Tears of an Angel

Tenna is a very, very normal girl, or at least so she thinks.
The people around her, the ones that laugh and tease her think she is one of a kind, and not i a good way.
But everything changes when Tenna falls in love. In love with the new boy. The boy, that calls himself Drew.
Tenna had no choice but to fall in love with the charmning Drew, and she finally feels, that there is someone there for her.
But what happens, when she finds out, that there is a lot more to this boy, than anyone could have guessed?
Can love survive even ancient secrets?


6. I think I like you


"How was it!"

"Tell me everything!

"Yeah, tell, tell, TELL! We want to know everything, every slibry little detail!"


My head rested against the pillow on my bed, and I had a strange feeling in my stomach. I was happy. Happier than I ever remembered I had been before.

But now that i was alone in my room. I suddenly felt lonely. And not just any kind of lonely. I needed people around me. Most af all, I think my body wanted Drew´s as company. But I think, that a few good, gossip-y girlfriend, that called or maybe even came over, and kept pushing for details about my evening, could have done the trick.

I had to imagine the girlfriends.



My mom had to continiuosly shake me before I managed to open my eyes the next morning. I opened my eyes, and at the second I saw her face, I knew something was wrong. I felt my eyebrows pull towards the middle of my forehead as I took the same worried face as my mother.

"What!?" My voice was not yet fully awake, and one could clearly hear, that I had not had a lot of sleep the previous day.

"You're late."

"Sorry, thanks for waking me. I guess I slept by my own alarm clock." I had no memory of even hearing my own alarm, but I knew, that it was not that, which had my mom all worried.

"When did you get home last night?" My mom had already turned around and headed for the door. I knew, that she wouldn´t be happy about my answer.

"Half past.." I hesitated for a minute, and my mother stopped, and turned to face me. My hesitation said enough.

"Sorry..It´s just.." I did not even know myself, how to finish that sentence, so I let it hang in the air as I turned to my closet.

I heard hesitant footsteps from behind, and even before my mom spoke, I knew what she was going to say.

"I´m sorry dear, I don´t mean for you to be sad. I want you to be happy.. I just worry about you. You know that right?"

I quickly pulled on my jeans, and turned to my mom with a smile.

"I love you mom." I gave her a tight hug to confirm my words, and immediately her face relaxed.

"I´ll go make breakfast ready. But remember, you have to hurry, it is already half past seven." I knew she smiled as she walked out the room again. And I could even hear her humming, as she walked down the stairs.



Breakfast was consumed in a hurry. I had taken my time to pick out the outfit for the day. And even though I knew, that eating to quickly gave me a terrible stomach ache, I almost swallowed my cereal whole.

As I half ran out the door I had a hard time figuring out, If my hurry was because I didn´t want to be late, or it was because I couldn´t wait to see a certain person again.


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