Stars And You

Looking at the stars with the one you love. Grant a wish. Don't go, stay for awhile.Sing me a song.


1. Stars And You

Looking at the stars

You truly are amazing

I can see your image

In the mirror on the wall

Your vision to me is like a light

Don't go, stay for awhile


Be my star

Grant my wish

Sing me a song, give me a smile

In your visits at night

Gaze at me and let me be

Your fanasty of a dream


The whisper in the night

So gentle and soft

It was I you heard

You let in

Your dream


Your touch awakens my soul

As you touch my cheek

I know it's not a dream

Just your finger dancing

On my skin


You wrapped me tight

With your wing so strong

As I linger in sleep so long

My wing touches yours

As we sing our song


You watch over me

Protect me and love me

As I watch over you

I hold you while you sleep

Your eyes are closed so deep


No dream so real

Your not in a far place

I'm here beside you

Forever to stay

I will keep you on into the night


Dont have fears

Never have doubts

No sorrow no pain

Your my everything

I am hope

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