He broke my heart... But it don't breakeven

Alex is a girl who falls in love with a boy called Edward. He knows exactly what she feels for him and still took her heart with both hands and crushed it. Alex doesn't think she will ever get over this heartache but with her friends beside her, she'll manage? Well, as all this heartbreak is going on, Alex's mum finds a new job down in London, and therefore has to move from their house in Newcastle. Will Alex get over this heartbreak alone? Or will she go crazy?


1. "Hello, beautiful"

Alex is one of the prettiest girls of year 8 in Church College, and all of the girls are jealous of her. She has an amazing, talented and funny boyfriend, Danny, and her life is running pretty smoothly, even after her last break up with Jonny and she went off the rails a bit. But now she is fine. And she is having a great time at school. Her grades are high and exceptionally great. She has amazing friends that stand by her no matter what. Her life, is pretty much perfect.

"Hello, beautiful" says Danny, coming over to talk to Alex on the last day of school before the half term holidays. He sits down beside her and puts his arm around her and pulls her into a hug. She fills the embrace. It was quite quiet in the music room on that particular day and they are having fun. When Maddy comes over and starts talking to Danny. Danny moves his arms from around Alex and focuses on Maddy for a while. Alex doesn't think anything about it, because she is not the sort of girl to get jealous of her boyfriend to be talking to another girl. She turns around and talks to Bex and Sam. Then Mr Angus tells all of the Joseph cast to go home, because rehearsals were finished. Danny and Alex walked hand in hand home, with Sam on one side and Maddy on the other. About two minutes into the journey, Danny releases his grip on Alex's hand, and her hand drops to her side. She doesn't notice because she is in deep conversation with Sam about the next up and coming band All Time Low, but Maddy and Danny are flirting a lot. Then when they got to Maddy's house, Danny waved at her and said goodbye and winked at her; Alex still hadn't noticed. They then got to the traffic lights where Sam and Alex cross over at, but Danny doesn't. Danny and Alex say their goodbyes, and their love yous and give their kisses and their hugs, then continue on their way home. Sam and Alex skip down to their house. As they approached Alex's house, Sam asked, "Is it weird, how Dan wasn't holding your hand on the way home today, and was mostly talking to Maddy?" Alex thought back to the walk they had just done and realised that Sam was right. Alex opened her mouth to speak, but couldn't find the words, and just nodded her head, instead. 

Alex walked into her house, and could smell Toad In The Hole being cooked by her favourite uncle in the whole entire world. She took a seat in the dining room and sat talking to her mother about the day she had just had. Alex then ate all of her tea up, finished all of her homework from that day off and then starting running herself a nice hot bubble bath. She had a long soak in the bath, and before she knew it, it was 8 o'clock, and her mother was going out to her friends house. Her Granny and her Uncle had went to work, and her Auntie was at her Mothers house for the half term holiday, and her little sister was sleeping at her friends house that night.

Alex got into her pyjama's and sat in her bed, texting people. Out of the blue, a new person popped up, that she knew from school, but didn't know very well. He popped up saying "Hello, Beautiful." It made Alex smile. And she replied with a "Hello." He asked how she was doing and they ended up having a long conversation. They talked about Danny, and about her friends. And then Alex went to sleep about a long four hour conversation. The last message she sent him was, "Goodnight Edward." And she got a reply back within seconds saying, "Goodnight, Alex, sweet dreams, Beautiful xxxxxxxxx." She went to bed with a smile on her face that night.

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