He broke my heart... But it don't breakeven

Alex is a girl who falls in love with a boy called Edward. He knows exactly what she feels for him and still took her heart with both hands and crushed it. Alex doesn't think she will ever get over this heartache but with her friends beside her, she'll manage? Well, as all this heartbreak is going on, Alex's mum finds a new job down in London, and therefore has to move from their house in Newcastle. Will Alex get over this heartbreak alone? Or will she go crazy?


2. Shopping for a present

The next day, Alex got up at 8.00 and there was nobody home. She decided to get dressed; denim shorts, nickelback t-shirt, baggy black jumper, and her white converse. She curled her hair and applied her makeup. She grabbed her bag and put her purse, her phone and her keys into it. She then walked down the stairs, and made herself a bowl of cereal. Nothing is more important then having a bowl of cereal before doing anything. By the time she has finished and leaves the house, it is 9.00. She rings her cousin, Lou, just to make sure she's awake, and ready to go to town. Surprisingly Lou is ready.

Alex meets Lou at the metro station. They get on the metro to go off to town. When they are sitting on the metro, just talking about things to do during the half term holidays, Edward pops up and starts the conversation with Alex with "Hiya Beautiful :) xxxxx" This put a massive smile on Alex's face, and Lou was confused, punched her cousin in the arm and asked, "Who's made you smile so suddenly?" Alex shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head, while typing, "Hiya :D xxxxx" as the reply to Edward. They texted each other, until Alex and Lou had to get off the metro, and Edward said, "Have fun in town, beautiful guuurl. Talk to you when you are finished(: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx." With that, Alex puts her phone back into her bag and walks round town with Lou.

The main reason Alex had came to town was to get her boyfriend, Danny, a birthday present, as it was his birthday today and she hadn't got him a single thing, which wasn't too bad, considering she wasn't seeing him tonight or tomorrow so she did still have time to get him something... She didn't have a single clue what she was going to get him though. Everyone said to get him a Green Day t-shirt, but she didn't know what size to get him. His sister told her to get him something that has spongebob on, because he is obsessed with spongebob. But Alex thought if she got him something with spongebob on, he will think that she is saying he's just a big kid.

She looked around loads of different shops and couldn't find anything for Danny... Instead, she got herself a new dress, three pairs of skinny jeans, four new t-shirts, a new hoodie, two pairs of sneakers and a new phone case for her Blackberry Curve 9360... It had moustache's on it... Her favourite thing, was moustache's... She doesn't know why she was so obsessed with moustache's... She just was. Lou got the same dress as Alex but in a different colour, the same three pairs of skinny jeans, the same four new t-shirts, the same new hoodie, the same two pairs of sneakers, and the same phone case for her Blackberry Curve 9360. Yeah, Lou and Alex got pretty much the same thing all of the time... They even looked exactly like each other, and they were only cousins... They both had bleached blonde hair, with bright blue eyes, freckles round their nose and just under their eyes, and dark eyebrows. They had lovely big lips, that celebrities pay loads of money to get, and lovely pearly white teeth.

Once Alex and Lou had finished their bit shopping, they went for some dinner at McDonald's. They both got their usual; large big mac meal, with a fanta, and a extra portion of large fries. They always got it... And they were both as skinny as a twig. They decided to sit in McDonald's while eating instead of taking it out. They picked a seat right by the door. Lou sat, with her face towards the door so she could see everyone who was coming in. And Alex was sitting with her back to the door, so she couldn't see anyone who was coming in. As they were eating, someone came up behind Alex and put their hands on her shoulders and made her jump a little too high... Alex turned around to see... Edward!

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Asked Alex, shocked he was there, and shocked that he had gave her such a fright.

"Ah, been shopping."

"By yourself?"

"No, Harvey and Callum came too, but they had to leave, so I was just grabbing some food before going home myself."

"Oh okay then. Do you wanna sit with us when you get your food?"

"I'd love to." And with that, he walked towards the queue to get some food. Alex turned to face Lou again, who sat there with a shocked and confused look on her face. "What's wrong with your face?" Alex asked her very surprised cousin.

She opened her mouth and her words came out stuttered, "Y-you j-just t-talked t-to E-Edward f-from o-our s-school! Y-you n-never t-talk t-to a-any b-boys o-other t-than Danny!"

Alex rolled her eyes. "I can have friends that are boys you know..."

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