Tears of an Angel

Tenna is a very, very normal girl, or at least so she thinks.
The people around her, the ones that laugh and tease her think she is one of a kind, and not i a good way.
But everything changes when Tenna falls in love. In love with the new boy. The boy, that calls himself Drew.
Tenna had no choice but to fall in love with the charmning Drew, and she finally feels, that there is someone there for her.
But what happens, when she finds out, that there is a lot more to this boy, than anyone could have guessed?
Can love survive even ancient secrets?


2. Old and new friends?


I felt the warmth leave my hands, and for a second, that seemed like an hour, I felt completely cold. But then I saw a small glimpse of white teeth when he flashed a tiny smile at me, and the warmth suddenly rushed to my head, and made me feel dizzy.

I wanned to smile back at him, but at the same time as I thought the thought to end, my view became blocked by another  smiling face. And it was not his face. The smile showed white teeth, but anyways it seemed more like a warning smile, than a greeting.

My eyes opened wide and I stepped back, when the cold stare of an old enemy sought its way into my eyes.

"Haha! I´ll see you around Antenna!" Spikes voice was even spikier and more evil, than I remembered. I tried not to listen to his words, and I had already decided at home, that I would not be scared of his threats, so I stopped my reflex backwards move and looked him in the eye. He seemed a tiny bit thrown of by my sudden courage, but just as I was about to smile a triumphant smile, someone bumped into me from the side, and I had to tumble to the left not to fall over.

The strop of my shoulder bag was suddenly caught up in something, I suspected it to be Spikes hand, but I had no time to investigate my theory, because suddenly the room turned around, and I found myself once again lying on the floor.

I heard chuckles and muffled laughter from the people that stood around me, and had seen my very not so elegant fall.


An outstretched hand suddenly entered my field of vision, and I heard a strangers voice talking to me.

"Hey, are you okay? Need a hand?" The voice was soft, but at the same time deep. I hurried to gather my books from the floor, and then I looked up to see the friendly guys face. And when I saw his eyes, and recognized them, I almost dropped my books again.


"Thanks" was the only word I could get my suddenly disobliging mouth to  pronounce, when I took his hand, and he helped me back on my feet with a strong pull.

I noticed a firm muscle moving under the t-shirt in his upper arm, when he pulled me back on my feet.

"Hi" His voice was filled with kindness and I made the mistake to look into his eyes. Our eyes met, and once again I had to focus all my power not to become dizzy again.


"My name is Drew, I´m new here. What is your name?" I kept my hands firm around the books in my arms, and when I didn´t answer his question, he just looked at me.

I looked into the most kind, deep and at the same time scary eyes, I had ever seen, and for a moment I felt like I was taken hundreds of years back in time.

I concentrated on the noises around us, and I found the power to break our eye contact. A feeling of cold wisdom suddenly swept over me, and a shiver ran down my spine.

"I´m Tenna." My voice shivered with emotion, that I didn´t understand. From pure instinct I started to move backwards

"Nice to meet you" I said, still with a shivering voice, before I turned around and almost stalked down the corridor. Away from him.



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