Found & Lost

17 years old Zoey, who lives in England, hates her parents.
She wants to escape from her life but she can't leave her sister Christina alone.
One day she is found by a mistery person who gives her a new life and hope.

(with one direction characters)

Read to find out more ;)

PS: sorry for my grammar I only have english at school :) thx


1. Memorys

"Zoey, turn off the TV!"


I mumbled. My mom hates it when the TV's on and we're about to eat.

I walk to the kitchen table and sit down.

My Mom shouts upstairs. My dad and my sister should come downstairs to eat dinner.

As everyone sits on their chairs we beginn to eat. My mom, she is really a controllfreak, asks us some questions because she and dad will be leaving twomorrow for 1week.

My sister isn't paying alot attention to the discusion my Dad and my Mom are having ,because of some outstanding bills and just asks why the hell they are making such a drama.

For one second there was just silence and then my Dad freaked out.

 He stood up, his voice full off anger and shouts at my sister.

"Young lady, don't talk with us that way! How dare you!, we are your parents, and you know what, if you are18 we will throw you out of this house! I just can't stand this anymore"

He punched hard on the table.

"Now go eat in your room!"

With this words he leaves to go outside and smoke some cigaretts.

My mom says nothing.

Me and my sister, her name is Christina and she is 17 just like me, are sitting  there shocked.

We are almost the same age, I am just 4months younger than her because my Mom is married twice.

My dad died when I was 3 years old.

I look at my sisters face. Her chocolate brown eyes wide open, and her red lips pressed together.

She is scared just like me and near tears.

She takes her dinner and stamps into her room.

I hear her door slam and I stand up.

I run into my room grab my white I-phone, my headphones, a warm black hoodie, my housekeys and leave.

I walk up a small hill near a dark forest and sit on a old bench, my legs pressed to my upper body and my arms wraped around them. Like a little lost pakcet.

It is freezing. I close my eyes to hold back my tears.

I listen to some sad music and slowly calm down.

As I look around I realize how beautiful this place is.

The black painted sky with thousend little stars hanging of the clouds and the dark blue lake framed by old wise trees and-

A rustel interrupted my thaughts.


My voice is just a rough wisper. I cough.

"Hello, is there sombody "

My voice souds more like that of a beaten up dog puppy, instead of a strong fearless teenager's voice, like it should have sounded. Great Zoey, now the personen must think you're an 12 years old child, just brialliant...

I am pluging out one of my headphones listening to the sound of the dark night.

No reply. I closed my eyes and continued listening to sad music and started to question life.


-It was the last thing I could remember the next morning.



Author's Note:


This is my first Movella so I hope to get some feedback from you :)

How do you like the stroy ? What can I do better ?


PS: One Direction will be present in the next chapter ;)



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