A Day In The Life Of An Evacuee

A young boy's diary of his life during the children's evacuation in WW2 and how his family got split up..


5. The Aftermath.


Only now I can understand how distressing it must have been for my mother to find me weeping at the thought of coming home to her, but we were quickly absorbed into the warmth of REAL home and things were soon back to normal.

When Liverpool suffered extremely heavy bombing in May of that year, all the Liverpool children were told that we could go into one of the big empty houses on the seafront and then put a label with our mothers’ name on it, so they could place it onto the door of a room in the house. We did this, but my mother decided that if Hitler was going to kill us with bombs, we should die together as a family. So then we stayed at Liverpool instead of going to the seafront!

There was a brick Air Raid Shelter in the street outside our house, and every evening we dressed in our warm clothes and settled down to sleep there. We had a wireless somehow in there which put me in seventh heaven because I then had the notion that I could sing!

Unfortunately for the neighbours, I had an exceptional memory for words of songs, so persisted in singing all the latest songs of the day!

I knew I had been through a wonderful and unbelievable experience which turned out okay after all. The only thing that really matters now is me and my family are alive and well. As I am sitting here this very second I am replaying this story in my head over and over again. It shows how lucky I am to have survived the war up till now while thousands have had their lives taken away from them and those who they loved.

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