The Untold Story of the Singh

Read the story about the days of my life until now in this auto-biography, talking about memorable dates, funny stories, shocking moments and some sad memories. This auto-Biography has everything from dogs with rabies to dangerous lizards and even creepy wax figures. But enough about my life story, just read my life story to find out more.....wait what?


1. Birth

"Why isn't he crying, doctor, he's supposed to be crying." These were the words my mum said when I was born and in fact it was true, when I was born, the doctor had already thought I was dead. IDIOT. But then again I can't blame him as this was back in 1995. The doctor then shoved a stick down my throat to see if I would cry and you know what, it worked and thus Ajit Singh was born. While one chapter was opened another one sadly closed as an hour after I was born my great grandmother sadly passed away. These are the moments which many people find though, when something sad happens after something happy, but death is just another chapter in life, something that we all must take.

Now obviously, as this was my birth I don't 100% knew what happened but hey, that's what mothers are for. 

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