A Day In The Life Of An Evacuee

A young boy's diary of his life during the children's evacuation in WW2 and how his family got split up..


4. Christmas News.


When winter came, it brought new delights because snowdrifts formed in the lanes and fields and we had fun playing snowballs in this wonderful white snow, a lovely sight to us because we were used to seeing any snow which fell near our street quickly made into slush by the feet and horses passing along.

At Christmas, we were promised that Father Christmas would not forget that we were living in this lovely cottage, and sure enough, we had presents, books for me and dolls for my young sisters. I settled into this new life quite happily, and at one stage our Mum was evacuated to the village with our other young sisters and our baby brother.

But living in the country was too quiet for my Mum and she worried about my Dad being left at home with no one to cook for him, and she decided as I was happy and well looked after,she would go back to Liverpool to look after her mother and father (my grandparents) and my father too.

Life went on for us and spring then came and went, with the wonders of flowers in the fields and the fun of going to school over the fields and having some of our lessons outside in the field adjoining the village school. But this was the time of the “phoney war” as it came to be known. Summer came and went and with occasional visits from my Dad who came by train and walked to the nearest church to see us. At least that was something to look forward too.

 War had not started today as expected, and my parents and grandparents, who lived next door to us, were missing me terribly and so it was decided that we would return to Liverpool. One day, I received a letter telling me that my “Adopted Brother” who lived near us in Liverpool and had eaten with us since his mother died, was now a part of our family. We had not seen him for 2 years as he had joined the army so we were very excited and quite unaware that he was coming on behalf of my parents to take me home. While I was overjoyed to see him, I cried at the thought of going back to Liverpool , and my “ mother” cried too, which I can now understand but I obediently boarded the coach with him and cried all the way to Liverpool.


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