Found & Lost

17 years old Zoey, who lives in England, hates her parents.
She wants to escape from her life but she can't leave her sister Christina alone.
One day she is found by a mistery person who gives her a new life and hope.

(with one direction characters)

Read to find out more ;)

PS: sorry for my grammar I only have english at school :) thx


2. the voice



I am lying on my bed, my eyes still closed and confused about my flashback that I just had.

I turn myself on the other side and just want to doze off again.

I cuddle with my pillow, it is so soft and smells like lavender, as I notice something.

Something is WRONG.

I could never remember having a pillow that smells like lavender.

I sit up shocked, my hands pinched on the mattress, and my eyes flashing open.


Where the hell am I !?


One thing (hehe) is shure ! I'm not at home.

I feel my heart beating faster and I catch my breath.

I look around.

The room I'm in is pretty big.

It has two big windows and the sunlight glares into my eyes.

I look to the left side and notice a big wooden desk with a macbook on top.

As I look to the right side I freeze.

Next to the window  stands a big black bed.

I blink and my body is relaxing as I see that the sheets were moved to the side and there is no one sleeping in it.

I don't know what to do.

I look down at my body. I am wearing my black jeans and a withe T-shirt that is way to big. Wait...

I don't remember wearing a withe big t-shirt either.

I jump up, the only thing that is  on my mind is get away from here.

Maybe I got kidnapped by a Phedophile ugh...

I 'm about to take the first step but a pain  hits my head  like a cobra bite. (I know bad compare)

My hands on my head I groan with pain.

I forget about all, the phedophile and the other things and just let myself fall on the mattress again.


But what now ?

I just can't belive this.

Where am I ? why ? and who was sleeping in the bed ?what about my head ?

I reminded my flashback I had this morning and even more question were forming in my head.

Wich gives me just more heandaches.

I  am so confused, I didn't even notice I am crying until a tear was falling down on my shirt.

I closed my eyes and before I could start clearing my mind and creating a plan, I heard a voice.



It is the deep melody voice of a boy.



Author's note:


Sorry I dind't update it for so long I am busy at school and stuff :P

hope you like it and leave a comment !

Who do you think is the boy with the melody voice ? ;)

xxx Mari


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