Autumn Skye

Can Rebecca learn that life is all about the changes?


2. Autumn Skye

After 4th period it's lunch, so I settle down in the canteen. Lola's had a detention for forgetting her diary so it's just me. Whoop de doop.

Right now I'm getting a pizza, slushie and smirks from Liam Baldswick. I stand in the queue for ages and finally pay. My pizza's gone stale by now. I sit at an empty table and take a bite. Not so bad, a bit too cheesy. That's the problem with canteen pizzas. They're soo cheesy they stick to the cardboard and taste of newspaper. Yucky.

I'm taking the last sip of my slushie when Lola comes and bags the seat opposite me. She smiles at me and hands over the two pounds she owes me from yesturday.

"Really, Lola, you don't -"

"Keep the change." She pulls one of her evil eyed looks and a devilish grin. "I insist."

Who says no to the evil eye slash devil grin combo? I don't.

After Lola takes ages to finish her burger, we head to the library. We sneak up on Lola's new crush, Harvey Lewis from another form, and afterwards we head to the library. Lola returns her library books while I look around the senior fiction. I skip the really rude adulty books (I can't really mention) and pick out this one book I've been dying to read for ages. It's called 'Autumn Skye.'

It's by my fave authur, Bodilyn Jackson. I've been reading her books since I was 6 - and still going. She's so imaginative, and when I read 'Misty blue Sapphire' it read my mind. It was about a girl who's dad left them and moved away, and their mother wasn't working and couldn't find a job and eventually they starved to death. It's so sad and in a way it relates to my life, about dad leaving, about mum not having a job. Fortunately my mum got a job but it was working in a supermarket. She's moved up to branch manager from then so obviously she's doing well.

She's got herself a boyfriend as well. He's Italian though and his name is Andrei, but he's fun. He brings me minty sweets every time he comes around to visit, and for mum he brings a massive bouquet of flowers. We're expecting him to come around for dinner, though this time he's going to bring something a little bigger that flowers or mint sweets..

He's bringing his 16 year old daughter.

I do actually have a sister. Her name's Mackenzie. But she's living with my dad in California. With his girlfriend. To hell with him. Fat lot he cares.

I pick up the book and take it to the reception. Miss Craflley, the librarian, scans the book and tells me it's for next week. I mutter a thank you and run off, the book in my hands.

"There you are!" said Lola. "What took you so long? that a Bodilyn Jackson book?"

"Nope," I say, sliding the book into my bag. "Why would I read a book like that?"

"Hah," says Lola. "Lol. Cause if I ever catch you reading one..."

What you gonna do about it? I'm not always the bad girl...

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