STILL UNBROKEN: The Rise of the Reaper

Still Unbroken: The Rise of the Reaper is about a young man called Leo Grey who has done a lot of unholy things such as theft, drugs and the worst of them all, murder. However, we later on see that these things are actually the best out of him. These things is what can save the world from the biggest threat of them all. Hell. With the help of his companions, guardians descended from heaven and even some werewolves, Leo Grey sets onto his personal highway to hell. But, the devil himself has a secret weapon of his own. The deadliest hunter in the whole universe. The Grim Reaper, Death.


1. Still Unbroken


Intro Mary: In the early days, it was just two, just two lands were formed in the space above. In the upper bounds of space there was Heaven. A peaceful land, where many heroes are destined for after they have fallen. No fear, hate or suffering grew in that land, except for now. In the depths of space lies a land that even the bravest of men fear. Hell. Ruled by the fallen angel Satan, this land only cares for one thing, suffering. Both of these lands have been in war ever since Hell was formed and now they have chosen a new battleground to finally settle this war. Earth.  Satan has been dominating in this war and is on the final stand to rule the universe. However, there is still hope, for in the planet Earth lies the one. The one who is stronger than Good and Evil combined. The deciding factor of this war. The chosen one.            Scene 1: Bedroom    LEO wakes up from his bed; he looks up at the picture of his father on the wall. LEO gets out of bed, groggy, feeling the effects of the party of last night. He opens the window and throws up. Loudly. He gets changed into jeans white t shirt, leather jacket, socks and biker boots. He sees a note on his bedside table that says it’s you but he completely ignores it and goes to the living room. Scene 2: Living room  LEO enters the living room, he sees his mum looking at him, she is angry. LEO: What? DOROTHY: Could you explain on why you went out to that party? LEO: I didn’t go to the party DOROTHY: Leonard.... LEO: Mum, its Leo  DOROTHY: Look, you’re my son, I can tell when you lie and I can tell when you tell the truth. Now I’ll ask you one more time did you go to that party? LEO looks at his mum in a guilty way. LEO: (shouting) Ok I did go to that party, so what? I’m 18, I’m a grown man, I can go where I want, I can drink what I want, I can do what I want. DOROTHY: Then if you’re an adult why do you still live with your mother, why are you still failing in school. In fact why are you still in school, why can’t you get a job, shall I tell you why? Because of your bloody year in prison, It’s because of you failing in school and being fired from the only place you could work. How does it feel? To remember all those things. LEO sits down on the sofa; he looks up at his mum LEO: I’m sorry mum, I shouldn’t have shouted at you. DOROTHY: It’s ok. She sits down next to him. LEO: It’s just that... things have been different since dad died. I mean look at us, we have nothing. DOROTHY: That’s not true. Your dad is in a better place now, and plus you still got me, you got your brother Kevin, you got your friends Billy and Jim. You also got your girlfriend Maria. LEO: That is true. DOROTHY: Now come on. I’ll bring your breakfast over and then you can go to school. Did you brush your teeth yet? LEO: (Lying) Yes DOROTHY: Leonard? LEO: Ok I’ll do it now. DORTHY: God Damn it Leonard, I know when you’re lying. (Beginning credits roll)    Scene 3: Heaven GOD and the VALOUR are looking through a portal, watching LEO. GOD: Are you kidding me? That is the boy that can kill Satan. VALOUR: He may not be seen fit but he is the chosen one, he is the only person that can kill the Devil. My visions do not lie. GOD: This boy is a sinner; he is one of my worst creations. This boy’s only purpose is to burn in hell for eternity. VALOUR: Ah you see that is the exact reason on how this boy can kill the Devil. An old prophesy says that one who had the most sins will be the one that is stronger than the Devil. Stronger than us. Stronger than the whole of good and evil combined.  GOD: How do we know we can trust him? How do we know he will not destroy the heavens? He may be strong enough to destroy the Devil but the Devil is a genius in Corrupting human minds. What if he becomes the next Devil? VALOUR: (loudly) my lord we have no other option, we have thrown everything at the Devil and all has failed, this is our last hope, if this fails then Hell will destroy Heaven and take over Earth.  GOD: Desperate times do call for desperate actions. You do realise that as soon as we decide on this, there is no going back. This will also completely change the boy’s life; he will never be the same again. If the boy succeeds in this task, then I will cleanse his soul. Everyone deserves a second chance. VALOUR: Then let us not waste any time; let us go down to earth to meet this boy. I will summon the portal in 5 minutes, I need to make sure we have our weapons, Earth is a dangerous place. GOD: Just out of curiosity, where is his father. I only see his mother. VALOUR: His father is not the man you think he is, he is dead and is in Hell. He is burning in hell as we speak. GOD: I see, best not mention it to the boy.  VALOUR: Agreed.  VALOUR: I’ll get the portal ready.     GOD and VALOUR go to the gate when they see a red flash of light. JUDAS has arrived to deliver a message to GOD. They take out their weapons ready to fight. JUDAS: WAIT, WAIT, I have a message from the great Lord Satan. GOD: I have nothing to hear from you, you can shove that message right up arse, VALOUR send this filth back to where he came from. VALOUR pulls out his Staff and shoots JUDAS back to Hell.  JUDAS: YOU WILL REGRET THIS, FATHER OF CHRIST!!!!!!! GOD: Now that is done with, let us go. GOD and VALOUR enter the portal and disappear from Heaven. Scene 4: School  LEO, JIM and BILLY have finished school but are standing outside. JIM: That was some sick party last night, bare getting drunk and doing random crap. BILLY: I know right, I must have had 10......12......15 shots of tequila last night. LEO: (not bothered) oh yeah right.  BILLY: What’s wrong? LEO: It’s just, my mum’s right. I’m falling apart, my life is a mess. I mean I have done so many bad things to people; I just wish I had a chance to change, get rid of the old Leo and become a new one. A one that listens, a one that does no bad things, (quietly) a one that does not kill.  BILLY: Hey man, what you did to that guy was a good thing; he threatened to kill your family. God was on your side. LEO: (stands up). See that’s the thing. I wear a cross, I pray to god, I am a Christian...but here I am, stealing, lying.....killing. I’m probably the biggest hypocrite alive.  JIM: (laughing). you probably have the most sins in the world. BILLY slaps JIM across the head JIM: Ow BILLY: Shut up Jim LEO: No Jim’s right, I need to fix up, before something bad happens. BILLY: LISTEN LEO, EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE, YOU WILL GET ANOTHER CHANCE. IT MAY NOT BE TODAY BUT YOU WILL. LEO: Nothing is certain, now come on lets go, it’s running late Scene 5: Outside the school GOD and VALOUR arrive at the school. They are wearing human clothes to blend in  GOD: Valour, where is your staff? VALOUR: Some of my powers do not work on Earth; all I can rely on is my ability to fight. GOD: I see, so this is the place the boy is. VALOUR: Yes, but we cannot go into this building, there is too much guards that could question us. We will wait for him until he comes outside the school.  GOD: No need, there he is. (Points)  GOD walks towards LEO but VALOUR quickly pulls him back. VALOUR: No my lord. GOD: What is wrong? Let me speak to him. VALOUR: You will scare him off; people in this type of domain can get easily annoyed, plus there are too many people around, we cannot be exposed. We must follow him to where he goes so we can get him on his own.   GOD: This is an urgent matter. VALOUR: Patience my lord, Patience is the key of success   VALOUR and GOD follow LEO, BILLY and JIM. They are waiting for BILLY and JIM to go away. When they get to his house, LEO does not go in. Instead he goes with BILLY and JIM. GOD looks at VALOUR. GOD: Why has he not gone into his house? VALOUR: What did you expect, Mother Teresa?  GOD: OK What now? VALOUR: We will wait for him inside his house, follow my lead. GOD and VALOUR approach the front door. VALOUR: Follow my lead and don’t say anything, I know what to do. VALOUR knocks on the door. DOROTHY opens the door.  DOROTHY: Can I help you? VALOUR: Yes, we are Leonard’s English and Maths teachers, Mr Powers and Mr Uhhhhhhh GOD: Smith, I am Mr Smith. DOROTHY: You posh? GOD: Well I have to be as I teach the lesson of, English.  VALOUR: Yes that’s quite enough now, so is there any chance on talking to Leonard?  DOROTHY: Yeah I would but he hasn’t gotten home yet so yeah. GOD: Then we shall wait. GOD enters the house. VALOUR: You don’t mind do you? DOROTHY: No, it’s fine. VALOUR: Thank you. When entering the living room GOD see’s a cat. GOD: FOUL BEAST. GOD pulls out a sword. VALOUR shuts the door quickly before DOROTHY enters. VALOUR: (hesitating) you don’t mind putting the kettle on do you; it’s been a really long day. DOROTHY: Of course, you can sit in the living room.  VALOUR: Thank you. VALOUR quickly enters the living room and hits GOD on the Shoulder. VALOUR: (whispering) what are you doing? GOD: What kind of specimen is this? VALOUR picks up the cat. VALOUR: It’s a cat. GOD: Can you inform me next time you make an animal this, disgusting?  VALOUR: Just sit down. VALOUR puts down the cat; he and GOD sit on the sofa.  GOD: Ooh, comfy. DOROTHY comes in with three cups of tea. DOROTHY: Here you go gentlemen. GOD: I see that you still make tea in this place, we also make it were we come from. DOROTHY: Oh where are you from Mr Smith? GOD: Hea... VALOUR: Heathrow, he lives near Heathrow. DOROTHY: Oh I grew up near there, in Hounslow, good memories. GOD: Yes I live in the land of Heathrow. DOROTHY looks at GOD in a creped out way. VALOUR looks out of the curtain. VALOUR: When do you think he will be back? DOROTHY: Usually in an hour or two. LEO knocks at the door. His brother answers the door. GOD: (smiling) or now? LEO enters the house. KEVIN: Cool  LEO: Sup, Mum?  DOROTHY: I’m in the living room; your English and Maths teachers are here  to talk to you. LEO: What? LEO quickly enters the living room and stares at VALOUR and GOD in a confused way. VALOUR: Mrs Grey, do you mind if we talk to Leonard alone? LEO: Bruv, its Leo  DOROTHY: Shush Leonard; I’ll let you talk in private. DOROTHY shuts the door. LEO: Ok let’s cut the crap, who are you guys and what are you doing in my house? VALOUR: I think it’s your turn to explain, my lord. LEO: (whispering) my lord? GOD: Please, sit my boy. LEO sits on the sofa. GOD: Now you can obviously see that I and my companion do not teach you in your school, nor do we have anything to do with school. LEO: Then why are you here? GOD: To tell you, your destiny.  LEO starts to chuckle and then starts to laugh out loud. LEO: Oh you are too funny, how much have you and this old man have been this high. You guys are just weird.  LEO tries to leave the room but VALOUR grabs his arm. LEO looks at his arm which starts to turn gold. LEO: Whoa. LEO quickly releases VALOUR’S grip and falls to the ground.  LEO: Ok, you guys got 10 seconds to explain yourselves or I’m calling the police. Who are you?  GOD: Well, child, I and this “old man” here are the reason on everything around you that you see.  LEO: I don’t understand, what are you, aliens? Ghosts? The devil? GOD: The opposite. LEO: No way. GOD: Oh yes. I am... KEVIN enters the room. KEVIN: God. VALOUR: What? KEVIN: I knew you were real, there is a god. GOD: Yes there is Kevin Grey. KEVIN bows down to GOD. KEVIN: Hail the lord almighty. GOD: You could learn a thing or two from your brother here. VALOUR gives his hand to LEO. VALOUR: Here. LEO looks at VALOUR’S hand. LEO: You’re not going to turn me into gold?  VALOUR: (smiling) I promise. VALOUR helps LEO up. LEO: Safe. GOD: Now that I’ve explained on whom I am, time to explain on why I am here.  LEO and KEVIN: Why? GOD: For many years Heaven has been in war with Hell. So long that many of Heavens’ troops have been killed in the process. We have also killed many of Hells’ minions which means for one thing. End the war by Killing the Devil and Destroying Hell. LEO: So why are you here? KEVIN: It’s the prophecy, isn’t it? One with the most sins is more powerful than good and evil. GOD: Yes it is and that is where you come in. You, Leonard Grey will be the one who will slay the Devil. LEO: Well in that case you must be crazy, I am going to be killed if I go out there and plus this is your war and not mine. I can’t help you. VALOUR: (shouting) you must slay the Devil. If you don’t it will be the end of the world as you know it. KEVIN: Leo, come on bro. You need to do it. You have all the evil inside of you, you have more power than the devil and if you do this, you will be the biggest hero on earth. LEO: Alright, I’ll do it, but your coming to you little turd.  KEVIN: (laughs) cool. GOD: Because you have now accepted I will make you a deal. You kill the Devil and I will get rid of all your sins, you will get what you have always wanted. A second chance. DOROTHY enters the room. DOROTHY: Is everything all right? LEO: Yeah mum, were just discussing coursework.  DOROTHY: Ok, I’m just popping out to Londis, you want anything boys?  LEO and KEVIN: No. DOROTHY: Ok. DOROTHY leaves the house. Everyone starts smiling. VALOUR starts to hear something; he goes towards the window seriously. He opens the window. He quickly puts his hand outside and drags BILLY and JIM (who were eves dropping) into the house. VALOUR: WHO DARES TO EVES DROP, WILLIAM CADE AND JIM LOPEZ?  JIM: AHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH I THINK I CRAPPED MY PANTS? BILLY: PLEASE WISE SIR, WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. VALOUR: DON’T LIE TO ME. LYING IS A SIN. GOD: VALOUR, STOP. VALOUR lets go of BILLY and JIM. GOD: You fools, what did you hear? BILLY: Nnnnnn nothing. GOD draws a sword at BILLY and VALOUR draws a sword at JIM. LEO and KEVIN start laughing quietly. JIM: OK WE HEARD EVERYTHING, PLEASE OH MIGHTY ONE I DON’T WANT TO DIE. LEO: Guys, you are really stupid.  LEO goes to GOD. LEO: We can’t trust them; they will come with me and KEVIN. BILLY: Ok we’ll fight with you; we can hook you guys up with guns. That’s useful, isn’t it? JIM: Yeah. I’m ready to kick some demon ass. LEO: HELL YEAH. GOD looks angry at LEO. LEO: I mean Heaven yeah. GOD nods. LEO goes next to KEVIN. LEO: (whispering) doesn’t have the same effect. KEVIN: Wait, what are we going to tell mum? LEO: Just say were gone on an educational trip, she’ll believe that crap.  GOD: We must return to Heaven, we will keep an eye out, in the mean time gather any weapons you can. Tomorrow, we leave at midday.  Outside, THE GOBLIN is eves dropping and has learnt on GODS plan. He goes back to hell. Scene 6: Hell.  SATAN is sitting on his throne with his wife standing next to him; he has a goblet in one hand and his trident in the other. The GOBLIN is running to him. GOBLIN: MASTER, MASTER. SATAN: (slowly) what is it this time worm?  GOBLIN: MASTER, We must leave this place; God is planning an attack that is going to end your life. SATAN: God is powerless, he cannot defeat me. No one can.  SATAN takes a sip of blood.  GOBLIN: Master, they have the chosen one. SATAN spits out the blood. DELILAH looks worried. SATAN: Delilah, please excuse us. DELILAH: My king... SATAN: NOW. DELILAH leaves. GOBLIN: We need to get everyone out of hell now and retreat. SATAN looks at the GOBLIN in an angry way; he throws the goblet at him. The GOBLIN ducks out of the way. SATAN stands up. SATAN: We do not retreat, we kill, and we kill some more and we don’t stop killing. Send some demons to kill the boy before he reaches hell.         GOBLIN: As you wish master.  The GOBLIN starts to walk away.  SATAN: Wait. The GOBLIN stops. SATAN: Tell them to bring me his soul, I will need that. The GOBLIN nods and walks away. JUDAS enters Hell. JUDAS: My lord, the truce did not go as planned. SATAN: No need messenger, I’ve changed my mind. SATAN smiles. Scene 7: BILLY’S house LEO, KEVIN, BILLY and JIM are all in BILLY’S garden. They go next to the shed. BILLY: If we’re gonna be taking on armies on demons then we’ve gotta stock up on some firepower.  BILLY opens the shed; they all go inside to see some pistols and shotguns.  BILLY: My prized collection.  LEO: (smiling) there ain’t gonna be a single thing in Hell to stop us now. LEO picks up a pistol, KEVIN picks up a pistol, and BILLY and JIM pick up pistols and shotguns.  LEO: Guys, put the shotguns in the car. Jim can you take them to our meeting point? JIM: Yeah but where is it?   LEO: Valour said that go were the sun shines, what is that supposed to mean? KEVIN: Look. The 4 boys look out in the distance and see a beam of light shining.  KEVIN: It’s pointing east. Judging by my estimation it’s pointing to the park opposite the school. LEO: No harm in trying. Jim, go over there. Take the shotguns with you.  JIM: Sure thing, let’s go Billy. LEO: Be careful. BILLY: Yeah alright, see you there. JIM and BILLY leave. LEO looks at KEVIN. LEO: You told mum everything? KEVIN: Yup. LEO: Got everything you need? Food, water? KEVIN: Yup, all there. LEO: Then, are you ready for the biggest adventure of your life. KEVIN: Yeah. LEO: Alright. Let me just get something and then we’ll go. LEO goes into the house; he goes into Billy’s kitchen. He grabs a knife and puts   it in his pocket. He goes back outside.  LEO: Let’s go. LEO and KEVIN start walking to the park. During the journey he pulls out his phone.  LEO: I need to make one quick phone call. KEVIN: Careful, they can track you from your phone. LEO: That only works for feds; I don’t even think that Satan knows how to use a mobile phone. KEVIN: Oh yeah, who you calling then? LEO: Maria, I need to say goodbye to her. LEO calls MARIA on his phone. She picks up the phone.  MARIA: Leo? LEO: Maria, listen. Me, the boys and my brother are going to Scotland for a couple of weeks or a month or two. So take care of yourself.  KEVIN: She ain’t gonna buy that crap LEO: Ok, bye, love you. See you in 2 months.  KEVIN: Apparently she did.  LEO and KEVIN continue walking. 10 minutes later they arrive at the park and see GOD, VALOUR, JESUS and BRAVEHEART. LEO: (to KEVIN) who are those two? KEVIN: Well, I know for a fact. That one over there is the saviour, Jesus Christ. LEO: You’re shitting me. KEVIN: Don’t you go to church? LEO: No. Who’s the other bloke? KEVIN: I have no clue. GOD: I see you made it, where are the other two? LEO: There coming soon, they just had to pick up a few things. GOD: Have you met my son Jesus Christ?  LEO: No but I’ve heard a lot about you. JESUS: And I’ve heard a lot about you forgive me but it has been a long time since I’ve been on earth. Last time I was here I was crucified by your people. KEVIN: Please my lord that was a very long time ago, the world has changed now. BRAVEHEART: (in Scottish accent) don’t mind him, he’s a wee bit pissed off since the last time he popped round here.  JESUS: You want to go Scotch egg? BRAVEHEART: Bring it on ya wee las. VALOUR: Enough. LEO: So, care to explain who this Scottish guy is?  BRAVEHEART: I am the great William Wallace. LEO: Who? BRAVEHEART: Brave heart? LEO: Brave heart? Oh brave heart, the dude with the flag painting. Bruv you are sick. BRAVEHEART: Thank you lad. LEO looks at JESUS. LEO: Why do have an American accent? JESUS: Why does an arrogant child have so much power hmm?  BILLY and JIM arrive in the car. BILLY: Wassup my homie. BILLY and JIM get out of the car. BILLY: We got the stuff. BILLY and JIM take out the shotguns from the boot.  JESUS: What the hell are those? JIM: Shotguns (smiling like a retard) JESUS: Let me see. BILLY gives a shotgun to JESUS. JESUS: What a weird thing, what does this do? LEO: NO DON’T PULL THAT. JESUS pulls the trigger and a gun fires, the bullet hits a bird. GOD gives JESUS a slap across the head. VALOUR does a face palm. GOD:  (sarcasm)  Nice work son. JESUS: I think you should take this. JESUS gives the gun back to BILLY. BILLY: Sure thing. GOD: Time has come, we must start walking. We need to first meet up with a priest. LEO: Why a priest? GOD: We need his, strengths. JIM: Ha we should make a name for our crew. VALOUR: What were you thinking? JIM thinks. JIM clicks his fingers. JIM: Sexy and you know it. LEO looks at him in a confused way. JESUS: That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, you are truly a retarded fish. JIM: Oh yeah? Why don’t one of you think of something? LEO: I got one. Still Unbroken. GOD looks at everyone. GOD: So be it, we are still unbroken. Now come on, we have no time to waste. Still Unbroken walk of into the park and a montage of videos starts playing while they are walking. They walk past Maria’s house who runs outside to LEO. MARIA: LEO. LEO: Maria? What are you doing? MARIA: I’m coming with you to fight the devil. LEO: Who told you? MARIA: Jim. LEO: Oh Jim you idiot. Maria, if you come with me, there will be no going back. There will be many dangerous things.  MARIA: I don’t care, if I die I want to die in your arms and if you die then I will hold you. LEO looks at MARIA in a worried way and smiles. LEO: I love you. MARIA: I know, now, where’s my weapon? JESUS throws MARIA a bow with arrows and a axe. She catches them. JESUS: The bow of Athena, never misses a shot. The axe of Ares, strength from the heavens above, can give a mighty blow to the enemies. KEVIN looks out to the distance. KEVIN: What is that? Everyone looks at the distance. GOD: DEMONS!!!!! VALOUR: Prepare to attack. There are only 15 demons led by JUDAS. They charge at Still Unbroken. VALOUR: Alright guys this is the proving ground. Both of the teams collide together. They start to fight. (Generic fighting) While fighting a demon comes at JIM with a sword, BILLY shoots him with a shotgun. JESUS and BRAVEHEART start talking while fighting. JESUS: (while killing) 5, 6, 7. BRAVEHEART: 8, 9. Best catch up lad. JESUS: Don’t get to cocky son. BRAVEHEART and JESUS duck as a demon swings a sword at them, they both kill the demon. BRAVEHEART and JESUS: THAT’S MY POINT. A demon runs at MARIA. GOD: SHOOT IT. MARIA gets out the bow, loads an arrow and shoots the demon in the skull. JUDAS looks at still unbroken, they look at him. He starts to run.  LEO: Quick Maria, shoot him. MARIA shoots at JUDAS but a demon sacrifices himself to save JUDAS. JESUS looks at JUDAS. JESUS: He’s mine. JESUS starts running at JUDAS. They run down the street and enter a park. They continue running and go past the ducks. While JUDAS runs past them JESUS stops and gives the duck bread, he continues chasing JUDAS but then loses him. JESUS looks angry until he sees him from a distance and continues chasing him. They enter a quite part of the park with less people and a lot of trees. JUDAS is trapped and has no where to go. JESUS starts walking towards him.  JUDAS: Please my saviour……. JESUS punches JUDAS in the face. JUDAS coughs. JUDAS: ………. I did not know you would have been hurt. JESUS: Not hurt? NOT HURT? IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU I STOPPED FORGIVING HUMANS, IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU THAT I HAVE THESE MARKS ON MY HAND, IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU I HAVE BEEN IN HEAVEN ALL THESE YEARS AND NOT LIVING A NORMAL LIFE. JESUS: Now, it is your turn. JESUS starts beating up JUDAS, Drags him to a tree and pins both of his hands to a tree using a knife. JUDAS: AHHHHHH SAVIOUR, NO. JESUS: Time to die, forever. JESUS slits JUDAS’ throat. JESUS looks at him in triumph. JESUS walks off in the distance while JUDAS’S body turns to ash. LEO goes to JESUS. JESUS looks at LEO. JESUS: Promise me, that when you kill the devil, you will make him suffer. Just like how I did to that little shit over there. LEO: I promise? JESUS: Atta boy. The scene cuts. Scene 8: Hell SATAN: So, my army had failed me.  GOBLIN: Don’t worry my lord, we can make more. SATAN: MORE. SATAN slaps the GOBLIN. The GOBLIN falls on the floor.  SATAN: Make more of what, pathetic little pups? No. I must stop this boy before he reaches me. It is time, I must release him. DELILAH looks at him. DELILAH: And who will that be? SATAN looks in the distance. SATAN: Death. GOBLIN: But how will he defeat him? SATAN: By sending two of the biggest sinners to help him. GOBLIN: And who will that be? BLACKBEARD shoots the GOBLIN in the chest. BLACKBEARD: My name, is Blackbeard. Once the pirate that all pirates fear and soon the pirate the whole of Heaven and Earth fear. BLACKBEARD walks towards SATAN. SATAN: Blackbeard. SATAN shakes BLACKBEARD’S hand. SATAN: Show no remorse to anyone you see, bring me Leo’s soul. SWEENY TODD shows up behind SATAN. SWEENY: And what would you have me do master? SATAN turns around. SATAN: Sweeny Todd. In my opinion, you are one of the best barbers I have ever met, but I wouldn’t get a shave. SWEENY smiles. SATAN: You will have the same role as Blackbeard, protect Death and don’t leave any alive. SATAN goes closer to SWEENY. SATAN: Don’t be afraid to let that inner demon of yours on those souls. SWEENY: As you command master. SATAN: Come with me so I can show you the gates to leave from. SATAN, BLACKBEARD and SWEENY leave. DELILAH waits for them to leave. She starts talking to her. DELILAH: All these years , I’ve been in this horrid place and not had any attention from my husband. Enough is enough. I will go to earth the next time you are distracted and I will kill the group to prove to you that I am a worthy wife. The scene cuts. Scene 9: The church Still Unbroken arrive outside of the church. KEVIN looks at GOD. KEVIN: My lord, I think you have this church mistaken.  GOD: How so? KEVIN: Well this church has been abandoned for many years, no one lives here. VALOUR smells something. VALOUR: Oh but my boy, he is in here. I can smell him. They all enter the church. They start feeling wary of the environment. BRAVEHEART starts sniffing.  BRAVEHEART: Why does it smell like dog? JESUS: You sure it ain’t coming from you? BRAVEHEART starts smelling himself. BRAVEHEART: Could be. They see a priest. LEO: I see someone. Yo, hello.  HOWARD: So, you are Leonard Grey. LEO: How do you know my name? GOD: Leonard, allow me to introduce you to my top priest, father Howard. HOWARD goes to LEO. HOWARD: It is a pleasure meeting you. LEO shakes his hand.  LEO looks at GOD. LEO: OK no offence but how is a skinny priest supposed to help us fight the devil’s army. HOWARD: I am no ordinary priest. You see, when I was your age, I was walking through a park, admiring God’s creations. Out of no where, a beast attacked me and bit my hand. My hand healed its self but after that I was never the same. LEO: Ok mate, I seriously don’t understand on what is happening. HOWARD: You see my boy, I am a Lycanthrope or as you kids call it, Werewolf. LEO: You know, if you had told me that before this adventure started then I would of thought you were crazy, but now after what is happening I kind of believe it. BILLY: Wait, when a human turns into a werewolf, don’t they have any control over it? JOHNNY: That is where I come in. Another younger looking man walks into the room with a big sword on his back. HOWARD: Let me introduce you to my son, Johnny Wolfheart. LEO: So what are you a werewolf as well ? JOHHNY: Close. I’m a hybrid. KEVIN: Hybrid? JOHHNY: Half man and half werewolf. Meaning my mum was human. I have the strength and can turn into a werewolf but I am also agile like a human and can have complete control over my powers. Which means I can control when I want to turn into wolf mode. LEO: That’s awesome? JOHNNY: Indeed it is, Sinner. Now come on, we must move. They all exit the church. HOWARD: Leonard. Come here. LEO goes to HOWARD.  HOWARD: Open your hand. LEO opens his hand. HOWARD gives him bullets. HOWARD: These are special silver bullets, if I turn vicious when I transform. I want you to shoot me with one of these. LEO: Mate, I can’t. HOWARD: It is for your own safety, for Johnny’s safety. I will finally be at peace. LEO puts the bullets in his pockets. LEO: Lets go. GOD: We must go to heaven, we need to upgrade ourselves so we are more powerful. JIM: How we gonna get there? A beam of light shoots at them from the air. GOD: Like this. The light takes them to heaven. Scene 10: The gates of Hell SATAN, BLACKBEARD and SWEENY go near the gates of hell. BLACKBEARD looks at the gate. BLACKBEARD: Funny, I never thought I would come back to earth. Wonder what is happening? SATAN: Earth has completely changed since the last time you were here, it has truly turned into a shithole. Come, get ready to leave. SWEENY: Wait, what about Death? SATAN: He will join you soon. I just need to get him fully prepared. It has been a long time since I have put him on a hunt like this. Go, Now. BLACKBEARD and SWEENY leave. SATAN goes to Death’s chamber. Death is sitting on a throne, he is tied in shackles. DEATH: It has been a long time, Lucifer. SATAN: You’re time for redemption has come. I am putting you on one final hunt. DEATH: My duties as your caretaker and hunter is expired, my powers are useless. SATAN goes in front of DEATH and removes his shackles. DEATH stands up with the help from SATAN. SATAN looks at DEATH. SATAN: Well that could be changed. SATAN touches DEATH’S chest. DEATH starts getting his powers back. DEATH starts to feel stronger. DEATH: What would you have me do? Master. SATAN: There is a boy on earth called Leo Grey. Kill him and his party. Bring his soul to me. DEATH: It will be done. DEATH slams his staff on the floor and disappears. SATAN: (thinking) I have sent all my top warriors to earth. Now it is too dangerous for me here, I must go to earth too. Just in case I am unprotected. Maybe I can kill that bastard myself. SATAN goes to the gates of hell, he opens the gate and leaves hell. Just before he closes to door, a cat exit’s the door who is actually DELILAH in disguise. Scene 11: Leo’s house DOROTHY is cleaning the house. She finds a picture of her husband under her bed. She starts smiling. DOROTHY: Why did you leave us? The scene cuts to LEO’S bedroom where SATAN is underneath the mattress. SATAN: AHHHHHHHHHHHAAAA COME GET ME LEO!!!!! DOROTHY runs into LEO’S room and see’s SATAN. She screams and runs into the living room. She picks up the phone and dials 999. Before she can say what is happening, she starts to choke. SATAN has is fist up, using magic to choke her. He brings her close to him. SATAN smells. SATAN: The mother. Shame on you. You just made your son, an orphan. He releases her and she falls onto the floor but she is stuck in a kneeling position. SATAN: Bow down to your king. SATAN takes out a machete, he brings it up in the air and executes her. As she screams the scene cuts. Scene 12: Heaven  LEO is sitting with MARIA and has a weird feeling.  MARIA: What’s wrong. LEO: Just had some weird feeling.  MARIA: Probably just nerves. LEO: Yeah. You're probably right. LEO looks at MARIA. LEO: Listen, Maria, you know you don't have to do this, I.. MARIA interrupts. MARIA: You don't need to worry about me, you need to worry about yourself and you're role. LEO: How did you believe Jim? Didn't you think he was talking crap?  MARIA: At first I did, but as a Christian I kind of believed it and then when I saw those demons, I knew it was true. LEO: Maria, I want you to know that I will protect you from anything. JIM and BILLY look from a distance. BILLY: Pfft, love, it can make a man turn into a little boy. JIM: Damn right. VALOUR sneaks up behind BILLY and taps him on the shoulder. BILLY looks at him and VALOUR signals him to follow him. BILLY looks at JIM. BILLY: I'll be back Jim. BILLY follows VALOUR into a room. VALOUR: Billy Cade. BILLY: Yeah, what do want? VALOUR: You're duty is to protect Leonard Grey and so far you have been doing a brilliant job. So as a reward, you can throw that big gun away. I've got a new weapon for you.  VALOUR gets out a sword and shows it to BILLY, BILLY points at the sword. BILLY: A sword? VALOUR: The sword of the guardian. One of the finest swords ever created, used to protect allies and destroy enemies. BILLY takes the sword out of the sheath and looks at it. BILLY: This will do, thanks um sorry I still don't know your name. VALOUR: My name is Valour. VALOUR and BILLY shake hands. BILLY puts the sword in his sheath and leaves the room. The scene cuts to JESUS and BRAVEHEART cleaning their weapons. JESUS starts whistling, BRAVEHEART starts to get annoyed. BRAVEHEART: Can you stop that? JESUS looks at him in an angry way. JESUS: Make me. Oh that’s right, you can’t hurt me. JESUS starts making faces at BRAVEHEART. BRAVEHEART starts getting angry. BRAVEHEART: ENOUGH. He punches JESUS in the face. JESUS gets angry and draws his sword out to him, BRAVEHEART draws his sword out to him. GOD enters. GOD: ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS. YOU FOOLS.  They draw their swords away. GOD: Calm down, the both of you. GOD: Everyone, come here. Everyone gathers to GOD. GOD: I have just learnt bad news. The Devil is no longer in Hell. He has arrived to earth. Everyone looks shocked. LEO: Ahh crap. GOD: It gets worse. MARIA: How? GOD: He has also sent his elite breed of warriors who have also committed many sins. The pirate all pirates fear, Blackbeard. The Grim Reaper who goes by the name of Death and the demon barbers of Fleet street, Sweeny Todd.  KEVIN: Wait a minute, Sweeny Todd isn’t real. He’s a fictional Legend. JOHNNY: Some Legends happen to be true. GOD: Yes, I also believe that his wife Delilah has also come to earth. HOWARD: What about his son? Damien. GOD: Damien means no harm to us anymore, he surrendered and now has been living on earth for the past year. We will not intrude on him, he is living a better life now. VALOUR: My lord, this means we have no time to waste, we must quickly go to earth before they come to heaven.  GOD: Then let us gather our weapons, powers and supplies so we can go back to earth. We leave no enemy standing. They all start cheering and the scene fades. Scene 13: Leo’s house  SATAN drags the body of DOROTHY under her bed. He goes into the closet and tries to find some clothes to blend in. He picks out a black shirt and black jeans. He walks past the bathroom but turns around and goes in. He looks at the hair gel bottle, he reads the description on the back, looks in the mirror and smiles. He exit’s the house with his hair spiked up, looking normal. He takes the keys with him. Showing that it is his house now. Scene 14: Outside the house SATAN starts walking to find his warriors. While walking he bumps into a dangerous looking man wearing a Nike cap, hoodie and trousers. MAN: Oye bruv, watch were you going. Don’t think I’m some waste man. SATAN goes to him closely. He looks at him. SATAN: There’s murder in your eyes boy. The man takes out a knife. MAN: Blud don’t come near me, I will shank you. Real talks I will shank you. SATAN: Go on then “shank me”. The MAN tries to stab SATAN, SATAN grabs his hand. SATAN: Go on shank me. The MAN tries to escape. MAN: Blud…..let go of me……allow me man…..I was just joking. SATAN’s eyes turn red and starts to burn the man alive. The man starts screaming and dies. SATAN looks at his body. SATAN: I’m guessing you changed you’re mind. The scene cuts.  Scene 15: forest  STILL UNBROKEN arrive on earth with weapons and have their powers. The day is nearly dark.  VALOUR: Let us set up camp here. They all set up camp in the forest. LEO looks at FATHER HOWARD and looks away. He starts putting the silver bullets into his pistol. KEVIN walks up to GOD looking annoyed. GOD: What is wrong my boy? KEVIN: All I’ve been able to use as a weapon is this crappy pistol that I have no idea to use, I need a sword. GOD: You look a bit to young my boy for a sword. KEVIN: Seriously, I need a sword. I want to be a true fighter. GOD looks at him. He nods his head. GOD: OK, but just in case I’ll give you a shield as well. KEVIN: Fine by me. GOD makes a sword and shield appear in his hands. GOD: Use these like the warrior inside of you, be careful. Do not get carried away. KEVIN smiles. KEVIN: Don’t worry. MARIA sees LEO putting the silver bullets in his gun. MARIA goes next to him.  MARIA: What are you doing? LEO: Reloading. MARIA: Why are you using those bullets? LEO: We need to be prepared, just in case there is a full moon tonight.  MARIA: But we need the werewolf. LEO: No, we need his son Johnny. Howard won’t be able to control himself when he transforms. Once he does, it’s just another obstacle in the way for us to kill. We must be prepared for it. Tell the others to get their weapons ready.  JOHNNY sneaks up behind him. JOHNNY: That won’t be necessary my friend, as much as my father wants you to put him down. It won’t happen. The next full moon is not until 2 months time, we will be able to sleep in peace. Go ahead, rest, you have earned it. LEO looks at the moon and his face turns serious. LEO: I think you may be wrong. LEO, MARIA and JOHNNY look at the moon, it is a full moon. MARIA: Run, now. LEO, MARIA and JOHNNY run past the rest of their team members. JESUS: What’s up with them? A load howl goes of in the distance. BRAVEHEART: Oh no. FATHER HOWARD, who is now a werewolf, arrives and roars. JESUS and BRAVEHEART try attacking the beast but he grabs their hands and throws them. BILLY goes for the attack and cuts off his hand. BILLY starts smiling but the werewolf regenerates another hand and punches BILLY in the face. JIM goes for an attack. JIM tries shooting the werewolf with a shotgun but the safety is on so nothing fires. JIM: Stupid safety clip. The Werewolf back hands JIM. GOD,VALOUR and KEVIN start running away from the werewolf and find LEO, MARIA and JOHNNY. JOHNNY: I don’t understand, why was there a full moon? GOD: This is not natural, this is dark magic, used by Death. He must have known we had a werewolf. He is the Devil’s smartest spy and hunter. The werewolf finds them in a dead end. LEO tries shooting him but the werewolf backhands him into a tree. LEO gets knocked out. JOHNNY:  Damn it. Some one wake him up, I’ll buy you some time. JOHNNY turns into a hybrid and they both start fighting. JOHNNY: It’s just you and me now father.  The werewolf grabs JOHNNY and starts punching him, he keeps pounding and him. Before the werewolf gives JOHNNY a final punch, he gets shot in the back. LEO is behind him with a pistol but the werewolf is still standing. JOHNNY: SHOOT HIM. LEO runs on top of the werewolf, puts the pistol on it’s head and pulls the trigger. The werewolf falls on the floor. LEO and JOHNNY fall on the floor from exhaustion but get back up. The werewolf turns back into FATHER HOWARD. JOHNNY runs to him. JOHNNY: FATHER. HOWARD: John, my boy, forgive me for the sins that I have committed. JOHNNY: You are forgiven father, you will be at peace. HOWARD: My journey has finally ended.  LEO walks to HOWARD and stands behind JOHNNY while JOHNNY starts crying. HOWARD: Leo, thank you. LEO nods his head  HOWARD: I can see it. HOWARD dies. JOHNNY gets up and looks at LEO. JOHNNY gives LEO a hug.  JOHNNY: You did the right thing, my friend. LEO: He told me to do it, he wanted this. JOHNNY: I know, I never had the courage to do this. You are a true hero. LEO leaves the body. JOHNNY goes to FATHER HOWARD’S body and closes his eyes. They start to hear sirens. JIM: Oh crap, feds. GOD: We must leave, now. They leave the area. Scene 16: Café (one day later) LEO, KEVIN, MARIA, JOHNNY, BILLY and JIM are waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive from heaven as they have gone to get more weapons. JOHNNY is looking after them. JIM: Well now that the priest is dead, what do we do now? BILLY: Jim, shush. JIM: But God said that we needed his strengths. JOHHNY: My father wasn’t the key you needed, it was me. LEO: I had a feeling but go on. JOHHNY: My father was no ordinary priest, he was the king of heaven.  MARIA: But I thought God was king of heaven. JOHHNY: God is just the head of heaven, my father was the king, he was the one who protected heaven. LEO: So now that he is dead, what happens? JOHNNY: A new king takes over   KEVIN: and who will that be.  JOHNNY looks up. JOHNNY: Me. I am Howard’s heir. BILLY: So, right now. You are the king of heaven. JOHNNY: Yes, but because of this quest I will not become king until the Devil is defeated. So that’s why I need you to kill the Devil, Leo. So I can become king of heaven and bring peace to both our worlds for eternity. LEO: Don’t worry, you will return to you’re throne very soon. JOHNNY: I will, but not now. The Devil still lives so we must be quick. LEO looks up at the TV in the café. LEO: Guys, look. They all look at the TV where the news is playing. NEWS LADY: A shocking discovery took place yesterday in West London. Two men were brutally murdered yesterday. One man was found in the forest off the M25 with a bullet in his back and one in his skull. The man who was killed was found to be a priest with the name Howard Wolfheart. The police have claimed that Howard was taking a walk when he was shot by a mystery murderer however they do not know what the killer’s motive was. The second victim was found in harrowdene road. LEO: What? NEWS LADY: The man was believed by witnesses, burnt alive by a man who did nothing but touch him there were even some reports of the killer being some sort of ancient ghost. Stay with BBC news for more reports on the killing. KEVIN and LEO look at each other worriedly. LEO: The killing was right opposite my house, oh my god, Kevin. We need to check on mum. KEVIN: Let’s go. The group start walking. LEO: Guys, stay here. This is a family matter. MARIA: Be careful Leo. LEO: I always am. LEO: Come on Kevin let’s go. LEO and KEVIN head out to the house. When they get there they see a two police officers.  LEO: Ahh crap feds. They walk up to the police. LEO:: Look guys, I ain’t done anything wrong, I live here. POLICE OFFICER: (Scottish accent) Lads, it’s us. KEVIN: What? JESUS: I think I like this uniform, might keep it. Makes me look a bit like Chuck Norris. LEO: Guys we need to go into the house, you can’t stop us. BRAVEHEART: and we will not, we saw what happened, it was the devil who killed that man. We must go inside. JESUS: After you. LEO, KEVIN, JESUS and BRAVEHEART go to the door. LEO knocks on the door.  LEO: Mum, you there? No one answers the door. LEO knocks again. KEVIN: Don’t you have the key. LEO: Yeah I do. He searches his pocket.  LEO: Ah crap, I must of lost it when I was fighting the werewolf. JESUS: Let me try. KEVIN: Yeah that’s good, use some magic to break the lock. JESUS picks the lock. KEVIN: Or maybe not. They enter the house. As soon as they enter they see blood on the floor. KEVIN: Oh no, please god. Don’t tell me this is what I think it is. LEO checks around the house but sees no sign of his mum. LEO enters his room and see’s all things possessions messed up.  LEO: What has happened to my room? KEVIN: Satan has arrived LEO: No, not here. Not now. KEVIN: Unfortunately yes he has arrived and this means trouble.  LEO: Where’s mum?  KEVIN: I dunno, I searched the whole house and I can’t find her.  LEO looks around but is then shocked. LEO: Wait if Satan arrived in this spot. Then, where is he? JESUS screams. LEO: He’s here. LEO and KEVIN run into the living room and see a zombie attacking JESUS. BRAVEHEART is trying to get the zombie off JESUS but he cannot.  KEVIN: OH SHIT. LEO grabs the zombie, the zombie turns it’s head around and screams at LEO’s face. LEO throws the zombie on the floor. KEVIN: What the hell is that shit? LEO: Oh my god, I think that’s… KEVIN: No, It can’t be. BRAVEHEART: I’m sorry lads but it is. The zombie, who is DOROTHY rises from the ground. Growling. JESUS gets up from the sofa. JESUS: Shoot that thing Leo. LEO: I can’t, it’s my mum. JESUS: It’s not you’re mother anymore LEO: I can’t shoot her. She’s still my mum. BRAVEHEART: Listen lad, if I knew this was wrong then I would have stopped him but trust me. You’re mother is dead, what you see is a demon. LEO looks at KEVIN. KEVIN is sad but he nods his head. LEO looks at his gun in guilt. His hand starts shaking while he is crying when he raises the gun. LEO: I’m sorry mum, forgive me for this.    ZOMBIE DOROTHY goes for the attack but LEO shoots her with two bullets. LEO and KEVIN start crying quietly. JESUS goes next to him. JESUS: Well, I believe you did the right thing. JESUS pats LEO on the shoulder. LEO gets angry, grabs JESUS by the shirt and slams him to a wall. JESUS: Dude what are you doing? LEO: SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP. YOU MADE ME KILL HER, YOU HATE ME, DON’T YOU? WHY DON’T YOU JUST KILL ME IF YOU HATE ME? JESUS: Leo, listen I’m sorry. Don’t take it out on me, please let me go. KEVIN: Leo. Please, just let him go. LEO releases JESUS. JESUS: I will not hurt you Leo. If you are the only hope to defeat the devil then it is a duty to protect you, I cannot let you be hurt. I only want to protect you. LEO: Ok. JESUS and BRAVEHEART hear the horn of heaven.  BRAVEHEART: We are needed in heaven, we must go. JESUS and BRAVEHEART leave. LEO kneels down on the floor. KEVIN helps him up. KEVIN: Come on man, let’s go. The scene fades with KEVIN helping LEO to the exit. LEO and KEVIN are now in heaven but JOHNNY, MARIA, BILLY, JIM have been left behind. JIM: They’re taking a bit long. JOHNNY: I know, screw it I’m going. BILLY: I’m following. JIM: Me too. MARIA: Wait, Leo told us to stay here. JOHNNNY: He’s been gone for an hour, we need to check if he is Ok. MARIA: (sighs) Fine, let’s go. The scene cuts. Scene 17: Heaven  GOD looks through the portal and see’s a cat in LEO’s garden but the cat transforms into DELILAH. GOD starts to look worried.  GOD: Oh no, this cannot be true.  GOD stops watching the portal. DELILAH looks around and see’s a back door, she picks the lock by using her nails. She enters the house. She see’s a man sitting on the sofa, watching TV. She approaches him slowly, preparing to strike. She goes to him and puts on of her nails on his throat. DELILAH: Be wise and do not scream. The man is actually SATAN. SATAN: I scream to no woman. SATAN quickly draws his sword out and points it at DELILAH. DELILAH: Oh, it’s you. SATAN draws his sword back. SATAN: What the hell are you doing here? DELILA: I’ve come to prove to you that I am worthy, I can fight, I can help you kill that sinner. SATAN: Listen to me Delilah, Earth is too dangerous. The last thing I want to happened is to see you killed. I cannot bear that much pain, you are my only weakness. DELILAH: I want to do this, this is not about what you want, it is about what I want. I will kill Leo and prove to you that I am as powerful as you are.  SATAN: ENOUGH. I order you to go back to hell right now do you understand what I am saying to… DELILAH gets SATAN’S machete and stabs him but it has no effect on him. She runs out of the door. SATAN takes the sword out of his stomach. SATAN: So be it. DEATH enters the room. DEATH: She should not be in this hunt my master. SATAN: She will have to learn the hard way. DEATH: Should I, take care of her, put her out of the pain she will witness? SATAN turns around and goes close to DEATH. SATAN: You dare lay a finger on the one I love, you will be cleaning up demon shit for eternity. DEATH: I apologize my lord. BLACKBEARD appears on the sofa. BLACKBEARD: This is a very weird place my lord, oh how the world has changed? SWEENY comes behind DEATH. SWEENY: What the hell is this? SWEENY brings out a bottle of shaving cream.  SATAN: Let me see. SWEENY throws the bottle to SATAN and SATAN catches it. SATAN: Thanks. SATAN sprays SWEENY with a bottle of shaving cream. SATAN: YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE 2 DAYS AGO. He throws the bottle at Blackbeard. SATAN: Now the enemy is moving at a quick pace with great speed. We have no time to waste, go, kill the enemy and return here. This will be my new kingdom. Go, now. BLACKBEARD: Well, where is he?  SATAN: FIND HIM!!! BLACKBEARD: Ok, ok. DEATH, BLACKBEARD and SWEENY start to leave.  SATAN: WAIT. They stop. SATAN: Only you two, Death, you stay here and protect me.  DEATH: Yes master. SATAN: Before you go, there are four gurdians that protect Leo, find them. Kill them. SWEENY: As you command, master. BLACKBEARD and SWEENY walk past. BLACKBEARD stares at SATAN.  SATAN: What do you want, a kiss? Go. SWEENY: Come on mate. SWEENY and BLACKBEARD leave the door. DEATH: I did find something out which might instreast you. SATAN: What? DEATH: Well, apparently the mountain of the Olympus was real after all. The messenger we tortured was lying all along. SATAN: Why does this matter to me?  DEATH: Because my lord, once Olympus falls, heaven will soon follow. SATAN: There are not to many demons to do this. We must have to do it together, a stealth mission. You up for that. DEATH: I will do anything you ask. SATAN: Then let us leave. Today we destroy Olympus. Tomorrow, we rule the world. The scene cuts. Scene 18: Heaven LEO, KEVIN, GOD, VALOUR, JESUS and BRAVEHEART are all getting ready. LEO: What are we gonna do about the rest of the group? They don’t know what to do. GOD: As long as Johnny is still with them then they will know what to do. KEVIN: And you are certain on that? JESUS: Johnny is very important to us, he too must not die. BRAVEHEART: Where are we headed to? VALOUR: We must go to my homeland of mount Olympus. I am going to try and convince my master Zeus to join us. LEO: This thing just keeps getting weirder, doesn’t it. GOD: This is just the beginning. Come we must go to Olympus. VALOUR: That won’t be as easy. KEVIN: What now? VALOUR: There is only one way to get to Olympus. We must go to earth and climb. LEO: We can’t go all the way to Greece just to climb a mountain. We ain’t got time. VALOUR: Mount Olympus is not in Greece. It is much closer than you think. But it is very steep. So steep that many people have died just trying to get to the top. It is suicidal, but we will get a strong advantage in the war. JESUS: This is stupid. BRAVEHEART: No it’s not. I like it. Big risk of death, small chance of success. Just the way I like it. LEO: Then what are we waiting for?  The scene cuts. Scene 19: Empty road. JOHNNY, MARIA, BILLY and JIM are walking to LEO’s house. JIM: They must be dead by now, there is no way they are still alive. MARIA: If they were dead then we would of known, right? JOHNNY: Yes, you are correct. All hell will break loose. BILLY: Why are we taking this route, it’s long. JOHNNY: None of the people you know must see us, if many people knew about this war then it would cause the army, air force, navy you name it to get involved which could enrage Satan to cause even more damage. BILLY: I see, I guess we must continue then. JOHNNY hears a whizzing sound in the distance and see’s a fast light heading towards him. JOHNNY: Run. It’s him. JIM: Who? JOHNNY: THE DEVIL. BILLY: Oh shit. The crew start running but are blown away by wind, they all land on the floor. MARIA sees a woman.  MARIA: Johnny, it’s not Satan. It’s a woman. JOHNNY thinks. JOHNNY: Woman?  JOHNNY sees a flashback of GOD saying the devil’s wife might arrive on earth. JOHNNY grabs his sword preparing to strike but she strikes with a fire bolt that wounds him. She looks at MARIA and goes after her. BILLY: Shoot her dude. JIM: I can’t, she’s fit. DELILAH goes close to MARIA, she starts to back away. DELILAH takes out her claws and gets ready to strike, BILLY sneaks from behind and hits DELILAH with his gun. He helps MARIA up. They run to JOHNNY. JOHNNY: Go on without me I’ll be fine. JIM: No man or beast gets left behind. BILLY: Come on bud. BILLY helps JOHNNY up and puts his arm on his shoulder.  JOHNNY: Look. A portal to heaven opens up. They go into it. Scene 20: Heaven (hospital bed) VALOUR is next to JOHNNY who is on the hospital bed. LEO enters.  LEO: How is he?  VALOUR: It is pretty severe, he has many burns across his chest which has penetrated into his heart. It would take a miracle for him to live.  LEO: Well that’s it then, we have no hope now. JOHNNY: (weakly) I can still fight. VALOUR: No my boy, If you fight you WILL die. It is certain. LEO: What do we do now?  GOD walks into the room with the others. GOD: We fight. We go to Olympus, get help from the Greek gods and end this war. LEO: Then, let’s send this son of the bitch to the fires he came from. The scene goes to a shot of STILL UNBROKEN climbing a mountain, they are struggling to climb it. In one scene JESUS is climbing put he looses his grasp and falls but Braveheart grabs his arm. JESUS: Thanks. They continue to climb the mountain, they arrive at the top only to see Olympus destroyed. VALOUR: No, it cannot be. They start walking around Apocalyptic Olympus.  BILLY: So this is what earth would look like if we fail, horrific. LEO: Where’s Zeus? VALOUR: Oh no, we are now deeply in trouble.  They see ashes with Zeus’ crown on it. The crown has a note. LEO goes to the ashes and picks up the note. He reads the note. The note says “time to die”. Out of nowhere SWEENY tries attacking LEO but LEO moves out the way. BLACKBEARD arrives and a fight breaks out near the edge of the mountain. Some demons are also there. While fighting, all the demons get killed and BLACKBEARD and SWEENY remain. While fighting BLACKBEARD and MARIA look at each other and BLACKBEARD seems to recognise her. BLACKBEARD: I know your face. LEO: Get away from her. LEO runs at BLACKBEARD but SWEENY who is in his demon form clotheslines LEO. LEO is on the floor.  MARIA: You are my great grandfather?  BLACKBEARD: Yes I am. You have your grandmother’s eyes. MARIA: Please you must help us. BLACKBEARD starts thinking. MARIA: Please. SWEENY goes to BLACKBEARD.  SWEENY: Shot him already you idiot. BLACKBEARD stares down SWEENY. SWEENY: What you want to shoot me? SWEENY puts the gun on his head. SWEENY: Go on human lover. Shoot me. LEO crawls to Zeus’ sword, grabs it and stabs SWEENY’S leg with it. SWEENY: AHHHHHHH MY LEG. SAVE ME. BLACKBEARD: With pleasure. BLACKBEARD shoots SWEENY in the head. BLACKBEARD: I am reborn. The demons have all been killed  BLACKBEARD goes to MARIA. BLACKBEARD: You must leave Olympus, it’s a trap. Suddenly a claw goes through BLACKBEARD’S chest. DELILAH goes next to BLACKBEARD. DELILAH: Indeed it is. MARIA looks shocked. She goes down to him. MARIA: Your soul is saved. She closes his eyes SATAN and DEATH arrive together on Olympus. SATAN: So, we meet again. Father.   GOD: Satan. You are no son of mine. Just an abomination.  SATAN: I see you have bought you’re army to kill me? You think I am outnumbered? You have another thing coming.  SATAN summons a group of fire demons who looks much stronger.  SATAN: You have nothing on me now. LEO: YOU KILLED MY MOTHER YOU PRICK. LEO runs to SATAN but DEATH blows him away. SATAN: Now, let’s negotiate. Turn back now and I can promise you that you will not die but the rest of earth will or you can fight, in which where every single one of you pathetic beings will die and be punished in hell for eternity. A howl goes off in the distance. JIM: Johnny, (retarded smile)  DELILAH: Impossible. JOHNNY: (to the wolves) Brothers, Sisters. Today is a day were we put our rivalries aside, a day in which we must unite, a day in which we fight for the world we love and the world of peace. Live or Die, we make history. We fight to the death. For Earth, For Heaven, FOR THE KINGDOM OF MEN!!!!!!  JOHNNY shows up on another hill with a pack of hybrid werewolves. One of the Werewolves yells, FOR THE KING!!! They all cheer and run to attack the demons. The demons and werewolves start fighting with the help of GOD, VALOUR, JESUS, BRAVEHEART, BILLY and JIM. LEO, KEVIN and MARIA confront SATAN, DEATH and MARIA. They have a brief stare down and run at each other. KEVIN goes for DEATH, MARIA goes for DELILAH and LEO goes for SATAN. They start fighting in a very cool way. While they are fighting DELILAH gets MARIA on the floor. DELILAH: Any last words?  MARIA: Die, bitch. She pulls out her bow and shoot her with an arrow which goes in her neck. SATAN: Oh, now I’m pissed. He shoots a fire bolt at MARIA but LEO jumps in the way and gets knocked out onto the floor and is in pain. LEO: Ahh, go, now. Before it’s too late.  SATAN goes closer to LEO.  LEO: GO. MARIA leaves and helps the others in battle. JESUS see’s SATAN going to LEO, he picks up a stone and throws it at him. JESUS: Hey, red head. SATAN quickly turns his head. SATAN: I see that the son of god has rising to fight. To bad I’ll smite him to the ground. SATAN and JESUS have a brief battle until SATAN throws JESUS down a hill. GOD sees and gets angry.  SATAN: Oh I’m sorry, did I do that? Why yes, yes I did. GOD: You will pay for this Satan. SATAN: Vengeance is weak. Courage is weaker. GOD and SATAN run at each other and start fighting. The scene goes to DEATH and KEVIN fighting, DEATH gets his scythe and keeps hitting KEVINS shield, when he goes for another hit KEVIN’S shield breaks. DEATH nearly kills KEVIN but LEO comes from behind and holds onto DEATH with a sleeper.  LEO: Go, help the others. I’ll take care of him. KEVIN goes to help the others in battle. KEVIN starts fighting demons. DEATH gets LEO of his back and throws a sword at KEVIN. The sword travels through the air and stabs KEVIN in the abdomen. LEO: NO. LEO quickly runs to KEVIN. KEVIN: I’m so c c cold. LEO: I’m sorry Kevin I should of not made you come. KEVIN: Leo, this w w was the b b best thing I ever done.  LEO starts crying. LEO: Say hi to mum and dad for me. KEVIN nods his head. He dies. LEO starts crying. DEATH: He was always the weak one. LEO turns the sadness  into anger and picks up KEVIN’S sword. LEO: I will kill you to avenge my brother. DEATH cracks his neck.  DEATH bring it on. LEO and DEATH start to have a fight. JESUS rises from the hill and sees LEO and DEATH fighting.  JESUS: Guys look. Everyone who is fighting stops and sees the fight. The gather behind their teams. BRAVEHEART: COME ON LAD, YOU CAN DO IT. While this is happening SATAN and GOD are fighting near the edge of the mountain. SATAN is dominating. SATAN: Just give up, you are weak now. You cannot defeat me. Not even you’re little sinner can defeat me. Now you’re game is over. GOD: No, this game has just started. GOD kicks SATAN and SATAN falls off the cliff. SATAN: (while falling): FUCKER!!!!!! While falling he quickly swipes GOD’S feet and god falls but hangs on. VALOUR arrives. VALOUR: Quick my lord, grab my hand. GOD looks down below. GOD: Satan is not dead yet. I need to end this. VALOUR: We have no time, he has escaped. Now grab my hand. GOD: This is the end of the road for me. Goodbye Valour. VALOUR: What are you doing? GOD lets go of his grip and falls. VALOUR: My lord. No. VALOUR then hears LEO and DEATH fighting. DEATH starts punching LEO in the face. DEATH: You cannot defeat me. I am the predator and you are the prey. DEATH goes to cut his head off but LEO blocks it with his sword. LEO: No, I’m a sinner. LEO starts fighting back. DEATH quickly grabs a spear and throws it at LEO which goes into him. LEO then is in heaven and sees a woman who is MARY. MARY: You’re time is not yet. You still have to do the deed before you come here. Leave. You must now use the evil that is inside of you. LEO is then on the floor on Olympus. DEATH: Looks just like his father. LEO then awakes with red eyes. He rips the spear out of him. He then lets out a roar and then jumps in the air to deliver a powerful punch to DEATH. DEATH is then on the floor. He goes for his scythe but LEO steps on it. LEO: You are relieved of you’re duties.  LEO then grabs his head and throws him to the centre were he starts beating him up. LEO then looks at DEATH’S scythe. DEATH crawls to the edge of the cliff.  DEATH: Please, have mercy. LEO: I do not believe in mercy. Only Death. LEO raises the scythe and stabs DEATH in the dead. He then kicks his body down the cliff. The demons then all burn.  STILL UNBROKEN then go to LEO. JOHNNY: You have made us proud. You are truly the chosen one. LEO: Thank you. Where is God? VALOUR: The lord almighty, didn’t make it. He fell. JESUS: My father. Is dead? BRAVEHEART goes to him and puts his hand on his shoulder. BRAVEHEART: I’m sorry lad. BILLY: What do we do now? LEO: We continue. We continue until we kill the devil. I want Satan to suffer. We will continue this quest. For all those who have fallen. For God. For Kevin. JOHNNY: Listen, Leo. I will fight anywhere. But I dare not to fight in hell, I am not ready. I may not be king yet, but I still have a kingdom to protect. LEO: I am not going to interrupt you. You’re people come first JOHNNY: I wish you luck in your quest. Come on guys. JOHNNY, JESUS and BRAVEHEART start to leave.  MARIA: Wait, why are you guys leaving? JESUS: As Johnny has no sons we are now the princes of heaven, we must follow Johnny’s command. BRAVEHEART: Good luck to you lads. They leave. VALOUR: Leo, I have no purpose of being here now that god has died. I must now repair Olympus and remake it.  BILLY: Valour, thank you for everything. VALOUR: You are welcome my boy, I must go now. VALOUR also leaves them. A scene goes to JOHNNY, JESUS and BRAVEHEART at a cliff. BRAVEHEART: What do we do now? JOHNNY: (smiling) What are you talking about brave Scots man? We are still on a quest. BRAVEHEART: But you said you are not ready to Leo. JESUS looks at JOHNNY: You lied to him? Why? JOHNNY: We were sworn to protect Leo and that is what we will do. We to will take another path, to hell. We help Leo defeat the devil by helping him clear out all obstacles. JESUS: It’s true what they say, you just can never prepare against a wolf. JOHNNY: Well, I guess we should make a move, Hell is a very long way. Were coming for you Satan.   LEO looks at BILLY, JIM and MARIA. LEO: Well guys, the exits that way. It was fun meeting you guys. BILLY: What are you talking about? You ain’t going nowhere without us. JIM: We’ve known each other since primary school. I will never give up on a friend in need. MARIA: Leo, I don’t want to lose you, you are the only person I love and I will always love you until I die.  LEO: Guys, you do realise that…. ALL OF THEM: YES. LEO: OK then, then I only got one question to ask.  BILLY: What? LEO: Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? The scene goes to an Birdseye view of earth that keeps zooming out. It zooms out to a picture of earth with Heaven on one side and Hell on the other. While happening LEO says. LEO: I am a hero, I am a villain, I am a saint, I am a sinner. These are the things on who I am, it makes us human, it makes us live and it give us the will to move on with our lives. However, no matter what I am in life. I will always be, Unbroken. The credits on the screen play with the song The Swarm by You me at Six playing. During the credit’s a scene of hell plays with GOD lying on the floor he wakes up and sees SATAN standing over him. Behind him PHIL GREY stands next to SATAN. GOD: Grey? PHIL disapproves. PHIL: Vengeance. The scene cuts and the credits continue to roll to conclude the movie.  
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