Autumn Skye

Can Rebecca learn that life is all about the changes?


4. The proposal


Mum looked amazing. She wore a black ballgown dress and flung a grey pashmina over her neck. Her face was littered with foundation and her eyelids were sparkling red. Her lipstick was red and glossy and her eyelashes were coated with mascara. Her curls were tossed back and she wore a red rose in her hair. She looked a dozen times better than I'd ever seen her.

It reminded me of the time she went out with dad. She was much younger, nearly 10 years, but still looking beautiful. Her hair was straight back then and she would wear tight, short dresses which would make me think she was an angel. My younger sister, Mackenzie, was about a year old back then. She didn't have a care in the world, and dad changed that. Once he ditched us she worked her socks off to find a home, and here she is, a sweet cottage, a high role job, a boyfriend and me. I wonder what dad would say if he ever found out what was going on. I wonder what his life is like, where Mackenzie is. She's only a year younger than me.

I never knew much about Mackenzie. She never writes letters, or sends photos, though I've tried to contact her nearly a dozen times. I don't remember much from the time I spent with her, because I was two and she was only one. And then there was mum and dad screaming and swearing all the time which gave me enough to worry about. No - one talks about it anymore.

Violet was looking around the house


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