from 12 to half past 1. Most of the teachers used their first lesson of the year to hand out books and try to make jokes. But after no more than ten minutes most of them lacked response from their students, so they dropped the act and reverted back to being an old boring teacher.

When the bell rang and told, that it was now noon, I gathered my new books from the table, and left the classroom as one of the first students. I found a quiet corner in the school library and opened my new chemistry-book.


I thought I would have the library mostly to myself. Usually I had.
But today everybody seemed to swarm around the high, dust filled bookshelves. When the noise level got to the point, where even I could no longer concentrate, I looked around for the librarian, who usually wasn´t very fond of any kind of noise.

I had expected to find the face of an steamed up Mrs. Lambodio, but instead I met the ice cold eyes of a younger man. The name tag on the front of his shirt said "Mr. Cane, Librarian."

My eyes flickered away from his face and his cold eyes. I looked down and tried to look, as if I was deeply buried in my reading, but the feeling of being watched send chills down my entire body.


Another voice, that for some reason also sent shivers down my spine, reached my ears and I sent a quick glance in the direction, where the librarian had been standing. But now there was nobody. Maybe except for a shadow, that disappeared before I was even sure, it had even been there.


The boy, Drew´s, voice got closer, and it mixed with others as the group of boys moved closer to me. They were having a conversation about something I didn´t quite understand, but when Drew saw me, he immediately stopped talking. His eyes found mine, and a vague smile creased his lips. The boys around him suddenly stopped talking, and looked at him.

At first he seemed unaware of the sudden silence around him, and when the boys around him followed his gaze and found me, they burst into very oblivious laughter. One of the boys hit Drew on the shoulder while laughing and Drew broke our eye contact.


When the bell rang for the last time that afternoon I felt completely exhausted. For some reason I felt like my head was spinning, and I couldn´t wait till I got home.

I hurried out of the school, and for a second I had almost forgotten the "curse" that rested on me on this day. But the first step down the stairs in front of the school, reminded me. I could have sworn, that stair literally moved away from under my feet, but as I was the only one, who ended up tumbling down the steps, I guessed, that it was my vision, who had let me down.


Instead of riding my bike home, I just dragged it along with me.  A school bus that passed me on its way out of the city managed to drive directly through a puddle, and the muddy water aimed directly at me.

I tried to jump away from the water, but I didn´t really stand a chance against the bad luck of this day.

The school bus continued without slowing down, and I saw the smiling and laughing faces of my so called friends facing me, and laughing hysterically out the window.


When I finally got most of the muddy water out of my eyes, so I again could see the colors around me, I rolled up me sleeve. It was only half past four.  There were still lots of time for trouble to find me. The rest of my day would be spent doing the ton of homework, that the teachers had been so nice to assign, and trying to stay out of trouble.





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