My life and other freaks ©

Ever felt your life's a joke but your the only one not laughing?
Kate fancies Jamie the Cutest boy in the year. But her attempts to win him over is literally impossible! She's up against Gemma Woods everyone adores her but Kate just thinks she's a spoilt brat, can Kate steal Jamie's heart with a little help from her best friend Holly? Or will her freaky family get in the way?
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1. May 10th Sunday

MAY 10th 7.00pm Sunday.

UGH! I'm writing this under my new ASDA! Cover (my mum has no taste) My life is Literally O.V.E.R I can't step foot in school again! I am never coming out of my room, even though Britain's got talent is on.
Dad is downstairs doing his usual trick on my younger sister Pheobe, is pretending to be on the phone to Mc Donald's and trying to cancel happy meals! Pheobe has just turned 4 and honestly believes everything! She's screaming " NO DADDY NOOO" ugh I hate my life. Austin my older brother (he's 17) is killing songs in the basement with his gay band and bleeding my ear drums! Put it this way I would rather die than enter his room it's smells worse than bad plus I have never seen his bed its probably buried under his discussing mountain of dirty dishes and mouldy crisp packets.
And aswell my parents are like ancient but madly in love! They call each other cheesy names and are always snogging infront of us! I have to try not to puke...
Another thing that doesn't help is im crazily in love with the cutest boy in the year Jamie pin , just even the though of him makes me blush.... ��
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