Tears of an Angel

Tenna is a very, very normal girl, or at least so she thinks.
The people around her, the ones that laugh and tease her think she is one of a kind, and not i a good way.
But everything changes when Tenna falls in love. In love with the new boy. The boy, that calls himself Drew.
Tenna had no choice but to fall in love with the charmning Drew, and she finally feels, that there is someone there for her.
But what happens, when she finds out, that there is a lot more to this boy, than anyone could have guessed?
Can love survive even ancient secrets?


7. Serious

"Hey Tenna, wait up!"
It was Monday and I had just stepped on to the hallway and turned to walk towards the library when his voice reached me. Before I even registered his words, my feet had stopped moving, and my body had turned back towards him. I felt a smile spread across my lips when he, with quick steps and long legs, neared me.
"Hi!" My voice was suddenly silly soft, and I thought I saw a faint glimpse of a smile in his eyes.

"Where are you heading"

"I have a free period, I was going to go study in the library"

"Ah, can I have the honor of accompanying you" Drew let his voice drop a note, to take on a old fashioned polite persona and he smiled a charming smile and took my hand, when he realized that he once again had made me speechless.


Drew said nothing on the way to the library, and once we stepped inside the old dusty room he let me take the lead.

I kept my hand around his arm as I walked towards my usual corner. Drew followed silently. Once I looked shortly at his face and his expression surprised me. His eyes was narrowed and his eyes was scouting the lofthigh shelves. I also noted that his breathing had sort of paused, almost as if he was listening intensely, and wouldn´t disturb the sound with his own breathing.

I felt my own heart pick up its pace, as Drew´s wariness started to wear of on me. My mind was starting to form quite a few questions, but before I had time to even decide, if what I was seeing really was, or I was just seeing things, Drew´s smiling eyes met mine as he sat down across the table.

He sat quietly and watched me with a thinking expression as I found my books and sat them on the table in front of me.

A difficult question was forming in Drew´s mind it was obvious from the small rinkle, that was forming on his forehead.
I didn´t speak, I smiled but let him think in silence as I censed that it might be for the best. My lack of experience with male counterparts left me in a bit of a dilemma as to how to act around Drew. And from the muffled laughters and sudden sparks in his eyes, I could see, that often my way of speaking and behaving didn´t quite fall in to the category of "normal."

But up until now, Drew had done nothing but to smile at me, and his eyes revealed that even in my darker moments, I still managed to spark something inside him.


"Eh, Tenna.. You know" He hesitated and for the first time since I met him, I felt his vulnerability showing. I looked up from the essay that I was already half done writing. I smiled and looked at him but he kept his eyes tied to the surface of the wooden table.

As he didn´t continue to speak for what seemed like hours, a small roar of unease sounded in the back of my mind.
"Drew if your gonna.." I had no idea of how i was going to continue that sentence but I believe that my eyes showed what my mind didn´t want to put into words.

At the sound of my voice Drew looked up, and as he listened to my words a surprised look took over his face.

"No, no, that not what i wanted to say.. You know, I just.." He hesitated once more but the atmosphere was getting quite difficult to read so after a short pause to take a breath, he spat the words out in such a flood, that I almost didn´t catch it.

"You wanna get together, to maybe study one day?"

As I needed a second to understand the hurried words, and decide whether or not this really meant, what my not-so-steady-beating heart wanted it to mean, I took my time to answer. Drew mistook my silence as hesitation and a look of disappointment, and something else shadowed his eyes.

"You know.." His eyes were once more glued to the table and I could almost feel the sudden disappointment radiating from him.

"I could really use some help on my History.." He ended the sentence without really ending it and "hanging in the air" suddenly had a all new meaning.

I would have laughed of the sudden change of roles. I was usually me who was the unsecure one, but now there sat a boy across the table from me. His eyes avoiding mine as he unmistakably thought of how big a fool he was to believe that I was interested in him. Or at least, that is what I would be thinking  if I was on the other side of this conversation.

I knew I couldn´t get my eyes to sparkle like Drew´s did when he brought me out of the state of bad self-esteem, but I smiled and tried to let a little bit of joy reach my eyes as I caught his eyes.

"Of course! I would like that" Drew looked at me and some of the doubt left his eyes, but they didn´t quite sparkle and I suspected that he didn´t read me right.

In a sudden moment of I don´t know, insanity? I leaned over the table and Drew looked surprised as I landed a tiny kiss on his cheek. I blushed and looked down as soon as I realized, what I had just done. If I had let my eyes linger by Drew´s just a second longer, I would have seen his eyes sparkle with a new kind of light. And I would have seen, that his cheeks too was colored from a rush of blood.
None of us spoke for some time and time seemed to stand still. But then the bell rang.

"I.." I didn´t know what to say, but the silence didn´t seem right any longer.

"We..h.. I.." Drew came up short and couldn´t either seem to find the right words.

I started to gather my books from the table and pack my bag still in awkward silence. Drew stood up on the other side of the table and I felt how he took a couple of deeper breaths to gather his mind.

"Tuesday, tomorrow maybe. Do you have time tomorrow?" His voice had started out shaky, exactly as I imagined my voice would sound like. But as he ended his question and smiled he seemed almost back to his former charming, controlled self. If it had not been for a faint shadow still lingering in his eyes, I would not have suspected anything.

"Sure, tomorrow sounds good. Your place?" I tried to not let my unease about his eyes show up in my voice as I started to walk towards the classrooms.

"Yep, my place would be good." His voice was smiling and I couldn´t help but feel a little bit out of control of my own mind whenever he was sparkling like that.

I was starting to raise my hand to wave short at him as we neared the place on the hallway where we needed to part. But even  before I had decided what to say as goodbye, he caught my hand in midair. He gave it a tiny squeeze before leading it a bit higher so he could land a gentleman´s kiss on the back of my hand.

"See ya" He smiled and so did his eyes as i was left standing in the middle of an almost empty hallway with a very complex perplexed look on my face.

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