My life and other freaks ©

Ever felt your life's a joke but your the only one not laughing?
Kate fancies Jamie the Cutest boy in the year. But her attempts to win him over is literally impossible! She's up against Gemma Woods everyone adores her but Kate just thinks she's a spoilt brat, can Kate steal Jamie's heart with a little help from her best friend Holly? Or will her freaky family get in the way?
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2. May 11th Monday

May 11th Sunday 7.00am

School today! Literally all last night I didn't sleep! All I could hear was the house next door getting drunk and having endless parties. My alarm clock awoke me at around 6.30am I must of hit snooze 10 times! Just though then... HOMEWORK! Oh crap I haven't even made a start yet! (Who on this damn earth invented homework! ....... Some weirdo )


Ringing Holly my best friend for the answers to homework.......... Beep beep........... Beep beep......... Beep beep.............. Ugh why won't she answer her best Friend is in a crisis here! ��

I've just realised that I need to get dressed for school good think we start at 9.45! Plus I'm on the bus this morning! (It smells like a toilet that has never been cleaned ) ��


just rushed to the bus stop in the nick of time! But where's holly ??? I am relying on her! I dig through my bag searching for my text books ...... Must of left them at home! Trust me. Finally! I turn round to see Holly running to the bus stop, looking as if she has just gotten out of bed. She runs over to me and shouts hi in an out of breath voice and warns me that Jamie is coming! Frantically I pull out my compact mirror and try to fix my tangled hair! But surprise surprise Gemma Wood comes toddling over to him, I hate that Mutt. Ever since kindergarten she has hated me! She thinks she's the queen of popularity.
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