Autumn Skye

Can Rebecca learn that life is all about the changes?


1. If only...

If only I was blond. If only my hair was beautiful and curly, and not all straight like cardboard. If only I was thin, a perfect figure and my stomach didn't bulge out over my tight jeans. If only I didn't have freckles, or didn't wear glasses, or have a mum that makes you wear embarassing pigtails to school everyday though you're in year 8. If only I was bold, energetic, fit and wasn't so shy I probably wasn't even noticed. If only I was like one of those cool popular girls, like Eliza Martins or Kezia Lilac, with boyfriends in year 10.

If only....

How long can I sit by the windowsill dreaming about things that will never happen? Pointless. I grab my satchel and rush out of the front door, just realising that I may be late for school if I don't get a bus within 5 minutes. Who cares?

My life is bad enough already.

It takes me 15 minutes to walk down to the bus stop and I grab the 102 heading straight for Herley. It's 8:45 am when I get there. I'm already 25 minutes late though it takes me another 10 minutes to walk to school. I head into my form room and the teacher gives me a MASSIVE LECTURE on BEING LATE. I get a half an hour detention after school as I was 'missing for almost 40 minutes' and 'my behaviour was completely unacceptable.' Yawn Yawn. Snore.

Big deal. This sort of thing happens everyday.

My friend Lola is sending me sympathy looks and pulling faces at the teacher. Girls like Kezia are smirking and whispering to eachother about me. The boys are pulling faces and most of them aren't bothered, making paper aeroplanes behind Miss Clarence's back. I don't really care. I fling my rucsac on the floor and flop down into a seat next to Lola. I really am a very bad girl.

She's smiling at me. Miss Clarence has just marked me in late and hands over the register to a sloppy looking 6th form prefect. My eyes whirl around too meet Liam's, the hottest boy in the year, who's smiling at me and gives me a quick wink. He's only messing around - he does it to everyone. I ignore it and look away, scared that I might find myself blushing to death in front of him.

I shake it off and stare out of the window again, this time with a different veiw. Kids playing in the basketball court, girls gossiping in the food court, boys graffiting the walls. Nerd boys reading, freaks freaking out and normal people just chillin.

Somehow, I finally feel at home.





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