Autumn Skye

Can Rebecca learn that life is all about the changes?


3. Violetta Carolbatti

After my terrific after - school detention (hurray) I rush home and hand over the blue detention slip to mum.

"Another detention," she says. "Honestly, Rebecca, how many more? You had one last week!"

Well, you didn't count those other lunchtime detentions I didn't tell you about....

"Mu - um," I moan. "Stop complaining. Isn't Andrei meant to be coming over today?"

"Yes, dear," says mum. "But you are not to call him Andrei. It's disrespectful. Call him Mr Carolbatti."

"Mr Cia - what what?"

"Mr - look, stop messing around, I don't have time. Be a dear and take a bath, get changed and wash the dishes for me." Mum smiles. "I'll give you a chunky chocolate biccy!"

"I'm not a baby!" I tweet back.

"Oh, surprise, surprise, someone's not into chocolate biccies any more. I guess I won't sign this detention slip now...."

Such a cheat.

I rush upstais, only to find out that I've got like, 12 new messages. Oh, surprise surprise, it's Lola. She can wait. I take a bath and pick out a fancy t - shirt with pink, frilly lace and jeans. I brush my hair down and hold it back with my best pink alice band. When I go downstairs mum almost gets a heart attack.

"!" she asks.

"Oh, well, this is called a t - shirt," I say, "And these are called jeans."

Who's being sarcastic now?

Mum frowns and says, "You really have no dress sense."

Really, I don't think she should be telling me that when she's wearing a faded grey jumper over her best nightie, and tatty slippers. She hasn't exactly won the Miss Universe award, but, on the other hand, she never really entered the 21st century.

"Darling," she begins. "I think you should wear your best dress. You know, the one we got you from Harrods!"

No. Not the dreaded dress. Anything but that itchy pink lace...the silver bows...the puffy arms...the embroidery....

"No way," I say. I rest my case.

"Not so fast, babe," says mum. "You do what I say tonight. You will wear your best dress. C'mon, don't you want to impress An - sorry, Mr Carolbatti and his daughter?"

No, mum. You want to impress Mr Ciabetta roll and his daughter. Though I would probably be grounded for the next month if I said that. To be on the safe side, I went upstairs and bought out the pink dress. It was itching me just looking at it, the purple swirly designs and the sticking out bodice. Yuck.

I tried putting it on. The frills were killing me but I stayed calm. The layers of the dress started to appear....and it almost looked..........magical.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Aaaaarrrrggghhh!" yelled mum. "They're early! I'm not even dressed yet! Rebecca, get down here!"

I rushed down the stairs.

"Oh, is this it?" I asked dissapointedly. "I thought someone was dying. Oh well - better luck next time."

"There won't be a next time if you don't stop your sarcasm," said mum, and rushed up the stairs.

I sighed and opened the door. A tall man with combed back hair, a navy suit and a box of mints was standing on the doorstep.

"Rebecca!" he exclaimed. "What a surprise!" Where's that beautiful mother of your's, eh?"

Hiding from your ugly face, I thought.

"Umm, in the bathroom. Come in," I said.

"Thanks," said Andrei. He turned around and yelled, "Vi, come on, it doesn't take that long to find your phone. You won't even need it."

"I do, dad," came a soft, sweet voice from around the back of the car. A tall, glamarous girl was walking towards my doorstep. She was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. She had heaps of make up on and she wore a bodyhugging dress down to her knees. She wore skyscraper heels and her nails were a sparkly red to match her dress. Her hair was long and strawberry blonde and she walked over to Andrei. My heart almost skipped a beat.

"What?" she asked, noticing that my glaze was right upon her.

"Nothing," I say, and smile. "Come in."




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