A Day In The Life Of An Evacuee

A young boy's diary of his life during the children's evacuation in WW2 and how his family got split up..


1. It All Begins..


It all started when I,Joseph Edwards,was sleeping soundly in my wardrobe of a bedchamber, when I heard windows smashing and sirens wailing along with a loud, explosive bang that shook the house violently. It was then I discovered that the house was alight with flames that were gathering speed by each second!

Almost instantly, horrible thoughts popped into my head as I began thinking about what was happening outside. I didn’t seem to realize what was going on until I heard distant and close by screaming……

But what was I to do; it could be anything at all! Then I heard a mighty rumble of the earth below my feet and that brought me back to my senses. There was only one thing that I could do for now and that was alert my family and the most important thing which was to RUN TO SAFETY!!!!!

After a matter of minutes, there I was standing outside with the rest of the people who lived nearby. We were all silently speechless as we stood there watching my house along with everyone else’s burn away into the clouds of smoke.

The next thing I knew, I was standing in a place that seemed really strange and along with me were thousands more children. To me this seemed like the most peculiar view and I had no idea where I was let alone my family. Soon enough I had found out that we were evacuating so hence we were known as “evacuees”. I had thought of something along with all this which was that if I turned out to be an evacuee, there would a good chance of my brothers and sisters also being here! But how on earth would I even be able to find them, would I just have to search this endless sea of children?!?

Weirdly enough, we had to carry gas masks that were handed out in cardboard boxes over our shoulders and also wear name tags!!! This was considered normal in times of war but to me it was strange.

Most of us had to go to farms and work and some of us on the other hand were sent to big country houses……

Many of these children had never been out into the country before. Some were afraid of the farm animals and others were surprised to see that apples grew on trees. Lots of them from the slums were surprised to find themselves staying in houses with indoor toilets and carpets on the floor.

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