A Day In The Life Of An Evacuee

A young boy's diary of his life during the children's evacuation in WW2 and how his family got split up..


2. The New Home.


Even though most parents let their child/children be evacuated some decided not to so they just had to live in the dangerous areas that were constantly being bombed. To stay in touch, evacuees wrote letters or postcards home to their friends and family back home.

Just when I thought they weren’t going to send any more evacuees the bombing was just at its worst so they sent hundreds more children and from then on there were 1.3 million evacuees!I still cannot believe how loud the roar of train was as it screeched to a halt, there were more than a hundred children packed in tightly with us to come!

We had been told that nearly all the children had to be evacuated because of the terror that the enemy caused; they tried bombing cities, factories and during that time some of the bombs were quite likely to hit the houses and schools too. The government thought that it would be unsafe for children and their mothers so they sent them out of the cities! This was mainly to protect them from air raids. I was too confused to ask anything with all the fast action;so I just had to do what I was told.

We were then taken in a bus to the village hall from which they gave us a drink of milk and a sandwich and told to wait until someone comes to speak to us; so they could decide where we were to stay with some kind people. The people in charge of speaking to the children, asked us first of all children who were alone and then for pairs of related children. Well of course, I wasn’t technically alone, so I said that my brothers and sisters were also here but I couldn’t find them!

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